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Homeschooling is better than going to school

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Started: 8/16/2013 Category: Education
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According to me homeschooling is not better than going to school. Homeschooling is the eduction of children at home, typically by parents or by tutors, rather than other formal settings of public or private school. When we go to school we are exposed to an outer enviroment where we meet different types of people and situations. We learn to adapt to them and also become smarter by dealing with various situations whereas in homeschooling we have a homely enviroment and don't have to bear difficult situattions. In the school we are also given many responsibilities whereas at home we do not have much of them. We live casually at home but in the school we are formal.


CON has made a categorical statement; I will show that it is not necessarily so.

First, "better" is a subjective term. 73% of parents who homeschool do so because they are dissatisfied with the public schools 1. In their opinions, homeschooling is better. Parents have the responsibility for the education of their children; it is their opinions that count.

Second, homeschooled kids are not necessarily under-socialized 2. Smart parents make it happen.

Finally, homeschooled kids get more one-on-one attention 3; class size is a non-issue. Also, since parents know their children best, they can easily tailor lesson plans.

CON's absolute claim is not necessarily true.

Debate Round No. 1


Agreeing to pro - Tthat there are smart parents,by homeschooling more attention can be paid towards children but students have the fear of their teachers and they are someone whom they don't know but they very nicely know their parents and are rarely scared of them hence they can speak much in front of them. About the attention thing it is obvious that that in a class more attention cannot be paid to a specific school but in most of the schools there are extra classes for weak students.


I would like to thank CON for setting up this debate. I have never done one which such a small character count; it was challenging.

I have shown that CON's original resolution is not necessarily true and CON has agreed with some of my counterpoints, while chosing not to address others.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Ishika 5 years ago
i am new to this site and i still need to learn to write big .i will gradually increase the no. of characters as further i go and debate with people.
Posted by rajun 5 years ago
LOL! i had just accepted to debate ishika on that school education matter..i was just going to do that..but i see someone else did so!
Posted by rajun 5 years ago
i only accept for nothing...nevermind!
Posted by rajun 5 years ago
I agree...this user always does so...a thumbs down..i advise the instigator to increase the characters...
Posted by Naysayer 5 years ago
Not enough characters to debate this topic.
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