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Homosexuals should be allowed into the Catholic Church

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Started: 11/17/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Catholic means universal, we are all sinners (Homosexual 'sex' is a sin according to the Catholic Church), and the Catholic Church cannot deny people from entry when it proclaims that it is one of the only ways to heaven.
This is a few of my points, please no ad hominem attacks.


To start off, I'm an Orthodox Jew. We don't instantly turn down homosexuals (we try and help them change), but the reason why I think the Catholic Church should be able to turn down Homosexuals is because IT'S A PRIVATE RELIGION. They are allowed to believe what they want. (They shouldn't persecute homosexuals, but they can turn them down). They are allowed to have their private beliefs. It's not a public business. If Catholics can be forced to go against their beliefs, so can a lot of other people with more valid beliefs.
Debate Round No. 1


I am getting the feeling that in general we may agree with each other. It seems that you interpreted the 'should' in should homosexuals be aloud into the Catholic Church more as a could. However, I meant 'should' as in it would not be logical or theological sound for the Catholic Church to, for instance, ban all homosexuals from joining. I agree that the Catholic Church could theoretically ban all homosexuals from joining although this would be very hard to enforce and it ,in my opinion, would go against several Catholic teachings (however the Catholic Church may still technically ban all homosexuals).
It seems that you might agree with the opinion that I stated (the second part in the last sentence), because as you said, you are part of a religion that accepts homosexuals and simple tries to change them. This is what I would be suggesting, if it is not happening already, for the Catholic Church. However, keep in mind for this relation between Orthodox Judaism and the Catholic Church, most of what I know about Orthodox Judaism comes from the book "The Chosen" (so I probably know nothing about the religion). In conclusion we may just be in agreement, or if we actually disagree about Catholicism and Homosexual policy, please look at my points in R1.


You're right when you say I agree with you in some ways, but it's a little twisted so I'm going to clear that up.
I think the Catholic Church SHOULD be allowed to turn down Homosexuals, but I'm not exactly happy they do that. But the problem is we can make them go against their beliefs of turning them down, people can do the same to out beliefs. I DON'T like how they turn people down. I think they should try and change the people, and especially since they're trying to convert people. I'm just they should be allowed to deny Homosexuals. But note: I STILL DON'T AGREE WHEN THEY DO THAT. I think they would be better off with a different approach, but again they still are allowed to turn them down.

Also from what I know, Christianity originated from Judaism. Jesus was Jewish.

Thanks for replying so nicely to my argument. Your turn.
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