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Homeschooling is better than public schooling

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Started: 11/19/2013 Category: Education
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First round is acceptance. Next 3 are arguements/rebuttals. MUST cite sources, provide logical explanations. Good luck!


I accept :)
Debate Round No. 1


First off I would like to thank my opponent for accepting the challenge.

Now, the first point I would like to discuss is peer pressure. Being in public schools, children have much peer-pressure. This can lead to many bad choices, such as drugs or premature sex. It's a sad, but true fact. Homeschooling, you are not around as many adolecents. Many people would consider this a disatvantage, however it is not so. There are many social outlets without having the negative influences. One also becomes much closer to the parents and has a better relationship in the family.

There are many, MANY myths about homeschoolers that have proven to be just what they are... myths. One myth is that homeschoolers have no friends. That is not true. We, being homeschoolers, have many friends. Many of us attend sports or choir. Others go to church or co-ops where they can have social interaction. Just because someone's homeschooled, doesn't mean they have no friends.

Homeschooling allows students to be taught in a positive invironment. Also, according to the Acedemic Statistics on Homeschooling, many studies have uncovered that, on average, homeschoolers' outpreform their peers. One reason for this may be that homeschoolers get one-on-one tutoring. They experience higher level subjects earlier. Another reason may be because they can move on from one subject to the next. They don't have to wait on other students.

Homeschooling allows certain disabilities to be better addressed. Many students struggle in certain areas where the teacher can't help them. The parents will be able to better asses the problem and fix it. This futher educates the child. Many students are kinesthetic and cannot bear to sit down for 8 hours. Homeschooling allows them to move around in the comfort of their home while doing school.

That brings me on to my final point. Homeschoolers do school at home. This allows them to be more comfortable when doing tests. They aren't thinking about all the other people in the room. They are focused on the work they are doing. This results in better grades.


To be in a public school allows students to be up to speed with our exact level of intelligence. We get plenty of social time, and we get to be in a comfortable environment. There aren't any distractions, because distractions aren't allowed. We have consequences if we don't get our work done, like detention. Which means we don't get to go home when all of our friends do. Nobody likes that. We get taught everything we need to know, and much more.. My sources.. are my experience.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent stated that being in public school allows students to be up to speed with the exact level of intelligence... might I ask what the EXACT level is? There is no such thing; it's different for everyone! My exact is different from yours which is different from his and so on.

My opponent also stated that there are no distractions because distractions aren't allowed. While distractions may not be allowed, don't we still get distracted? Sitting in a room full of childern your own age, thinking about earlier conversations, thinking about next period, hearing the clicking of pencils tapping desks next to you... that can be VERY distracting.

My previous arguements still stand. Thank you!


I'm just going to go ahead and let you "win". I don't actually know why I accepted this, because this matter is obviously based on opinions not facts. Because I don't get distracted in school and everyone at my school is up to speed and the few select people who aren't, are tutored. So I'm going to enjoy my public schooling while you enjoy your home schooling.
Thank You!
Debate Round No. 3


Umm, okay.


But really good job, you had a lot of good explanations! I can tell you really enjoy homeschooling:) See you around!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by jesusfreak22 5 years ago
Yes, it may be eaiser for kids in public school to make friends (they don't have to activly seek out people), however if you stick someone in a room with 30 other kids that a lot of times lower's their self esteem. I'm not saying that homeschoolers are prideful, because we aren't (at least, none that I've met!). But our self esteem levels aren't low because we don't have people calling us names everyday.

Having the wisdom of a teacher is fine, if the teacher is motivated. Many teachers' don't care all that much, and the children don't learn a lot. Also, it helps having one-on-one time with the kids. At school, there's not time for that in class. And many students don't want to stay after because they don't want their friends to know they're struggling.

I've been homeschooled forever. I'm 14 and plan will graduate when I'm 16. College will come when I'm 17. Yes, I'm scared. I understand that I'm going to be with professors that I don't know... with tons of other students. But really, why worry? Why waste all that time worrying when there are only 2 options.
1. I can change it
2. I can't change it
If I sit there worrying about it I'll never DO anything. If I CAN change it, I need to get off my butt and do it. If I can't, all well... what comes, comes! I'm really excited for college actually. I have ideas about an application essay, I'm taking the SAT in the spring, and I know what college I want to go to. So, really, it's not too much different from public schoolers going to college.
Posted by DudeStop 5 years ago
Yes of course there are tons of opportunities for a "Social Life" outside of school, but people in public schools are almost forced to have friends. They have lots of opportunities to make new friends, being in a room with about 30 or so peers, everyday. Also, they can go to those activates as well. Meaning they may have more friends.

I would say that having both the wisdom of a parent and a teacher is better than having just a parent. Chances are, if your parent doesn't have a job, they will not be a expert in math, language arts, science, etc... That these teachers earn a college degree in. Meaning if you are taught by that parent, you will be sacrificing wisdom that contributes to your education. It's like saying you could have one parent, who may or may not have a degree in *one* of the subjects you are currently learning! or: You could *keep* the parent, and add several other people who have degrees in those subjects. I'm sure the parent knows more than the teachers do in whatever the parents degree is in, (If he or she has any)... Bt the point is, it is way more beneficial to the child's knowledge

Also, it would be a huge change from being one on one with a parent, to college. It's flipping the entire school system you were raised in upside down! Likewise, any public school student would have some sort
of trouble adjusting to a homeschooling environment. They would get used to it sure, but it would still suck.

Conclusion: Students who are not homeschooled, have more experiences and are able to have the same experiences as a homeschooled student.
It's not my position in life to choose what school type you choose. But I think the smartest choice is to go to a public school. Remember, that is an opinion though,
Posted by jesusfreak22 5 years ago
One of the biggest myths of homeschooling is that we have no social life. The thing is... we do! There is plently of social outlet, such as church, co-op's, choir, community service, etc. Also, having one-on-one makes it a lot easier to do schoolwork in my opinion!
Posted by Claritas 5 years ago
Paigemsc2014, so what did you think of Pro's points about homeschooling having a substantial social aspect as well as a one-on-one aspect?
Posted by paigemsc2014 5 years ago
I think that homeschooling is only needed if you are truly not able to or have the time to go to real schooling. Even though in homeschooling you get that one on one attention, you miss out on the social aspect in school which is also important from maturing and getting a job in the real life. In our day in age, sometimes it doesn't matter what degrees you have, rather it's a social aspect and whether you have the personality to maintain a meaningful conversation with a variety of people.
Posted by Claritas 5 years ago
Wow, so much anti-homeschooling prejudice! (Maybe it's not prejudice, but one would need to see better arguments for the anti-homeschooling vibes to know that). I was never home schooled but I think it's great, my reasons for thinking so including some of those mentioned by Pro in this debate.
Posted by emil1 5 years ago
I actually hate home schooling - no offense to those who do -. I never experienced it but it can affect the social life of a child, since society is full of media and etc.
Posted by Fight4RightsLyla11 5 years ago
Me neither. No worries.
Posted by jesusfreak22 5 years ago
Any particular reason why?
Posted by GuyonMSC2014 5 years ago
I personally would never want to be home schooled.
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