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Started: 12/3/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Homeschooling is not a completely new approach to educating children, but its gaining particular popularity nowadays. Many parents opt for homeschooling because of the weaknesses in national educational programmes. It allows them to choose their own way to teach their children, still there are some requierements they need to follow. Homeschooling gives lots of advantages. First of all, children can study when they want without a certain schedule, which exists in scools, because some of them may be most productive in the morning or before going to bed, and parents leave them free to choose the best time for learning. Secondly, they may stress particular subjects and deepen their knowledge in them. Some may say that being a homeschooler means being separated wrom the world, but there exist communities for parents and children, where they communicate with other children who are also homeschooled. It also means a lot of responsibility for parents, because to educate its child properly, they have to be fully committed to it,and spend plenty of their for it. But on the other, while teching something to children, they may learn the same way the children do. And finally, homeschooled children score good on tests, often their results are even better that that of the children, studying in schools.



I would like to say that homeschooling is actually a bad idea. Let me explain.

First of all, you did say, " It also means a lot of responsibility for parents, because to educate its child properly, they have to be fully committed to it, and spend plenty of their for it. " which kind of contradicts your arguments. Yes, it is a lot of responsibility for the parents, so how is it contradicting? The website: explains. In the "Time" section, it explains how parents need to invest in the child. Now think about it. If it is a parent who is a single parent, where should they get the money to support the child and his/her education? If the parent were to continue to help the student in every single minute, how will the parent have a job and earn money? In this case, time is precious, and all the time is going to the kid who needs to learn. Due to this, the parent may have less money because all the attention and time is going to his or her child

Also, it's the cost that the parents have to pay. It is true that public schools are free. However, homeschooling could be costly. As the website ( says, "In comparison to public schools, where education is free, homeschooling can be costly. Purchasing the newest curriculum and teaching tools can be very expensive. Parents may choose to use a paid homeschooling program, such programs may have added benefits, but may increase the cost of the child"s education. There are also other costs to keep in mind, like project materials, stationery, books, computer software, and field trips. Parents who choose to homeschool their children should be prepared to spend more money than parents who send their children to public schools."

Next up, this is another good website to support my claim that homeschooling is bad:

(From this website, it does admit that there are some benefits of homeschooling. But at the end, it does say this "Though homeschooling has its benefits, it does not match up to the positive influence of schools on the overall development of children." So, really, even if homeschooling may have some benefits, it's not worth to put your child in homeschooling due to so many reasons.)

Also, from that website, it does say, "Isolation: Children who are home-schooled may feel lonely, friendless and isolated, especially so if they don't have siblings. Friendships in school help them learn the importance of sharing and being there for one another. Often, homeschoolers become increasingly dependent on their parents. Being schooled at home, they are isolated from the exposure traditional education gives." Now, you may say stuff like social media is like decreasing the isolation of the person being homeschooled. But think about it, social media isn't a real friend. You don't get to meet that person face-to-face and get to experience what a real friend is.

(And also, you're only real friend(s) is only your mom and/or dad, and maybe your pets.)

Also, this website,, explains how friendship and social media don't mix in.

Continuing on, please specify this claim: "But on the other, while teching something to children, they may learn the same way the children do" I do not understand what you're trying to say.

Finally, please support your arguments and the claims you have made. Really, all your claims are useless if your claims don't have any support.

In conclusion, this proves my point, so far, of why homeschooling is actually a bad idea.

That's really all I got right now, and I can't wait to see your argument.

Best wishes,
Debate Round No. 1


Hello Jason, thanks for your answer.the arguments you provided are persuasive, I must admit. But let me try to express my opinion on them. First of all, time that parents spend to educate their children, its true that it will be less of it. But when you want to achieve something, you must sacrifice something. If speaking about single parents, it is possible for them to work online, today it's possible. So they don' t have to leave the house, and may dedicate half a day to working and the other half to their children. When there are both parents, it's even easier. One parent works, the other teaches and vice versa. Aldo, spending more time together helps to improve their relationship and raise the parents' involment in the process of education. Many parents of those children who study at public schools, spend most of their time working, don't attend parent- teacher meetings, and it is clear that it takes on heavy toll on the performance of their children.
Secondly, public schools are free, they provide free books , facilities and so on. But if considering the present standing of public schools in America for example, free doesn' t mean good. As funding is not enough, books are often old and the information in them is not always adeguate. Not all the teachers are higly qualified, and there is a big lack of them. Classes are often overcrowded, and the teachers can't dedicate enough time to every pupil.Considering this, pupils often receive a sketchy education. Parents can easily see a child's weaknesses and work to improve them. Then, socialization. School is not the only place to make friends. Parents can make children take up differents activities, sich as doing sport,dancing, art and so on, isn't that a solution? Moreover, in schools many children are often faced with bullying, which may traumatize them , and may lead to loneliness and lack of self- confidence. Childen can also make friends with children they live next to, with their parents friends' children. By saying that parents learn with children, i mean that they may discover something new for themselves or revise the information they no longer remember. Sorry , but I can't support my arguments just how you did by providing the links relating to the matter. I just express my opinion on the issue, that's what I think. That's all for now, I' m looking forward to your response.


