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Horizon Zero Dawn, Best Adventure game ever!!!

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Started: 10/23/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Horizon Zero Dawn is the best adventure game ever. The reason I say that is because I have played thousands of adventure games from the 80's until now and no game compares to it. It has an RPG style leveling system, resources have to be collected to create weapons and ammo, it's not unlimited ammo like a lot of games, the story is phenomenal, the world is huge and the graphics are amazing especially in 4K like I'm playing right now.

There is no better adventure game out there, only Skyrim comes close but the story is not as good as Horizon Zero Dawn and the graphics are not as good.

If you don't agree that Horizon Zero Dawn is the best adventure game (I don't care about fighting games or Mario Cart or lame Indy 2 hour games) ever, then let me know what is better and I will debate it.



This is just another game that is the product of feminists and their anti-male campaign. An o
verhyped game which turned out to be rather bland and repetitive, with a nasty agenda

The main character is a ginger-lesbian that looks like a dude. This is due to the feminist movement that is currently happening where video game chicks "need to look more realistic" They didn't make an appealing good looking main character.

[1] Good graphics

[2] Perfect for kids with autism

[3] Perfect for poor people who can't afford a P.C

[1] Far too ambitious for the developers. They have dinosaur robots, give me a break. They probably chose dinosaur robots over actual dinosaurs, because it made it easier to develop. The world is empty aside from collectables and robots.

[2] The game treats you like you're 12. It attempts to force positive morality down your throat as if you're unable to make your own decisions.

[3] I played this game round my mates house.
We had one side quest that we'd invested about 40 minutes into and when we turned up to try and free the character he was wandering around without a care in the world, leaving that quest stuck as I couldn't advance because I still had to free said character.

To conclude.
This game advocates ginger lesbianism. The game is broken and buggy. I would like to remind anyone reading that the burden of proof is on FanBoy to prove "Horizon Zero Dawn, Best Adventure game ever!!!"

GTA 5 is a better adventure game it even has a black man as a main character unlike this ginger-fetish pleaser that McTroll calls a game..

Debate Round No. 1


First of all this game is rated T for teenage and up, it states nothing about being autistic to play, this is just a slander remark without any merit towards people with autism.

The main character is a young woman, nowhere doe it imply that she is a lesbian and even if she was what does it matter

The opponent states that they used robots instead of real dinosaurs, as this game takes place in the future, dinosaurs have already been extinct for millions of years and this game is about civilization going back to ancient times versus future machines. The world is full of side missions, secret caves, bandit camps, hunting trials, corrupted zones and the landscape is huge and very diverse depending where you are, snowy mountains, desert canyons, forests and meadows, the graphics are stunning in all places. It's an open world game so you can choose which quests, side quest you want to do, or which challenges or areas to explore. There are even collectibles to collect but first you need to purchase the maps for them to find them all.

My opponent states that he had some glitch in the game, well glitches can happen in any game, I personally have had no glitches at all and the game runs smoothly even with many enemies on the screen the frame rate does not drop.

As for the female as the protagonist, I applaud the game makers in choosing a female as the role model, we have too many video games where the lead is always male. Girls will be able to relate more by having a female lead. My opponents hate of women and referring to all of them as lesbians shows his close mindedness for having a female main character. My opponent is just a chauvinistic pig who degrades women and has no appreciation for having someone different in a video game as opposed to some bulky macho hero man, to control in the game.

I will admit GTA5 is a good game, but the story is recycled from all the other GTA's where the protagonists are basically criminals who run around an open city killing, raping and making money. This story is for 14 year old boys who think that it's cool. There is no mystery, suspense or strategy when it comes to GTA5, as opposed to Horizon Zero Dawn. In HZD you have to use strategy when it comes to fighting the machines, because you are always outmatched with a spear and a bow versus a Goliath mechanical beast who is faster stronger and has lasers for weapons. This makes it more challenging then just running around and killing innocent people for fun and trying to outrun the cops cone of view.

Horizon Zero Dawn, is an original concept story with intrigue, excellent mysterious story, phenomenal graphics and the size of the game is massive, easily a 200 hour game if you choose to complete all side quests, hunting challenges and explore the whole world.

My opponent has failed so far to prove how HZD is not the best adventure game ever, as he is simply stating his narrow chauvinistic views on a game.



