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Homosexual Relationships

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Started: 12/8/2015 Category: People
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I'm curious to see why so much of the population believes that two people of the same gender loving each other is wrong.


Who are we to say what is right?

Is any relationship right, per se?

I believe all relationships are wrong, we are born alone and we die alone but that we should tolerate the wrongness because life would be unbearable without them. It's sort of like how we legalize some recreational drugs when really all of them should be banned for our wellbeing. Everyone needs some release, some superficial meaning of life and it's a waste of life and non-productive (I mean a homosexula one is quite literlaly unproductive in the physical sense) but it is not wrong enough for use to outlaw necessarily, that's definitely a gray area.

No doctor or person on Earth would ever go up to someone who wasn't outed as gay and say 'hey I think you should be gay, it's a great way of life.' but for those who are just so addicted to the idea that the withdrawal symptoms of gay sex (yes even before they've ever actually had gay sex) they feel suicidal, feel liek their entire life's purpose is this one true love for the gender their body was never designed to ejaculate into.

Oh how beautifully wrong it is indeed.
Debate Round No. 1


Who are we to say it's wrong? If you are saying that all relationships are wrong, then you are saying that homosexual relationships are wrong as well. Is that correct?
Do you only believe they are wrong because of the fact that you believe that ALL relationships are wrong, and we are meant to die alone? Or is there other reasoning on your part that contributes to believing that homosexual relationships are wrong as well?


Yes, I believe all relationships are is a delusion that you and the other person have some non-physical connection that is no realer than god, the fairy godmother or the 'authentic' Father Christmas.
Debate Round No. 2


Well is there really no connection? Even between the same gender? Isn't it interesting that when you spend time with someone, you learn to finish their sentences, know what they are thinking, and even eventually do what they want without being told? With one glance you can understand exactly what they are feeling and thinking, without words being exchanged. We may be born alone, but we also live together. What specifically makes you so strongly believe that we are all meant to die alone, when for the longest time, we have learned to live together and be together; whether it's as a society, a family, whatever it may be. We are generally united rather than alone. Why shouldn't homosexuals be united as well?


Some people liek video games, some like their career som eliek aich relationship with someone of their own gender.

Too much of anything is a bad thing, including homosexual relationships, our species would be wiped out after all.

Please stop this pleading to me, I am not your bully only your opponent.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by thevanthi.t 2 years ago
I am against homosexual relationship and how can that be right pro?
There is a reason why God made two genders, if homosexuality is right then there would only be one gender in the world pro. There is reason for everything and homosexuality is something which is against nature and ethics and brings shame and disrespect towards the homosexual couple and their friends and families.
Posted by Wylted 2 years ago
Did pro make arguments or did he just ask a bunch of questions?
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