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Started: 6/12/2014 Category: Education
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I read what you said about homeschooling. And disagree with almost every point you made. Now, I should preface this by saying- I am homeschooled. However, don't think this gives me any sort of bias towards homeschooling. Just because I'm homeschooled, doesn't mean I enjoy it (though I do). I only want to state that I am homeschooled so that you realize that I am familiar with this on a very personal level and can see things from a different perspective than some people.

1). We socialize. I socialize. I have friends. Going to school isn't the only chanve a human has to making friends and living a happy life. I go out and join in groups, meet up with other homeschoolers, participate in 4-H. I used to do Girl Scouts. And I actually get more time to do such things than other people, since homeschooling tends to take up less time than an average day at a public school.

2). It's true, sometimes parents have to work/do other things, and there is the thought that having to teach your children would be a hindrance to this. However, even if this is the case, there are numerous other options.
Option A: There are a multitude of online courses that teach all subjects easier and in more fun ways than text books and such. Therefore, the parent could go and do these things, while telling their child they have to do a certain amount of this subject before they come back or else they will lose a certain privilege or something of the sort.
Option B: Do things with them when they do have time. They're going to have time at some point.
Option C: Have a friend or relative help out when they can't. Things like that are possible in homeschooling.

So... still against homeschooling? And WHY?



I don't necessarily have anything against homeschooling but I feel like public schooling is better because there is diversity in everything. The way you speak, talk, act and think. I completely respect you for being home-schooled but the point I'm trying to make is that if you are being home-schooled you only think the way your parents want you to think, if you spend one day in a public school after being home-schooled for such a long time you will have hard times conversing with other people and you will always stay limited to who you talk to and become friends with. I'm not saying that the curriculum would be different I'm just saying the way it would be taught to other kids vs. you would create a drift. As you said earlier how you still have friends and good interactions by joining groups and all that's great, it really is. You had also mentioned earlier that you joined groups that had other kids that were home-schooled. That's what I'm talking about. If you only interact with kids who have been home-schooled just like you then you're not really experiencing the world, you're just staying in the boundaries. Yes I understand there are circumstances where you have to be home-schooled but i feel like its better to go to school because then the homeschooling doesn't stay biased. But then again its just my opinion because if you've been home-schooled all your life and you decide to go to college then it creates an arc in the entire system because you're so used to having everything there for you it becomes a problem to be independent and being dependent on others all your life isn't going to get you anywhere. I looked up some stuff about home-schooling and it says the pros to homecoming is your freedom, religion, and less peer pressure. Well let me tell you something. We probably have the most freedom in the world living in united states so freedom isn't a big deal because its not like you are going to spend your entire life in school in one class room whereas that's technically the case in being home-schooled. Religion, we have social studies which teaches you about the different types of religions in the world and how everyone believes in something. If you stay home-schooled you will never really find out for yourself that not every religion is the way everyone mentions it. you become very stereotypical to the things you read whereas if you interact with someone of a different background. Take me for example, you're home-schooled and I've switched more than 8 schools in 10 years. This is what I'm telling you from my personal life. Its very hard to make friends everywhere you switch but i know that if i was home-schooled it would be even tougher. But anyways this is just my statement.

I apologize if i have hurt you with all due respect.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all, I thank-you for being respectful. A lot of people aren't... but really, thank-you.
Second I want to say that I did misjudge your thoughts on this subject. What I initially read made it seem as though you were entirely against homeschooling and homeschoolers in general; I realize that I may have been hasty to judge.
However, I still do disagree with some things so I'll lay those out below.

1). I understand entirely what you are saying, however, that is not always- or even usually- the situation. I have numerous friends, yet if it comes to truly close friends, I have around eleven. Only four of those friends are homeschooled. Even through homeschooling, there are still plenty of ways to discuss things with people of various perspectives and beliefs- converse with these people and see their sides.

2). I don't think the way my parents think at all. While, okay, wrong- I'm quite sure we agree on the obvious things such as murdering isn't to be encouraged, cake is delicious, et cetera- yet when it comes to larger things (or most of the things that are debated here) our thoughts clash. For example, my parents are both extremely against homosexuality- I for one support it strongly. I don't need to go into details here, but we also clash on ideas of religion, education and others which may seem strange seeing as they "taught me" but it really isn't. Books taught me, I discussed things with friends and relatives and came to my own conclusion, entirely different from that of either of my parents.

3). My older brother goes to college and is doing brilliant. I am going to college next year, and I don't believe that I will struggle. I have a job (have had many), I make my own decisions and live my own life.

It may seem as though homeschoolers don't get the chance to experience the world or interact with other people, yet they do, moreso than some people who attend public or private school.

And no, you haven't offended me. I'm not one to get offended easily.


Um I don't know how to start this one. haha sorry. but uhm yeah i guess we cleared out our thoughts and i guess everyone has a different perspective and i guess we both did too. I don't know how to keep this debate going cuz honestly it depends on the person and what they're going through.

But hey! congrats on college!
Debate Round No. 2


GriffinSmith forfeited this round.


mysterious_chick forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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