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Homosexual is as normal/wrong as non-conceive Incest

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Started: 2/12/2018 Category: Society
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I don't want to label homosexual or non-conceive incest as morally good or bad. But what i do understand is if someone see homosexual as morally good or normal behavior then he/she should see non-conceive incest as normal behavior as well because the reason that people use to 'justify' homosexual can be applied to non-conceive incest too...and vice versa....if someone see homosexual as wrong behavior then you can also use the reason behind it to 'condemn' non-conceive incest as well...


To start, I'd like to first restate your position as I understand it, as to make sure that there isn't any confusion.

First of all, when discussing any matters of morality, it is important to understand that every act starts off as morally neutral, and the prerogative is on whoever is making the argument that an act is morally wrong to provide reasons as to why that is. For example, if I were to ask wether or not rape was wrong, it would be assumed to be morally neutral, and it would be the oppositions job to provide reasons as to why that act is morally abhorrent. As such, I will make the reasonable assumption that for the sake of this debate your position is that in cases of incest where the conception of a child is not possible, such as gay couples or a couple where an individual is sterile, is a morally neutral act. Thus, I will provide reasons as to why cases of incest are morally wrong, and it will be up to you to argue as to why these reasons are acceptable or not.

To begin, I would like to propose the unhealthy power dynamics that often arise in many incest couples. These unhealthy power dynamics can lead to numerous problems, but I'd like to focus on the most obvious, that being that when there is a large separation in the power of each individual in the relationship, it is often impossible for the weaker party to provide proper consent.

"By definition, incest is never consensual, although often the perpetrator will convince the victim otherwise, experts say. The power dynamics of the relationship between a parent and child are such that it's always the parent's responsibility to maintain normal boundaries, even if it's the son or daughter who makes some kind of initial gesture"

The above statement is from psychologist Debra Borys, when asked to discuss the effect incest has on its victims.

The unhealthy relationships that come with incest can lead to various future problems due to the mental trauma or uncomfortable feelings associated with it. It is common, in order for victims to avoid thoughts of these acts, to turn to avoidance behaviours such as substance abuse, gambling, promiscuity and other ways that "people distract from their feelings"

As a result, due to the long lasting effects that incest can have on its victims, any act of incest, even those that do not leave victims mentally damaged, will inadvertently normalise the behaviour. To conclude, I'd like to draw a parallel to a much more extreme topic to tldr my point. If 1 in a million survivors of rape came out of it and found that the experience was actually enjoyable, would that be any reason to assume that all acts of rape were alright? And if the answer to that is no, why is it any different when it comes to incest?
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Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
For sex between adults to be moral the only thing that should matter is consent.
Posted by dsjpk5 3 years ago
You make some pretty good points. Good luck.
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