What's up?

Thanks for replying quickly.

Now I've got to say, please don't express your opinions. Honestly, especially in a debate, nobody cares about opinions. People want facts, instead of opinion. And also, you provided no sources for your claim, which kind of is bad. Basically, the majority of your arguments and claim are worthless because they're no source to back it up. And you also said this: "Sorry, but I can't support my arguments just how you did by providing the links relating to the matter. I just express my opinion on the issue, that's what I think. " You basically admitted that no source could be found for your claims, telling me that your opinion is your only source. But the thing is, opinions are not reliable sources. (So basically, I contradicted all your statements...)

Next up, you did say this: "But when you want to achieve something, you must sacrifice something" This claim is your perspective, not everybody.

Also, this statement "time that parents spend to educate their children, its true that it will be less of it." kind of puzzles me. Why? It's because this argument is basically contradicting your statement that homeschool is good. From this citation, the word "it" could be seen as the parents teaching their child. So your basically saying that parents educating their child is less of the time that public school teachers are spending time with their students.

I would like to point out the lack of facilities. The website,, does talk about how all the equipment may not be given. For example, for physics, chemistry, and even biology, how will homeschooling children be given the right equipment? These necessary chemicals, equipment, and other types of equipment may be expensive to get. And continuing on, if it is a single parent, it would be hard to get this particular expensive equipment, already knowing these some parents may not have the money.

Also, look what I've found:
From this website, it does state how child abuse happens during homeschooling. The website claims: "While many homeschooled children have positive homeschool experiences, others do not." This could be another way of why homeschooling could actually be bad.

These some more claims of why I think homeschooling is bad.

Best wishes,
Debate Round No. 2


Well, Jason, I still disagree with you. You say debates are about facts. But I don' t think that the links provided by you may be seen as facts. Because the information they contain may also be considered subjective. So why do I have to trust it? They give only the info, and don't differ much from what I did. The only thing that can persuade me to change my mind is to hear it from the people,whom homeschooling has affected negatively. The only proof that I have is the shared experience of people who went through homeschooling, and they would never turn to traditional pedadogy. I already see what your response will look like, but I provided you all the arguments that I could. Best wishes, Anastasia


What's up?

Anyways, let me tell you why opinion is no a good sources for your claims.

Let's say that you met a black person and he, or she was mean to you.
Due to this experience, you conclude that all black people are mean.
However, is this true?
The answer is simple: no.
From this scenario, that's why opinions are not good for a source.

And, also, all the websites that I provided were major facts that could be proven by data.
Also, when you said, " to persuade me to change my mind is to hear it from the people, whom homeschooling has affected negatively" I would like to say that is almost impossible. To do this, we would need every single homeschooler to take a survey explaining if they like being homeschooled or not.

Now, you might be wondering why everybody, not just one person. It is because if we only do one person, is that good enough of a source? No. That one person doesn't necessarily represent all the people being homeschool. Not everybody may think like the one person. Each person may think differently.

Also, I would like to say something when you said: "You say debates are about facts." Indeed, yes, I did say that. Now, why did I say that?

For example,
Perpahps you said that you believe in God, and I didn't
You can't just say God is real because you BELIEVE that He is real.
That is not correct, and it also called a tautology.
To make me want to believe Him, I would need relevant FACTS for you to support your details.

Due to these scenarios I've supported, all my claims and arguments still are SOLID.

So I would finally like to say that thank you, Pro, for giving this opportunity.
I enjoyed it a lot, and I hope you did, too.
But not only that, I learned so many things and it was really exciting.
Hope you have a great day.

Debate Round No. 3
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