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Hulk vs Spiderman (Hulk wins)

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Started: 3/30/2015 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I have seen (and had) a few debates about this subject and would like to host a debate myself with a person knowledgeable of both characters involved.

I will start the debate by setting the scene that both characters are in their most common state (i.e.: no Cosmic Spider-Man, no Professor Hulk). The battleground is random, so please avoid inventing extenuating circumstances that would be unlikely or impossible. If you choose to invent a situation, please make it believable to happen in most circumstances. This is a Marvel debate, so please keep it so and the only members are Hulk and Spider-Man. Please use most recent canon info in lieu of outdated info on both heroes.

I will start with the obvious: Powers
Hulk has incredibly fast regenerative abilities in addition to his already resilient physiology. Hulk is considered to have unlimited strength ( as well as godlike durability ( Despite common misconception, Hulk has a normal intelligence (

Spider-man heals faster than average humans, has a base strength capable of lifting 20 tons ( and ranks as an enhanced human durability ( However, Spider-Man is a genius (

Hulk and Spider-man do share the same Speed ranking ( as well as Fighting Ability ranking (

The debate will consist of four rounds.
Round 1 = Opening statements and comparisons of powers/abilities
Round 2 = Reasons why supporting character would win in most situations.
Round 3 = Rebuttals
Round 4 = Closing Statements


Here is a list of characteristics which would show why Spiderman would win:
Spiderman has the mental stability and clarity in order to think things through
Spiderman has superhuman strength
Spiderman has great agility and speed
Spiderman has webs which can distract the Hulk or delay one of his attacks
Spiderman can escape a dangerous situation with his webs
Spiderman is smart and can plan things out
Debate Round No. 1


"Spiderman has the mental stability and clarity in order to think things through"
As shown in multiple instances, Hulk can also "think things through".
Evidenced in most non-live-action movies and comics such as Planet Hulk.

"Spiderman has superhuman strength"
Hulk's strength is about 5 times greater than Spider-man's before he even gets angry. As the fight goes on, Hulk will become exponentially stronger.
(listed above)

"Spiderman has great agility and speed"
Hulk is just as fast as Spiderman.
(listed above)

"Spiderman has webs which can distract the Hulk or delay one of his attacks"
Spider-man's web-shooters are not nearly strong enough to restrict the Hulk (even when calm). Once Hulk sees the web-shooters ineffectiveness, he would most likely ignore them.

"Spiderman can escape a dangerous situation with his webs"
If this is Con's only valid argument for Spider-man winning, I will remind Con that Hulk is just as fast as Spider-man, could probably keep up with Spider-man's webs via jumping/running, and even if Spider-man escapes, that gives Bruce Banner time to plan a way to trap Spider-man before he can react.

"Spiderman is smart and can plan things out"
If this is assuming that Spider-man can run away and plan something out, I will remind Con that Bruce Banner is known to be smarter than Peter Parker and, if Bruce Banner sees Peter Parker as a threat, it is probably that Banner will come up with a better plan and could trap Spider-man without having to be the Hulk at all.

If Spiderman runs, he has to deal with a much smarter Bruce Banner.
If Spiderman fights, all it would take is one direct, or maybe a few glancing hits, from Hulk to kill Spider-Man.
Spider-Man would have to somehow not only penetrate Hulk's skin, but somehow kill the Hulk before he regenerates.


Pro's argument states some invalid points.

Spiderman thinks things clearly and more thoroughly than Bruce Banner as Hulk because Hulk things of chaos and destruction. In this state, Bruce Banner cannot completely control himself so he is like a loose cannon.

Spiderman has greater agility and mobility because (scientifically) he has less mass and is more aerodynamic. Although Hulk can run quite fast, Spiderman could run faster and/or move with his webs.

Spiderman CAN distract or stop Hulk with his webs. In some of the latest official Spiderman shows, Spiderman met the Hulk and was able to delay the Hulk from doing what he was currently doing.

Although it might be true that Hulk is physically stronger than Spiderman, the knowledge and thorough planning and quick actions could make up for his lesser strength.
Debate Round No. 2


midnightnomad forfeited this round.


Spiderman is more popular. Comics... multiple movies (more than the Hulk)... a TV show in the 60s... inappropriate memes... games... a new TV show...
Debate Round No. 3


midnightnomad forfeited this round.


To conclude my argument... SPIDER PIG
Debate Round No. 4
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