My opponent has accused me of being chauvinistic because I spoke out about a clear feminist agenda. Resorting to name calling on a civilised debate is not a mature thing to do.

My opponent then attacks the 5th best selling game of all time by saying-
"GTA's where the protagonists are basically criminals who run around an open city killing, raping and making money. This story is for 14 year old boys who think that it's cool."
He then states "I will admit GTA5 is a good game"

The game is rated 18+ it's not for just for 14 year old boys. Females are allowed to play too, I condemn such a sexist comment.
In GTA you can't rape.

What is HZD?

HZD is an open world game where you play the role of a ginger Katniss Everdeen/Lara croft rip off retard. She has been raised by a Viking caveman and during the tutorial she almost falls down a deep well due to being.....a woman I guess. Or at least I think that's what the game is implying. Because she's awfully clumsy for a lead heroine. *Shrugs*
Ginger Katniss eventually finds a random I-phone lying around which serves as a vital tool when fighting robots.....She doesn't throw it at them. But she does sling rocks at them!

The story is cringy for its seriousness, for how it’s obliviously being awkward, drawn-out, and blatantly dull. Ginger Katniss embarks on a story with awful dialogue and clumsy cut scenes abound, each worse than the last, each longer than the last.
Horizon locks you into rooms to watch purple hologram ghosts having conversations. It constantly stops to explain itself. Perfect for retards who can’t keep up with a story line containing depth.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic future. There are even ruins out there. Not the ruins of modern cities, but ancient ruins with columns and arches and everything. When did they get built? Because my village is still living in female made mud huts while we're all sh*tting into the same bucket together.

We then have this ecology of robots wandering around. All hostile and interested in tearing your teets off. When you kill these things you're able to "harvest" their bodies which will allows you to upgrade your sling-shot or create some more arrows. Great.

It has good graphics though.

Points on why GTA is better

-In HZD You have a world where the most anti-intellectual, backwards tribe is also the only matriarchal tribe in the region. The game implies that women run non-sophisticated societies.

-In GTA the player is able to play as either male or female, this promotes gender equality.

-GTA has an online feature where players can collaborate together while doing various tasks, such as, but not limited to- Killing hookers, running trucks of drugs to and from lock-ups, shooting cops dead then beating their head with a hammer, sticking a bomb to an innocent family mans car and robbing banks while man-handling female captives.
These are not points against the game, in fact, these points show the level of freedom one is given in this open world title. Morality is your choice.

-More ethnic diversity.

-Less ginger.

-More strip clubs.

-Less butch females.

-More dead gingers.

-Less ginger.

-More guns

-Less ginger.

-Less ginger.

-More dead hookers!

And finally sale figures and popularity.


11.4 MIllon copies sold int he first 24 hours!


Recently sold 3.4 million copies.

I therefore conclude that GTA 5 has proven to be a better game for the developers in terms of profitability. It is also far more popular and currently has a larger player base combined with online features.

Debate Round No. 2


When I started this debate I stated this game is the best adventure game for everyone. I am not specifically referring to 14-30 year olds playing this game like GTA5. My opponent says there is no raping in the game, sorry not in GTA5, but in GTA3 you could. In GTA5, as my opponent states "you can kill hookers" yeah like that is much better then rape.

My opponents opinion is based on a prepubescent boys point of view of like he says "Killing hookers, running trucks of drugs to and from lock-ups, shooting cops dead then beating their head with a hammer, sticking a bomb to an innocent family mans car and robbing banks while man-handling female captives." This is the type of swell game he is talking about.

This is not the opinion of everyone but just a small group of boys that play the GTA games. Horizon Zero Dawn on the other hand is made for everyone. Also by having a female as the lead it encourages girls to want to pick up the controller and play. Also guns are not the prime weapon in the game unlike GTA5 that encourages gang behavior by running away from the police, drive by shooting, I almost feel like GTA5 is a recruitment game for new gang members because that is how it plays.

Sales figures for these two games can not compare as you are comparing a brand new IP to a GTA franchise that has started in the late 90's as a 2D game and has evolved to 5 major games and also a lot of DLC's. GTA5 is riding the coat tail of all that earlier success, where HZD is a brand new game without any previous entries in the series.. That would be like me comparing the Star Wars movies to a brand new movie.

