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Homeschooling is the best method of education

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Started: 2/3/2019 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Homeschooling not only keeps kids from the dangerous environment of public schools, But also allows the child to move at their own pace as they progress through academia. If you oppose this idea, You will be supporting the opinion that public an/or private or charter schools are better over-all than homeschooling. Please be respectful, And good luck to whoever my opponent may be!


I think we first have to define why education is valuable in modern society. It takes a long time for most to become sufficiently economically useful to afford a living, Twenty to thirty years, Even. I think we can agree the high-level goal of education is to bring people to this level where they can intend to support themselves while simultaneously benefiting their wider community.

I am fundamentally supportive of the idea of reducing bullying and threats to one's physical safety, I am also a large supporter of individualized and personalized learning powered with technology.

People are shaped by their parents, And it's the biological imperative of parents to raise their kids to grow up to be the best they can possibly be. But objectively speaking, I don't think many people would choose their parents over other mentors as they have been successful in areas their parents have not.

I don't think that parents are uniquely positioned to teach in general. Maybe if your teacher is a doctor he could teach medicine, But other than basic morals and cultural norms we can't rely on them very much. One-on-one attention seems valuable, But so are social interactions and PLAY. These are fundamental to shaping social boundaries and integrating with society. Currently, We have a system where parents that have the freedom and the expertise to homeschool do, While those who don't, Aren't.

There are major flaws in the education system but I don't think to swap to homeschooling, For a majority of students will be beneficial. Problems of accelerated learning, Personalization, Efficient curriculum changes, And preparing students for a high-tech future economy can be solved with major technological advancements.
Debate Round No. 1


I agree with what my opponent said about the importance of education, And I'm glad that that is both of our goals. It gives us some sort of common ground in this debate.

Now, To answer what was said by my opponent. He said that he is for the reduction of bullying. Yet, I would ask him, How can a student be bullied in an environment where bullies aren't present?

Next, He said "I don't think that parents are uniquely positioned to teach in general. Maybe if your teacher is a doctor he could teach medicine, But other than basic morals and cultural norms we can't rely on them very much. " I want to particularly address when he said "But other than basic morals and cultural norms we can't rely on them very much. " Basic morals and cultural norms. I think that it is sad that my opponent has such a low view of parents. To say that they can't teach their children basic morals is really quite sad and wrong. Another aspect of saying that parents are not adequate teachers is that, When homeschooling, Parents can teach their children as they please! They can instill in them their chosen worldview, And they can all grow as a family in what they're learning. The nuclear family is one of the most sacred and important things in life, And homeschooling enriches the nuclear family. Yet another aspect of this particular argument is that in many cases, The students being home schooled are being taught by an online curriculum. And oftentimes the child learns what he needs simply from reading the curriculum book and proceeding with the activities! So EVEN IF my opponent was correct that parents are unfit to teach, The ability to teach is in many cases irrelevant.

My opponent said that homeschooling creates "Problems of accelerated learning, Personalization, Efficient curriculum changes, And preparing students for a high-tech future economy" I will first address what he said first there. The idea that homeschooling creates problems of accelerated learning. In a public school system, The students are all given a one-size-fits-all curriculum! In homeschooling, A student can progress at the rate he needs to. A child struggling in math could take a little longer on completing his course. A kid who accelerates in science could move on or even skip to science that is at his level! In a public school system, This is not able to be accomplished. So what my opponent said here applies to public schools rather that homeschooling. The next thing eh said was "Personalization. " I would like him to elaborate on this, As I don't quite know what he means. Next, He said "Efficient curriculum changes" would have problems if homeschooling. I also don't know what he means by this, But I am guessing that he means that the change of curriculums according to the child's needs would be damaged. But just the opposite would be true! If a homeschooling child needs to change curriculum, He can change it any time if he requires it. Not so with public schools. Once again, This is true of my side, Not his. Finally here he said there would be problems with "preparing students for a high-tech future economy. " If kids are interacting every day with tech objects of economy in their home, They will be MORE prepared for a high tech future economy.

In conclusion here, My opponent has offered only weak and very easily refutable points to support his beliefs in this debate. In order to win this debate, He needs to prove two things:
1. That homeschooling in the majority of cases either harms or limits students.
2. And that public schools in the majority help and further kids learning more than homeschooling.

He can do neither of these.

Back to you!


camelCase forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Well, This was a fun debate! My opponent appears to have forfeited, So I guess it's all over. Please remember that even if you still disagree with my views, Because my opponent has given up, It warrants a vote for me. Thank you to everyone involved!


camelCase forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by mmldo 1 year ago
Disadvantages of homeschooling: nothing like the school environment
1. Greater dedication of parents. Parents need to be much more involved in their children's education, Either because they take it 100% or because they supervise a hired teacher. The task is especially difficult when the parents work outside the home.
2. Lack of contact with other children. Homeschooling presents the risk of locking the student in a bubble. Children need to relate to people similar to them, But also to live with diversity.
Less interaction with other ways of thinking. That the student's referents arise from the same house reduces the possibility of receiving a plural education.
3. Risk of biasing education. If there is less control, Who can assure us that children are not indoctrinated by their relatives? In this sense, Periodic controls are essential.
4. Sociability problems. When we are used to moving forward alone, It costs much more to interact with the rest of the world, Either to study or to have fun.
5. Lack of autonomy when traveling. Have you never taken the bus to go to school? Surely, You will acquire the habit later and it will be more complicated for you.
6. Inexperience in group work. Group work is essential in most jobs. School is fundamental in training for this type of coexistence.
7. Lack of external references. If parents are not well advised, They may have trouble detecting if their children are moving at the right speed.
8. Less regular external supervision. Indoctrination? Isolation? Abuse? They are risks that exist in cases in which a rigorous control of homeschooling is not carried out.
9. Difficulty to reconcile the formation of the whole family. If there are siblings of different ages at home, The educational needs of each are difficult to match.
Posted by Charlatte 3 years ago
I do agree with the idea of homeschooling being good but not the best. It's obviously better than tradition/public schools but what is even better than homeschool is a sudbury school.
Posted by Eugenious 3 years ago
Anyone who votes on this, Please realize that my opponent gave up.
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