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Homosexuality shouldn't be discriminated against

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Started: 8/30/2019 Category: Society
Updated: 2 weeks ago Status: Voting Period
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2 possibility:

1. Gay is a mental disorder. Then do you laugh, And yell, And punch at the people with autism, Or them that are deaf, Or the bare stupid? No. You care for them. Based on that if homosexuality is a mental disorder you shouldn't discriminate them.

2. If it is not a mental disorder, Then you should treat them like any others.


God hates fa, Gs
Debate Round No. 1


As your argument says something that either unclear or is offensive. Presumably, I would interpret the argument, As "god hates homosexual people". Look, This is your only point. Shame that a good debater once had 24 wins with sophisticated debates is now doing this.

Plus, God pretty much loves everybody.

Why discriminate people? Because they see it as bad, Or lesser. So far, I can prove homosexual people aren't bad nor lesser.
Gay people can:
-control sexual actions, Or banish them. Wither way they won't get unwanted population to the point harming earth.
-(at least this time and space) deal better of uniqueness and suppression(in some places)
-have better relationships
-have their own UNIQUE trend
-handle better of adoption.

One form of pleasure is sexual intercourse, And it is meant to be done in a man and a woman, Or called a heterosexual couple. Sex is only meant to bring new life but people use it as pleasure, Causing an unwanted baby at last, Alas. Homosexual parents, On the other hand, Have little to no access to normal sexual procedure, And in order to cherish with a child they must find something else: IUI or adoption. Because of this, They won't get an unwanted child, But rather they will get a wanted child using other ways. This allows them to actually parent the child at appropriate times, And not too early, Like pregnancy at 13.

Because Gay people are the less of the group, They learn to handle the oppression and discrimination. This quality would most likely to be present even if the shouldn't-happen discrimination is completely gone for good. Also because of this, They can shine on their own, Being proud as the group of the unique.

Compare to this, Heterosexual people can do none of this stuff unless put into extreme mind. Homosexual people can just do that, NATURALLY.

Argument done. Seeking for your next REAL argument.


Gay people should be discriminated against because if it were known that the business provides services to gay people then the other customers would be less likely to patronize the business, Resulting in a loss of income. We have a duty to operate the business in the best interests of the business owners.
Debate Round No. 2


Finally an argument is actually of reasons, My worthy/unworthy opponent.

However, I still disagree with your opinion that because gay people are discriminated against, We should not give them rights. This is like, Hey because this is water thus is is liquid! Something based on something within the loop you have, And not a tube towards an outside air.

In order to prove that gay people are "wrong" you have to state why their behaviours are indeed wrong, And not because the others hates them.

And thus, A big hole in your loop that you are not currently avoidable: What if people love gay people and seek it as a trend? Would the client managers who serve gay people as well as heterosexual people be hated? No. The fact is that only homophobic people do like you said, And there are less and less of people of that.

I don't know if I have anything more to say, Because my points still stands still as a tree.


Pro loses because hes a coc-ksucker that gets fuc-ked in the @ss.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by anc2006 1 week ago
"i win u lose gg mother fukcer"

. . . ? You didn't even provide ANY reliable reasons.
Posted by Death23 1 week ago
i win u lose gg mother fukcer
Posted by anc2006 1 week ago
"Pro loses because hes a coc-ksucker that gets fuc-ked in the @ss. "

Bruh, I'm gay and will be a virgin forever.
Posted by anc2006 1 week ago
YourCensored, Have you lost your mind?
Posted by YourCensored 1 week ago
Con sure has some compelling arguements
Posted by billsands 2 weeks ago
live and let live
Posted by WhoPutYouOnThePlanet 2 weeks ago
Infinite being creates universe, Gets pissed when a primate sticks it somewhere.
Posted by PictureImperfect 2 weeks ago
God loves everyone. Not pretty much everyone. Also I'm so sorry for anyone that thinks people should be discriminated against. Even as a Christian who believes homosexuality is wrong, I still aknowledge the rights of everyone.
Posted by anc2006 2 weeks ago
No. I am a proud virgin homosexual human being, And i do not want to engage in any sexual behaviours, Such as heterosexual intercourse.
Posted by WhoPutYouOnThePlanet 2 weeks ago
Can i interest you fine gentlemen in some flavored condoms?
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