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How many times in the bible does god admit he's "happy"?

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Started: 9/27/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Its 0 folks. Man what a drag and dregs of the sewer this god guy is. I mean throughout the very bible, god has never mentioned one time, just one fricken time, that he's "happy". No, instead he’s truly dreary and what a downer for something that is supposed to be a positive role model, especially to children even though he hates children, for others. But nah, he's far too convoluted and busy with his deliberate genocides, the killings of innocent babies, children, pregnant women and animals. He's far too concerned and smothered and wrapped up within himself to care about anything else within his self righteous superior ego complex in which he's freely admitted to having anger, wrath, vengeance, rage, fury, jealousy, evil. So in reality who would ever want to worship this pile of manure spread and rot?

So your job for this debate as Pro is to ultimately prove, somehow, that god is "happy" and why you think so?



Debate Round No. 1


Good god I just wish just once, just one fricken time that I could get someone who is intelligent to debate with who is also edumacated and not some teeny bopper fluff who clearly knows absolutely NOTHING and cannot follow simpleton rules. Is that so much to ask for? I guess it is. Sheesh!
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
assss but titsss are great too
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
I'm sorry good sir, but you have the role of Pro in this debate. I believe you should correct that.
Posted by ShyreWolf 3 years ago
I know that this is irrelevant to the debate but,

Asss or Titss?
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