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Homophobia is beneficial to many heterosexuals

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Started: 10/23/2015 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Homophobia is rooted in unwanted sexual advances (Pirlott, Angela et al)

Homophobia rooted in disgust, not fear. (Olatunji et AL 2001)

Beneficial -
favorable or advantageous; resulting in good.

1. Straight friend crushes is one of the most common issues in the gay community. Many closet and openly gays crush on their straight friends. Many heterosexuals consider this a problem. Homophobes are less likely to experience this problem because homophobes wouldn't befriend openly gays in the first place in which keeps open gays out of their life to avoid any possible discomforting friendship issues. Gays are less likely to come on to homophobes in which saves homophobes from being discomforted compared to non-homophobic heterosexuals . Gays are more likely to attemp to sexually seduce non-homophobic heterosexuals based on wishful thinking that the non-homophobic heterosexual might be a little gay. Closet gays are less likely to even reveal their crush on a homophobe in which prevents discomforting homophobes. Closet gays are also less likely to come out to homophobes in which also prevents discomforting homophobes. These real situations gives homophobes the favorable outcome resulting in good for the homophobe compared to non-homophobic heterosexuals giving the same situation.openly

Homophobic women are less likely to have sex with bisexual men compared to gay friendly women in which decreases the risk of contracting deadly STDs

2. Some non-homophobic heterosexuals experience homosexuality out of curiosity in which increases the chances of contracting deadly stds. Unlike some non-homophobic heterosexuals, Homophobes will not experience homosexuality thereby decreasing std risks. Unlike homophobes, Some non-homophobic heterosexuals experience homosexuality for the money. Some non-homophobic heterosexuals are weak so they let homosexuals persuade them to be sexually seduced. Some gays use alcohol and drugs to sexually seduce their non -homophobic heterosexual friends. These sceneros could never happen with homophobes because homophobes wouldn't even befriend gays or hang out with gays in the first place..Homophobic heterosexuals get the advantage because our homophobia make it impossible for heterosexuals to experience homosexuality in which decreases the risk of contracting deadly stds for homophobes.

The homophobes who are caught engaging in homosexual behavior are fake homophobes. In other words, they are pretending to be homophobic.


BOP on Pro to prove his claim.

I await his arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


The majority of straight crushes "happen between Gays and their heterosexual friends.

Therefore, many non-homophobic heterosexuals invite issues and problems in their lives simply by befriending gays and NOT being homophobic. "The bottom line is, when heterosexuals befriend people, they aren't asking for a crush from a gay."

Straight crush stories"

By " Ellen Friedrichs, LGBT Teens Expert

Five types of straight crushes

By Ellen Friedrichs, LGBT Teens Expert

Homophobes are less likely to befriend gays In which eliminates friendship issues involving straight crushes and dealing with unwanted "crushes and contact from gays in which is good for homophobes because of homophobia.

Homophobia rooted in disgust, not fear (Olatunji "et al)

Homophobia = disgust

Disgust = disease avoidance behavior

Homophobia = disease avoidance behavior

Disgust as an adaptive system for disease avoidance behaviour
Valerie Curtis,"M"che"l de Barra and"Robert Aunger

The Hygiene Centre, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London WC1E 7HT, UK

"Disgust is an evolved psychological system for protecting organisms from infection through disease avoidant behaviour"

"Evolutionary origins of stigmatization: the functions of social exclusion.
(Kurzban R1, Leary MR)
Here's a quote

"human beings possess cognitive adaptations designed to cause them to avoid poor social exchange partners, join cooperative groups (for purposes of between-group competition and exploitation), and avoid contact with those who are differentially likely to carry communicable pathogens"


So far Pro has failed to make any significant argument. He says that gay's are a disease, but he fails to explain how. Therefore, his point on Homophobia being beneficial is void.
Debate Round No. 2


"So far Pro has failed to make any significant argument. He says that gay's are a disease,"

These are blatant LIES.

My argument is, Homophobia is beneficial to many heterosexuals. I showed that straight crushes are problems and they are usually among gays developing crushes on their non-homophobic heterosexual friends. My argument is, since homophobes are less likely to befriend gays because of homophobia, homophobes are less likely to experience crushes by gays in which means homophobia is benefiting homophobes because it eliminates experiencing same sex friends crushing on them.

I never said or insinuated that gay is a disease. I said homophobia is rooted in disgust and disgust is a disease avoidance behavior in which means homophobia has to be a disease avoidance behavior. In other words, avoiding sex with gays decreases the risk of contracting deadly stds since gays make up the vast majority of new HIV and syphilis cases. The condom strategy is not working even though gays know what condoms are and what they are used for.

According to a gay teen expert, some non homophobic heterosexuals have been seduced by gays. According to gays and a fay teen expert, th the type of heterosexuals who are seduced by gays are non-homophobic heterosexuals in which means homophobia eliminates the chances of heterosexuals experiencing homosexuality in which decreases the risk of contracting deadly STDs. Therefore, homophobia is benefiting homophobes.

Gay and bisexual women have higher rates of bacterial vaginosis

Gay men triggered the hiv epidemic

Gay men brought back syphilis and triggered the syphillis epidemic after it was nearly eliminated

Half of all gay men in the largest city in South Africa are infected with HIV

Hiv is decreasing among heterosexuals but increasing alarmingly among gays

In 2010, gays made up 72% of all new HIV infections

In 2013, gays made up 81% of all new HIV infections

In 2012, gays made up 84% of syphilis cases.

