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Human rights regardless of color or race

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Started: 4/26/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that every person- regardless of their race or skin color- is worthy of respect and kindness. Ice Bear, I've noticed you debating on other threads and was hoping that maybe we could discuss this together. I'd be very interested in hearing what you have to say and listening to your perspective, although I would like to say ahead of time that I DO NOT want any hate speech or cruelty in this debate or the comment sections, and I hope that we can deal with this with kindness and compassion. I'm awaiting your response and looking forward to hearing what you have to say.


Actually, that's false. Black people cause too much violence and are too stupid, so they don't count as human beings. Also, their dark skins absorb way too much sunlight, giving non-blacks hypothermia. Since those blacks are automatically murderers, they don't deserve to count as human beings.

Also, Indian people are stinky and cause lots of trouble. Those perverted Indians aren't humans.

Please read these:

So now what do you think? Are Indian people actually "people"? Of course not! They are too stinky.
Debate Round No. 1


Can I ask your sources for this information? I have never seen any proof that the genetics of skin color also make people violent and stupid. An Oxford Biologist, John R. Baker, said it very clearly:
"There is no evidence that any gene concerned in the control of skin-color has any effect on the mental capacity of human beings. In the course of evolution, particular races or sub-races might evolve to higher average levels of intelligence than others: but if so, there would be no necessary correlation with the color of the skin."

There is actually proof that African Americans have on average a 15 point lower IQ than White Americans, but close study proves that genetics may not be the cause of this so much as the environment that blacks are currently living in. To go into this deeper, I'm going to quote a man named Kenneth B. Chiacchia, who I believe said it best. I found this quotation on this webpage (

"A number of researchers have undertaken studies to uncover the source of the 10-point IQ difference between the races. One type of study measures the IQs of children of different racial backgrounds who are raised in similar environments. African Americans, on the average, have 70% African and 30% European ancestry. If whites were genetically more intelligent than blacks, we would expect black children with more European ancestry to have higher IQs than those with more African ancestry, even when they're raised in the same family.

Psychologists have used three ways to estimate white ancestry in African Americans. (It is worth noting that there are no "pure" racial groups.) Skin color is an imperfect measure because not all native African peoples have dark skin. Also, children with lighter skin may be treated differently, even in the same family. Family histories of white ancestry may or may not be accurate. Possibly the best method tests blood groups; different racial groups have different rates of certain blood groups, allowing one to make a statistical estimate of ancestry.

The results of these studies suggest little, if any, intelligence difference between the races. The skin-color studies do tend to show a slight advantage for lighter skinned children"with all the reservations about children with the lighter skin getting different treatment. But family history and blood group studies show no difference in IQ, apart from the skin-color effect.

Another approach to these studies measures the IQs of black children brought up in white families. In one study of black, interracial, and white adopted children raised in white families, the white children showed the highest IQ scores, with interracial children scoring in the middle. But it's not clear whether the white families treated the black children differently; whether the black children had suffered from IQ-reducing environments before they were born; or whether the older average age of adoption for the black children in the study prevented a fair comparison.

Another study, of black West Indian (Caribbean) children and English children raised in an orphanage in England, found that the Caribbean children had higher IQs than those from England, with mixed-race children scoring in between. But where the black children given more attention by orphanage staff? Were particularly intelligent Caribbeans emigrating to England for better economic opportunity?

Finally, a study of black children adopted by white versus black families in America showed that the black children raised by whites had higher IQ scores than those raised by blacks"suggesting an environmental cause. When the studies are taken together, the many caveats involved with the role of genetics and environment make it hard to draw firm conclusions. But the balance of data suggests no racial difference in intelligence."

There is indeed a connection between race and body odor, but it's ridiculous to assume that all Indians are stinky. 9 I'm not actually sure whether you're refering to Native Americans, or people from India, but I have friends from India and I have never experienced anything like what you described. I'm sure that the cases you listed are different for every person. There have probably also been Indians upset by the smell of their white roomates.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
Black people are criminals and Indians and Native Americans look stupid so they shouldn"t have as much rights as White Males.
Also Females are only good at raising children so they shouldn"t have rights either.
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