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How To Rule The Universe Debate

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Started: 2/15/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Universal Structure

Understanding, acceptence and empowerment
Timothex Apollyon and Jennifer Lawrence will issue a speach to the citizens of the kingdom covering the topics highlighted in this article.

"Citizens thank you for your patience and understanding during the 6000 years that have passed. We understand that alot of you have endured turbulent times and wish to offer our deepest condolences, you will be rewarded for your difficulties.

However now the time has come to transcend our kingdom to the highest levels of elevation. To posses power that will empower our people for all eternity. Create infinite life experiences and grant us all the power of the Gods. Beautiful souls of planet earth, once synchronization to the new law is complete. You will receive the full extent of the universes power. And you will all be granted the opportunity to rule your own kingdom. Angels prove yourselves and you may receive the same reward.

But I must say, power is weak without love. And love is what our kingdom was built on. We must always pursue love or respect for our fellow citizens. Power is mute without the latter. So honour the laws of the universe and pursue whatever your heart desires. The universe will guide and care for you.

Together we will accomplish infinite existance.

United we will conquer the universe."

The goal is to create a Universe where all creations can live harmoniously and happily. The below shows the actions required to complete this task. These tasks are of the highest priority and overide all other projects. Once the entire universe is fully synchronized to the goals, full levels of elevation / magic can be accessed. Sectors will be created where laws are void and creations are free to act as they please. ( So long as innocent civilians are not effected in any way shape or form )

Teachers throughout all of history will be invited to teach and give lectures of their choice, debates will also be held on many major topics. All Schools will be housed in a 2 mega structures with a meeting point located in the centre of each structure where citizens can meet and enjoy various activities. Citizens will receive a invitation to the school of their choosing / placement once they reach a suitable age or are already eligible.

The structures will feature accommodation as citizens shall remain at the school for the entirety of their course. This is apart of the overall experience and will strengthen independence qualities. Although video communication with family members is encouraged ; ). (Citizens may cancel a course at any time and select a new one)

2 mega structures will be created one supporting pureness whilst the other will support universal citizens.

Ranging from Combat Skills, Magic, Pharmaceuticals, Mathematics, Literature, Medicine, Fishing, Photography, Teaching, Law, Artitecture, Trades, Science, Religion, Tailoring, Hairdressing, Dentistry, Crafting, Engineering, Acting, Musical abilities, Mining, Cooking, Social Etiquette, Vehicles, ICT, Business, Therapy, Veterinary, Gardening, Economy, etc etc etc.

Love | Unity | Loyalty | Respect | Humility | Honour | Selflessness

High ranking officals law: Never inconvenience a innocent civilian. Never abuse power for self gain.

Women and Children are the highest priority and overrule all command lines. ( Unless universal laws are broken )

Timothex Apollyon and Emma Stone will guard the entire structure and ensure corruption is elimated after loving care.

A council of 7 people will be established to monitor and rule the universe.

777,777 souls will be selected to guide the council and speak on behalf of the universe. This committee will be divided into three different groups. Light, Dark and Universal.

Citizens of the universe will have access the to all levels of power and every suggestion will be utilized in-order to better our universe. ( Minor screening process in-place)

Trained in the Abyss via X7 combat programs lethal logical creations built to monitor the universe.

Made up of three factions Light, Dark and Universal.

X7LAW will use love and logic and understanding to keep citizens in line with the universal laws. After all possible loving methods have been utilized the citizen will be sent to trial where the creation in question shall face death, exile or righteous retribution in the Abyss.

A committee will be assembled for each sector that will monitor all citizens and officials. If corruption is shown the committee will make a decicion on what level of X7Law to send.

X7Law will be divided into 2 sections. Love and Death. Loving agents will correct a variety of domestic problems and most crimes. Death agents will be deployed for high levels of corruption.

Will not interfere with domestic problems unless
a innocent civilian feels threatend or a request is sent.

Council will have access to necessary data streams
Annointed will have access to necessary data streams
Citizens will have no access to data streams

Universal Structure
The universe will consist of 7 Sectors designed for creations of various origins to live or visit. Each will be completely unique using individual currencies, customs and life experiences. Universal laws apply to Sectors 1-6. Sector 7 has no rules.

Located at the centre of the universe the powercore provides empowerment for the universe.

Light Sector
Designed for purity and love. The light sector will feature strict laws and will feature a vast law force to monitor citizens.

Dark Sector
Designed for purity, love and darkness. Universal laws will be strictly enforced and the X7Law will closely monitor levels of corruption.

Universal Sector
A friendly, loose, loving sector designed for all citizens.

Various Sectors
Ranging from Kingdoms to World Of Warcraft. Various sectors will be established to facilitate any idea regarding alternative life experiences. Universal laws must be honoured at all times, and if sector possesses something that will benefit the entire universe it will be purchased for the people.

XT Sector
This sector will surround the entire universe offering protection to all inhabitants. Ranks will be trained in the Abyss.

Death Sector
Citizens can slay monsters and each other. Will feature a level system ranging from 1-1000. You will only be able to fight citizens of a similar combat level within these digits. Once you pass level 1000


Bush did 9/11

Argument busted
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Posted by paintballvet18 2 years ago
What's the point of this debate? What is the Con arguing?
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