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Homosexuals are delusional

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Started: 11/7/2015 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I would like to continue this debate with a new fresh debate because I mistakenly posted round 2 for round 3

I would like to use the same arguments for round one and two so I can post the right round 3 debate if con chooses to use the same response

Round 1
Pro states claims
Con challenges pro's claims

Round 2
Pro disputes con's challenge from round 1
Con defends his or her challenge from round 1

Round 3

No new claims in rounds 2 and 3.


Delusion - a fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact:

The following are delusions of LGBT people

1. Gays think they belong in the category with racial minorities.

In reality, gays belong in the category with sexual minorities. Gays become offended when someone compares them to other sexual minorities such as incest and bestiality. That's because the truth offends them. Gays are happy when they are grouped with racial minorities. That's because feeding their delusion satisfies them

Polygamists, incestuous people, pedophiles and gays experienced stigma and civil rights issues

Gays pretend that gays are the only sexual minority who experienced civil rights issues as an excuse to compare themselves with blacks. Gays don't even want anyone to mention other sexual minorities who had issues with civil rights

Polygamists, incestuous people, pedophiles, peoplw who have sex with animals and homosexuals are all defined by a special desire that prompts a specific sexual behavior

Regardless of the similarities of gays and other sexual minorities, gays refuse to group themselves with other sexual minorities

2. If a man thinks he's a woman even though he's clearly a man, gays will really believe he's really a woman and even address him as a woman.

If a man thinks he's a unicorn even though he's clearly a man, would anyone thinks he's a unicorn? Gay people are delusional.

3. Gay people think allowing gay marriage is" marriage equality" even though other types of marriages are not allowed. Not allowing polygamous marriage and incestuous marriage violates marriage equality. Equality by definition means equality for everyone involved, not just one particular group.

4. Gay people think homosexuality is just as significant as heterosexuality. Heterosexuality is the reason humans exist. Nothing can match that. Better yet, homosexuality is the reason why the HIV epidemic exist in america. Homosexuality is also the reason why syphilis wasn't eliminated in America. Homosexuality is not even close to being as significant as heterosexuality

5. Gay people think homophobia has to do with irrational fear.
First of all, homophobia is a misnomer. Not even one person has been diagnosed with homophobia using the basic diagnostic criteria for all phobias. Not even one person has ever ran from a gay just because the gay appeared. Not even one person has showed any kind of fear when gays are present. In reality, people are disgusted by gays, not afraid of them. Gays are offended by the truth. They hate the thought that people are simply disgusted by them. They are happy with the irrational fear explanation because it feeds their delusion

Study shows homophobia is rooted in disgust, not fear (olutanji et al 2001)

6. Gay people think homophobes are secretly gay. Most people in the 1950s were homophobes. That means gay people think 90% of the population were all gay in the 1950s. That means close to 100% were gay in the 1950's. This is clearly of delusion.

How do gays explain ex-homophobes who are heterosexual? According to gays, they were secretly gay when they were homophobic but they must have turned straight when they started like gays. This is clearly a delusion

Homophobia rooted and unwanted sexual advances (Angeles pilott 2011)

Unlike gay propaganda studies, this study actually Researched men and women

7. Gays think all gays were born gay.

The largest and most reliable study on twins shows homosexuality is caused by mostly unique reactions to enironmental factors including but not limited to experimentation, peer pressure, gay pornography, bad experiences with the opposite sex, sexual abuse, childhood abuse, childhood gender nonconformity, biological randomness,ect.

If you don't believe me, download the study for yourself

Neither Genes nor Choice:
Same-Sex Attraction Is Mostly a Unique Reaction to Environmental Factors
[Journal of Human Sexuality 3:81-114 (2011)]
by Neil E. Whitehead8


This is an acceptable continuation. For reference, voters please see the content offered in this debate:

This will be a continuation of that debate. My opponent will start with his response to my Round 2 argument.
Debate Round No. 1


1. Straw man fallacy.

I didn't say you did and I wasn't referring to all gays because I did not use the word "all"...

All - used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing.

2. Straw man fallacy.

I didn't say you did and I wasn't referring to all gays because I did not use the word "all"...

All -" used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing"

3. Straw man fallacy.

I didn't say you did and I wasn't referring to all gays because I did not use the word "all"...

All -" used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing"

4. Straw man fallacy.

I didn't say you did and I wasn't referring to all gays because I did not use the word "all"...

All -" used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing"

5. Straw man fallacy.

I didn't say you did and I wasn't referring to all gays because I did not use the word "all"...

All -" used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing"

6. Straw man fallacy.

I didn't say you did and I wasn't referring to all gays because I did not use the word "all"...

All -" used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing"

7. Straw man fallacy.

I didn't say you did and I wasn't referring to all gays because I did not use the word "all"...

