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Started: 12/6/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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For many different reasons, there are parents out there who feel that public, or even private schools, aren"t the right environments for their children to thrive in education. People who feel strongly about this matter often opt to homeschool their kids.
Firstly, you make the decision about what your children learn. You have total control over what subjects your children are learning. Secondly, you make the decisions about how your children learn. There is no way a school classroom can tailor its teaching style for each child. Yet each child differs. As a home schooling parent, you can teach your child in the style that best fits him or her, and you can tweak your teaching style as needed. Thirdly, you get to choose the curriculum. You can decide how many books, worksheets, crafts, and so forth that your student does. You can reject or accept aspects of various curricula and/or design your own. And finally, your child gets one-on-one instruction. Time and again, studies have shown that children learn well with individual instruction.


Both public and private schools offer so much to teach our future generations. Starting with the most basic level of teaching and advancing students in education as they advance in grades. Schools also give children a chance to be social and requires them to work with other students.
In school students are required to take basic classes like English, math, geography, science, and other requirements depending on the country. Schools require students to take these classes to ensure they have a basic level of necessary knowledge. In addition to these classes students usually have their own choice of electives, which are chosen by the student depending on their interests and desires. With time students will receive more freedom in choice, like in high school.
Schools are also a very social environment. Students must interact with people they may have never met before.
Debate Round No. 1


I disagee with you, because firstly,nowadays there is a continuous population growth, it is leading to overcrowded schools in many areas. This means that teachers are more overwhelmed than ever, often handling classes of 30-40 or more children at a time.
Teachers are spreading themselves too thinly to provide personalized attention to children in their classes, which means your child may not receive the full benefit of their support. Your child's educational struggles are increasingly likely to go unaddressed, resulting in poor test scores and falling behind. When homeschooled, your kids will have your undivided attention. Any learning issues or bad behaviors can be addressed and corrected quickly, helping your child reach his or her full potential.
Secondly, with homeschooling, your children can learn at their own speed. Combined with the personal attention offered by a homeschooling environment, many children who learn from home wind up ahead of the traditional educational schedule as homeschooling statistics confirm. This environment also helps parents incorporate subjects that might not be included in the local school's curriculum, such as foreign language.
And finally, I think one of the best arguments in favor of homeschooling is the guarantee of your child's safety. Bullying, fights and other school violence become a non-issue when your child is educated from home. Homeschooling can also help you avoid all the problems that can result from school violence, including disciplinary actions, or, for example, trips to the school.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by PeachyPrince 3 years ago
I actually had a lot to say about this and I'm sorry I had forfeited. Honestly lost track of time and missed the deadline. I am still extremely sorry.
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