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How Legal Should Abortion Be?

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Started: 2/9/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello, there! This is my first time using this site, so please pardon me if I am uneducated about something.

I, myself, am for total legality and accessibility of abortions. Here are my main points why.

1) The Meaning of "Person"
Everybody has a different opinon on what a "person" actually is - it is quite a flexible term. Is a person qualified as something that is human and can process deep thought? Is a person a human who is just alive? Does it matter if that thing has the potential to be both of those things later on? Does a person even have to be a human? This school of thought is completley opininated, and there are no real facts relating to this.
I personally believe a person is somebody who has the potential to experience complex emotions, pain, and thoughts. Alas, wouldn't that mean I think fetuses are people? Yes.

2) The Woman
The woman, as soon as she becomes pregant, will be used as a human incubator for the next nine months. She will experience terrible pains, sickness, and lots and lots of procedures to check up on her child. She will most likely take a pretty big dip in her income, if she doesn't get fired. She will have to go through things she may have only thought about in her worst nightmares in pregnancy, likes undergo countless needles, childbirth (arguably the most painful experience in the world), and countless of other things like so.
She will be physically limited. She will not be able to sleep on her back, run, walk up stairs easily, or anything like so.
This is only talking about pregnancy; the responsibilty of becoming a mother is even more terrifying. Usually, not always, the mother is responsible for her children a lot more than the father. She will have to go pick up and take care of the kids when they're sick, remember to be gentle, try to raise a human being into a good person.
She will now have no free time, as she is either working or taking care of the kids. She will usually be isolated from most of her friends, and will constantly be busy.
I, personally, just think its a bit ironic how men, who will never have to experience most of these things, are the ones deciding what the woman can do in this situation.

3) Unintended Pregnancies
Uninteded pregnancies can be caused by just general apathy/carelessness, but it can also be caused by ignorance. Lots of women are never taught as girls how to safely pracitce sex, resulting in a lot of young pregnancies.
Women are also taken advantage of.
Women may also not be able to buy condoms, or birth control. Thanks to new laws, contraception can be a lot harder to obtain.
Women can also be tricked, thinking that a man is wearing a condom when he isn't. There are even instances of people replacing the women's pills with fake pills.

Bottom line, my argument is that women should be able to sexually express themselves, with the full intention of not becoming pregnant/ a mother, without being punished.

I look forward to hearing other's opinions.
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