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How much can you not care for when you read and write what you want to do for?

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Started: 9/1/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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i really don't care what you do. you can say anything you want. go ahead. speak your mind and say anything because i feel like farting so loud that i want to feel dope. i said, "what's up?" to the world. the sky is up there. it is above the clouds. i am so bored. i am not drunk. i don't drink. i can do a lot of crazy things. today, i farted. i can fart anytime. when the sun comes up, it was the last i saw of us. i didn't make sense. i didn't make no sense until i did right now when i just fart.


Well, shoes on the table enjoy pink magnet rings so elephants can exterminate baby giraffes potato. I don't like to lip-read foot monkeys but eheheheh those two zebras real shaved that fieehsigaopsdghxckl hard. The ruler, the chair, the foot. How can you dye the ugly barnacles pink without a guy named Martin fishing down that lane? See, all I know is when that stone suddenly goes crazy and the bats all hear a noise. Green people smell in the night.
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