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How to End Racism and Sexism

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Started: 8/26/2018 Category: Politics
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Of those who oppose racism and sexism (and other -isms and -phobias) or, At least, State they do, Some subscribe to one idea about how to combat these ideas and others subscribe to another.

One idea of how to oppose racism and sexism is to treat all people of all races and sexes equally as if there is no race or sex at all. This will be the position I shall argue for.

The other idea is that racism and sexism must be combated through various methods to raise the status of races and sexes perceived as oppressed or lower in position than other races and sexes. This shall be the CON position

Racism - prejudice or discrimination based on race

Sexism - prejudice or discrimination based on sex

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Round 2 - Opening arguments/NO rebuttals
Round 3 - Further arguments/Rebuttals
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I accept. I'm a conservative and I agree with you but I want to play devil's advocate.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm just going to give my frank stance on this issue. So, Forewarned, This argument will be mostly intuitive and will not include many scientific studies or any such things, If any at all.

The Source of Bigotry
To get to the antidote to racism, Sexism, And other forms of bigotry, We must first come to understand the source of bigotry. Bigotry can and does arise from several places in the human psychology. First, There is tribalism: the innate desire in people to belong to a group that they perceive as similar to them, And therefore preferably of similar genetic makeup (race serving as an obvious genetic indicator). The "Us versus Them" mentality that is created by tribalism is well maintained by another human phenomenon in which people search for a pattern in the problems that they often face. This pattern searching crosses over into the way bigots perceive the people around them so that they stop looking at them and accepting that there is no pattern that can inform them as to what kind of person that one really is. Instead, They look at others as representatives of groups of people. They look at a black lesbian as a representative of black people, And women, And lesbians. They look at transgender, Heterosexual white men as representatives of transgender men, Heterosexuals, And white people.

The reason that people succumb to the mentality of bigotry is that looking at the world in terms of black and white, Us versus them, is because it is easy, Because it is convenient; it doesn't take a lot of time thinking hard because you're grappling with uncertainty or ambiguity. Therefore, Bigotry originates from a place of intellectual laziness or an unfortunate lack of education and knowledge. It is no coincidence that a more industrialized, More educated population is a more tolerant population. This is because, As people learn more about others, They realize that the vast majority of problems that they face are faced by everyone: men too can have their feelings hurt, Women can be crushed by responsibility, White people struggle against authorities, Asians love their mothers too, Black people also care for their children. When people focus on what makes them the same, They forget what makes them different especially when this is considered in the racial light since there are actual differences between males and females beyond the superficial ones between the races.

What doesn't help end bigotry is promoting bigotry. The idea that racism and sexism should be combated by choosing a side in either issue and antagonizing the other is equally as absurd as literally fighting fire by starting another fire. If we decide that non-white and female people are inherently unfairly disadvantaged compared to whites and males, Even though they have equal legal rights in every way, And decide that, Then, Whites and males must now be disadvantaged through things like affirmative action in which members of these so-dubbed "oppressed groups" are given position above their "oppressor" counterparts, Even if that oppressor is more qualified in every other way, Then all that is going to happen is that whites and males are going to become the new "oppressed group. " The opposite of racism and sexism is neutralizing your opinion of the races and genders and accepting that these things don't matter when you are judging the value of a specific person. So continuing to propagate the idea that these things do matter is necessarily racist and sexist. All that is going to happen is that whites and males who otherwise wouldn't have been racist or sexist are going to grow to be so because all they have ever known is a world where racial minorities and females get a leg up on them just because they're not white or a male. Showing favor to any race or any gender or any other demographic cannot possibly be used to combat bigotry because doing so is, inherently, Bigoted in of itself.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Tadlock 3 years ago
I agree. These things will always exist as long as humans exist because they run to the core of human nature. Perhaps a better wording would be "How to combat racism and sexism. "
Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago
@Nd2400 has a very valid point; ending it isn't possible.
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
You won't end Racism and Sexism Period. There will still be more uneducated ppl than with ppl with degrees so there for you will always have this problem
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