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Homework is Necessary

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Started: 10/19/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Homework is a big issue these days. Homework may be useful to you in some ways, But did you know almost 60% of kids do homework and hate it, And nearly 40% of parents surveyed and admitted that homework was not any help to their child.

My two main arguments will be:

1)Stress (more on that later)

2)Co-Curricular Activities are Very Important

I request whoever agrees to participate in this debate do so until the end.


An activity like homework shouldn't be defined as an 'issue' but rather as a circumstance, And one for development. It is of even more topical importance now than ever, Due to the distractions available to kids today. Of course, Extra-Curricular activities are key for development but how many hours will actually be spent on such activities compared to time on brain-numbing devices, If the time homework takes was taken away.

I hope we can both agree homework can be defined as "schoolwork that a pupil is required to do at home. " with the keyword being 'required' (an implication being that it is set by the teacher.

I wish to address:

1) The life skills children gain from Homework that become core.
2) The benefits of homework on the ability to perform.
3) Why the practicality of homework should appeal to all.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you to Osborne for being my opponent in this debate. If you have any inquiries please ask me.

In my opening statement I said I would address:


2)Co-curricular activities are Important

Most people think stress is absolutely unharmful, Especially over a little thing like homework. Well I"m here to prove you wrong. I bet you didn"t know that 26 percent of kids each year drop out of school because of stress! Homework can be unbelievably stressful if you have too much of it. You could feel pressured to finish all your homework, Or force yourself to finish everything just to feel good about yourself. Homework also leads to anxiety, Negativity and tiredness.


In Round 2 I'm going to discuss 2) The benefits of homework on the ability to perform, And 3) Why the practicality of homework should appeal to all. As for my first point of discussion, I think the famous saying goes; save the best until last.

Firstly, As a precursor, I think when discussing the topic of stress, Homework is one of the minor impacts directly affecting it. My reasoning for this is that for homework students are normally given ample time to complete the assignment and furthermore, Are able to most importantly take it home, Allowing them up to at least 5 hours a night to complete such assignment but also with access to the Internet, Communication with their parents, Their peers and teachers (via email or face-to-face inside or out of school).
I think perhaps a more suitable reason for the stress direct to an individual would be poor time management, Not allowing them to factor in necessary activities such as homework, But rather leaving this too late then distressing as to why there is so much to do in such little time.

Secondly, As aforementioned, The practicality of homework is so simple, And that the only barrier students create for themselves is poor time management. You're able to take this homework to anyone in your social circle and they will gladly help you, Especially teachers who value students excessively that ask for help when needed. With correct habits and priorities, Children can turn homework into something that they take pride in and reap great rewards from, Not just a burden to carry until the latest possible moment. On the practicality discussion, It is also relevant that students often get lost when it comes to "revision", They don't know what to cover, What structures to produce for themselves. So, Having a teacher set a specific piece of homework can even be a burden released from the student, With them not having to worry about covering the wrong topics.

Thirdly, The benefits of homework quantity on student achievement has proven time and time again that it has helped students access higher grades, With the relationship being a positive correlation, Thus one of the main reasons why it has remained in our society for so long. Homework being set from a young age greatly aids children in the preparation for examinations and tests later on in their education, With homework often incorporating essay style writing and homework also provides the ability for students to work together in their own time, Developing team building and interaction skills towards something that matters; the cultivation of themselves - the topic I will discuss next round.
Debate Round No. 2


SuperGirl132 forfeited this round.


Lastly, Homework is a necessary component to keep in schools today because of the direct connection it has with the "real working world" that not many school subjects actually entertain. Think about it; everyone with a job gets homework, No matter how old you are.
We all know the age-old saying of practice makes perfect and, In this case, It still holds. Meaning, We need to help develop these skills in our students from as young as possible. With the alternative argument holding true, If our students weren"t taught to handle the pressures of homework in their younger years, They may find developing years significantly harder without this skill already developed significantly, They would have to develop it themselves and without the assistance of parents or teachers (who are there to teach you).
Homework also aids child creativity, Allowing them to discover and search for things on their own and produce work in their own way, Promoting resourcefulness, They develop their own methods, And it allows kids to explore themselves and what works for them, And will aid their data collection in years to come.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by glamourshel 2 years ago
Homework is necessary as a reinforcer as well as to allow parents to have an opportunity to see the content of their student as well as work with their child if possible.
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