In 2013, gays made up 91% of syphilis cases

Study: Biology Leaves gay men highly vulnerable to HIV
According to Unaids, Hiv is more common among gay men in all areas of the world including Africa"

Shigella outbreak among gay and bisexual men

New drug resistant gonorrhea striking gay men

New Deadly meningitis striking gay men

Hepatitis C rising among gay men

New flesh eating bacterial strain striking gay men

A rare disease, (Lymphograunuloma venereum) striking gay men

A rare parasitic disease striking gay men

Sexually active Gay teens at a high risk of hpv. In other words, when gay teens act on their homosexual behavior, it's not good for them.
> > > >

High rates of hpv among gay men

Anal cancer rising among gay men

Study shows most women who are infected with hiv contracted it from a bisexual man


Your arguments make 0 sense.

First of all, how would you know if a gay person is having a crush on you? 2nd of all, you don't give any reason as to why people should care if gay's have a crush on them. 3rd of all, you don't give evidence as to why gay's would have a crush on them. Anybody with sense would know that gay's would only like gay's. Why would they have a crush on a hetrosexual person?

You make no sense again. Why would a straight guy has sex with a gay person? Interesting enough, you don't cite the gay teen expert, but you cite the diseases part.

I have refuted all of your arguments with sucess. You continue to spew hatred towards the gays with no substance whatsoever.

And you look like Dr.Dre which makes it even worse.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by whiteflame 3 years ago
>Reported vote: TheUser// Mod action: Removed<

6 points to Pro (Conduct, Arguments, Sources). Reasons for voting decision: Pretty self explanatory. Con bashed pro but never proved his stance

[*Reason for removal*] (1) The voter needs to point to actual arguments and explain the decision, not simply assert the outcome. (2) Conduct and sources are completely unexplained.
Posted by MagicAintReal 3 years ago
BlackHomophobicAtheist made a science claim on this thread, this is unrelated to this debate;

He claimed that whites had Neanderthal DNA, and blacks did not.

"the human and Neanderthal ancestral populations split ~370,000 years ago, before the emergence of anatomically modern humans...analysis of the Neanderthal genome advances our understanding of the evolutionary relationship of Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis and signifies the dawn of Neanderthal genomics."

Humans, black, white, or otherwise split 370,000 years ago before our current Homo Sapien form. While we share a common ancestor, neanderthals and modern humans are split.
Posted by MagicAintReal 3 years ago
RFD continued
Due to a lack of a response from Con, reluctant argument points to Pro.
Posted by MagicAintReal 3 years ago
Conduct and S&G tied.
Sources to Pro, as they were reliable and relevant despite Pro's biased misinterpretations of such, and Con doesn't point that out, so Pro gets points.

I have removed my bias from this debate, and here are argument points:
Pro attempts his burden with:
1. homosexual crushes/advances on straight friends are the majority of homo-->straight crushes, and are avoided with homophobia
2. homosexual advances in general are thwarted by homophobia
3. homophobic women are less likely to have sex with bisexual men, reducing STD contracting
4. non-homophobic men are more likely to attempt gay sex, for money/curiosity, thus likely to contract STDs, thus homophobia benefits
5. homophobia really means disgust of gays, not fear of them
6. disgust is derived from evolution, thus so is homophobia
7. Many sources to show that homosexuals are more likely to be STD ridden.

While I agree, that these arguments make zero sense as Con pointed out, this is not a very strong refute.
Con had a real opportunity to show the many flaws and misinterpretations by Pro, but instead Con just refers to Pro's ridiculousness without any real support.

For example, Con says:
"So far Pro has failed to make any significant argument."

While I did agree with that, Con never supported it, so I must reluctantly grant that Pro's arguments are significant.

Con then resorts to asking lots of questions that, while they would make for a good debate, come in last round and Pro cannot respond to them, and Con's questions don't really refute, they insinuate, and there's really not much there argument-wise.

Con states:
"Anybody with sense would know that gay's would only like gay's. Why would they have a crush on a hetrosexual person?"

While again this is provocative, it lacks examples and support, and Con doesn't seem to address Pro's #3-#7 attempts at proof.
Con then calls Pro a spewing hatred Dr. Dre, which is irrelevant.

Due to a lack of response from Co
Posted by BlackHomophobicAtheists 3 years ago
So you think the first lady, Michelle Obama is dangerous?????

You can't afford to talk about a race when you're not even fully human. According to DNA evidence, all non non-blacks are not even fully human.
Don't get mad at me because the black race aka 100% humans wiped out your neanderthal ancestors. Lol
Posted by BlackHomophobicAtheists 3 years ago
Stereotypes are nothing compared to DNA evidence that shows all non blacks are not even fully human. Unlike you whities, I'm 100% human. You can't afford to talk about any race when you're not even fully human
Posted by Lee001 3 years ago
Black people are dangerous.
Posted by MLG_TBR 3 years ago
Jesus Christ man, you are actually crazy. You are only fulflling the negative stereotype people have of black people. Just stop please.
Posted by BlackHomophobicAtheists 3 years ago
If being racist is beneficial to society, blacks should have more rights than any other race since we're the only race who are not part Neanderthal. My race is the only race that is 100% fully human. The rest of you are part of another species which is the Neanderthal. Neanderthals are not even human. Also, Neanderthals had a really small frontal lobe in which means they were not even intelligent. You should think blacks for having sex with the your meanderthal relatives to make you human lol
Posted by BlackHomophobicAtheists 3 years ago
Not all blacks commit crimes but all gays had or have A crush on a heterosexual

Also, white crime in America is higher than black crime in Europe

Also, before slavery, the white crime rate was so high in America, they were about to have a civil war. Slavery actually decreased white crime in America

Also, comparing racism to homophobia is a faulty analogy. Using your logic, people who are disgusted by sex with animals are like racists.

Get it through your gay brain. Gays are not like a race. They are a sexual minority Like incest.

Using your logic, incestphobia is like racism

Unlike gays, race is not a behavior.
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