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How americans lost their political experience

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Started: 11/15/2016 Category: Politics
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Americans have lost most of there sense in politics. I read some debates on this website and it made me wonder, how retarded do you people get. You all have irrelevant, fake, or just plain stupid comments. Read a damn book before you try to prove someone wrong


Note: The debate wording is wrong. For simplicity, just say I oppose him.

Habit of reading the news is a very good test of one's capability of researching. 72% of American who has mobile device uses internet to read the news.

So 28% of them do not do their job.

You cannot judge the whole America from these 28%. It is not a fair representation. You mention bad internet debate. I'd like to argue you get bad debate by chance. 28% chance is a big chance.
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Posted by XDM 2 years ago
You've got some balls calling people "retarded" and "stupid" when you have the spelling and grammar skills of a 5 year old Namibian who doesn't even speak English.
Posted by Overnight 2 years ago
Yeah. Good luck getting a serious debate after you call whoever your opponent will be stupid.
Posted by BMHTheGreat 2 years ago
You're voting con against how Americans lost their political experience..? Wouldn't that mean you are voting that they do have their political experience?

And I wish I could debate you, but your criteria prohibits me from doing so for some reason.
But to fare warn you, I would try to tread lightly on the generalizations as well as insulting the people with words like "retarded" or "stupid".

Anyway, I hope this debate goes well for both candidates, no matter the position.
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