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Hulk Vs SuperMan

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Started: 3/3/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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Who would win in a fight, Hulk or Superman? I will be on the side of Hulk. The contender being IAlwaysLoseDebate who will be fighting for the side of Superman. Good luck.

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2) Argument
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Hello, IAlwaysWinDebates. I will be accepting your challenge of who would win in a fight, Hulk or Superman. I will be taking the side of superman.
Debate Round No. 1


Why hello to you to, and thank you for accepting my debate. As I am sure you know I will be stating my case of 'Hulk would beat superman in a fight'. To get to my main point Hulk would beat him hands down, the reason for this is Hulk cannot die, but superman can, sure it'll be a long fight, but the madder Hulk gets the stronger he gets and this has no cap to his power, he will rise to new levels if he gets mad enough, when superman has a cap to his strength and he has a weakness, cryptonite. We also need to establish a base line on what gen. of Superman and Hulk we are using as we both know there are many versions. For the sake of this we will go with the most common ones, being 'The man of Steel' superman and the Hulk from his movies.

First off, as I stated above, Hulk has no limit on his power when superman does. (Superman's power all depends on where hr is at the given moment such as being stronger on earth then krypton) when Hulk is as strong as he is anywhere and can get increasingly powerful.

Second, Superman has a weakness, kryptonite, and when we look at Hulk he has no weakness and cannot die, superman can.

Site sourced:
and of course Wiki


Hello sir, Well, as you said Hulk has no cap top his strength, yet the stronger he gets the more uncontrollable he gets, and yes Superman's weakness is Kryptonite, but Hulk in his green form is not the best thinker and would not utilize this strategy while he is going on a rampage. While Superman can use Hulk's Weakness, which is Being uncontrollable. Superman can Wear the Hulk down which is possible and has been proven in many comics and movies. Plus superman does not rely on strength as he can fly, and he has intellect and can have a strategy plan while the hulk Just destroys everything in his way to get to his challenger, As in this debate, would be Superman. Another factor is surroundings, Hulk would charge and smash and also use debris but say he was in a sand dune area he would lose an edge, but unlike the hulk Superman does not get affected by his surroundings and area like hulk does. as many know superman is the last of his kind from his home planet that had been destroyed, this means that he has as least something to fight for while Hulk only fights when he gets angry and goes on a rampage.
As you said, Hulk cannot die. Although I don't think that Superman would attempt to kill the Hulk but immobilize him to where he couldn't harm anyone including Superman.
Debate Round No. 2


Well yes as I do agree with the fact that It would all depend on Hulks surrounding, and I also like how you agree with what I said, in a small way. As-well as you said that Superman could not kill the hulk, he would 'immobilize (apprehend) him' , but first we need to establish how he would apprehend him, because superman is not like, lets have other superheros who have powers like cages or what not. You also brought up the fact that super man can fly, yet in the comics Hulk can jump from planet to planet no problem, going by this it would be easy for Hulk to catch Superman.

Going back to the thing you said about the surrounding, you said hulk would go after the surrounding first before trying to take on Superman, when this is wrong. If we go to look at the comics or even the movies we can see that when he goes into his Hulk form he gets a set objective, and before doing anything else he finish the objective, which in this case would be 'Destroy or Kill Superman".

Now to the point you made about the uncontrollable, I know we set that we would be talking about the movie Hulk, which yes does have quite a few problems with controlling his anger, lets go with the avengers, this illustrates the fact of going for the objective, he went for the aliens (before going to kill the people around him.) Of which he doesn't. In fact he even saves them.

This was a fun debate, lets see how your final statement goes.


Very nice argument, this has been very fun. Yet we must get one thing out of the way, Hulk is a Marvel character while Superman is a DC character which means that they are from two different worlds. Yes there has been many mash-ups between the two, but because of the fact that it is not brought up in the debate until now, I take it as we are not using those as a basis for this argument. Hulk may be able to jump planet to planet, but superman can fly into the atmosphere, if he can do that he can most defiantly fly to another planet. Hulk has super strength and can withstand a military force, but superman has abilities that a military force doesn't have such as strength extremely better than an average human, can fly faster than a jet and can shoot laser beams from his eyes. He might not have the strength compared to the Hulk, but he has speed, special abilities and Is very intelligent compared to the Hulk ( not Bruce Banner ) so he is not defenseless when fighting the hulk and I superior in smarts and has ambition to not lose after all that has happened in his life so he will also never give up. This was a brilliant and exciting debate!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ESocialBookworm 6 years ago
Hulk was the only one in the comic to survive, besides Tony after he created the robot-man-thingy-of-whose-name-I-cannot-remember. Tony had to create a "safe house" for him and all the superheroes kids to live in. The Hulk lived in the Grand Canyon, I think, away from civilisation
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Reasons for voting decision: Con refuted Pro's arguments and reasoned better "How Superman would win against Hulk" in a fight.

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