All -" used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing"

Con's entire argument is a straw man fallacy.. the word "all" would not even exist if it wasn't necessary. Caon argued as if I used the word "all" in which I didn't


The opponent elected to post the same argument *again*. The entire point of this continuation was so that he could respond to my argument in the debate mentioned in Round 1, where he accidentally posted this exact argument a second time.

I have no idea why he posted it a third time. See the debate linked in R1 for my response to this argument. Hopefully the opponent will actually respond to it next round.
Debate Round No. 2


In conclusion,

My opponent doesn't understand the rules of basic Grammer

Homosexuals (more than one) are delusional

The 's' at the end of 'Homosexual' makes the word a plural noun

1.:of, relating to, or constituting a class of grammatical forms usually used to denote more than one or in some languages more than two
:relating to, consisting of, or containing more than one or more than one

To win this argument, all I have to do is proved that more than one gay is delusional

1. Delusion 1

Watch "Black Gay & Here to Stay at Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade in South Los Angeles" on YouTube

Gay is the new black

Gays thrown in the category with race
Watch "stereotypes of blacks, mexicans, asians, gays, and blondes" on YouTube

Delusion 2
A male nominated as prom queen.
A queen by definition is a female

Delusion 3. Marriage equality.
There is no marriage equality but since get marriage is legal, he
Gays think marriage equality has been reached. That's a delusion because many other type of marriages arent legal

Not one person has said marriage

Marriage equality is not literally marriage equality. Gays really believe that marriage equality has been reached

All I needed to prove is more than one gay is delusional


The opponent has elected to use a semantics based argument to prove his point. In short, he is saying that "homosexuals" is plural in the thesis statement, therefore he only needs to show that at least two homosexuals are delusional in order to win. I'll copy and paste my argument regarding the resolutional analysis for the ease of the reader.

"The opponent makes a statement in the form "X are T". We'll first look at similar statements using a different X and T:

1. Cows are herbivores.
2. Stars are hot.
3. Buses are long.

Each of these statements is making a claim about the their subject. For instance, the first statement is saying that cows have the attribute of being herbivores. To assume that this is only referring to a limited number of cows or some portion of cows is invalid, as the statement clearly refers to 'cows' as a group.

When making statements of this form, the implication is that the characteristic T applies that the group X. So when my opponent make the claim that homosexuals are delusional, he is saying that the characteristic of being delusional applies to the group "homosexuals". He is making an objective statement about a characteristic applying to an entire group. In order to falsify this statement, one merely has to show that at least one member of this group X does not have the characteristic T.

By showing that the opponent's delusions do not apply to myself, I have falsified the statement that homosexuals are delusional. Note: I have not falsified the statement "some homosexuals are delusional", just the former. Again, this is because 'homosexuals' refers to the group homosexuals -- which includes all homosexuals. Only by adding the term "some" can you refer to a portion of homosexuals.

Vote Con on this issue alone. The fact that the opponent may have 'intended' to use the word 'some' does not excuse the fact that he did not. Additionally, note that he referred to "gays" multiple times throughout his argument, never once saying "some gays". He had multiple opportunities to clarify that he was referring to a portion of the homosexual population, and not the whole as his statement of the form "X are T" directly implies. It's clear I was not using a straw man (arguing against a point the opponent didn't make), but rather I argued against what the opponent actually said, regardless of his intent. "

To reiterate, it is clear that the opponent is making a categorical charactertistic statement about homosexuals. By the very definition of categorical assertions, the claim implies that the characteristic applies to the entire category. Even if one does not believe that the categorical claim is not falsified by one homosexual counter-example (which I presented in R1 of the linked debate), it is at least clear that the categorical statement would apply to the majority of gays.

So the opponent's claim that he only has to show 2+ gays delusional in order to prove that homosexuals are delusional is logically bankrupt. It twists the topic into something that is not even a debateable issue, as it is obvious that at least 2 gays are delusional, just as at least 2 african americans, 2 steel welders, 2 priests, 2 whatever are also delusional. Interpretting the topic as the opponent is implying destroys any meaning that it has.

As for the issues I spoke about in my previous round that actually had content (see linked debate R2), my opponent did not address these. I went through each of my opponent's 7 delusions and demonstrated why these do not apply to the majority of homosexuals, thus showing that the majority of homosexuals are not delusional.

The fact that the opponent did not address these, instead attempting to use a semantic trick-play implies that he does not have an adequate response to my arguments. Remember, silence is compliance, so he has implicitly accepted my linked R2 arguments. In light of this, it is extra clear that I have won this debate.


I have demonstrated that the opponent's claim makes a categorical characteristic statement about homosexuals, specifically that everyone in the category of "homosexual" is delusional. I have disproved this through counterexample. Beyond that, I elected to additionally show that the majority of gays also do not adhere to the opponent's stated delusions, further strengthening my position.

I have additionally shown that the opponent's previous round suggestion that "homosexuals", in the context of this deate, means "more than one" is intellectually bankrupt and leads to a topic that has no debatability. Therefore, it should not be accepted.

This one is fairly clear -- vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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