I am not the only one who believes that HZD is the best adventure game ever, here are some other people who agree, documented proof from video game experts. A lot of reviewers gave it 100% for the rating and nobody can beat the graphics in this game.


The first source my opponent presents says specifically "Horizon is the best PS4 game ever" This does not support my opponents claim that "Horizon is THE best game ever"

The second source shows Horizon has a score of 89/100. [1] While GTA has a score of 96/100 which is a near perfect score.

Therefore all the sources my opponent provides fall short of supporting his outlandish claim.

My opponent agrees that there is no raping in GTA 5 and I thank him for being honest and conceding his invalid point.
My opponent then argues that killing hookers is a bad thing in a video game. Yet in Horizon you mindlessly kill many male enemies, is he trying to say that killing men is okay, but killing women is not? It would appear my opponent is advocating sexism.

"This is not the opinion of everyone but just a small group of boys that play the GTA games."
GTA has a larger player base than Horizon, so the content within GTA is positively welcomed by a vast majority. [2] Consider that GTA 5 is the 4th best-selling game in the world.

"Also by having a female as the lead it encourages girls to want to pick up the controller and play."
GTA 5 gives players the ability to player either male or female roles. To suggest females only want to play female roles, is to stereo-type all females into one frame of mind. An argument could be made which considers that kind of stereo-typing is sexist.

"Sales figures for these two games cannot compare as you are comparing a brand new IP to a GTA franchise"
Clearly the profitability is the best game a game developer could make due to the immense amount of money that can be made. Therefore GTA is the best game ever, when you look at it from the developers point fo view.


I have contested every point my opponent has made and refuted his sources that do not prove "Horizon is the best game ever."
My opponent has failed to meet his burden of proof.

I have proved that GTA is better due to having an online community, a more active player base, having larger sales figures and having a near perfect score of 96/100 compared to HZD score of 89/100.

Debate Round No. 3
16 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
But Zelda just came out and also on a new system, therefore not everyone has the Switch yet and GTA5 came out , what last year??

But for gaming content, quality, entertainment, I wonder which one is better
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
Just look at the sales figures and review scores.

Metacritic gave Zelda a 9.7 and GTA 5 a 9.6

The problem is, Zelda only sold 2.4 million copies by May compared to GTA selling over 60 million.

Zelda had a higher score, but the lowest score given to Zelda was 60, while the Lowest score given to GTA was 90. You could argue that GTA had a higher total average based on the range.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
Ok guys I see the next debate here, it could be a good one. Breath of the Wild (which is rumored to be the next best game ever according to reviews) I have never played it so I have no opinion in the matter, versus GTA5

Zelda vs GTA5, which one is better???
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago

You say that's it's subjective, but my point regarding GTA as being the 5th best selling gamer ever (Sourced)
And my point saying GTA got a 96/100 near perfect score on meta critic (sourced) went a long way to prove GTA was better than Horizon.

I didn't need to prove GTA was the best game of all time, only that it was better than horizon.
FanBoy failed to prove his burden of proof.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
A source would've been nice, especially from Con. I haven't played the game, and I don't feel like either side made a good argument, and sources would've only improved their own arguments.

But this does feel like a subjective topic, especially when reading each side's posts. In my opinion, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the best adventure game, and fans of that game will agree with me.
Posted by cakerman 2 years ago
dodging my callout fanboy mcbitch
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
Masterful no kurva yabana, ty zawsze piepszysz wszyskie tematy. No kiedy bendierz mial cos dobrego do powiedzenia.

High school drop out, class of 2015 - ohh didn't graduate LOL
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
Your name is McTroll. Therefore you're the troll.

You don't know the difference between "your" and "you're" therefore you're the high-school drop out.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
Your racist comments, vulgar language and lack of knowledge on any subject are clear indicators of being a high school drop out, what grade 9, 10??

Get an education first instead of just trolling people on here without anything productive or intelligent to add to peoples post, nobody cares about you Brotherhood or your racist posts. I think I'm going to post a new debate "Masterful should get his high school diploma"

People just want things to debate without dropouts ruining it for them
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
Aside from the fact your whole argument is based on an assumption with no evidence, you're unable to use proper grammar, which holds weight to the claim that you're the poor one.

It's you who "Shouldn't have dropped out of high school." Seeing as basic English is beyond you.
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