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Humans are still Evolving

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Started: 2/14/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Now this debate will obviously have to begin with the pre supposition that Evolution is true and accurate, something I do not even believe to be an opinion at this point due to the massive amount of evidence backing it, but that is besides the point.

It is my belief that human beings are still evolving and are still going through a Darwanistic process of evolution, just changed due to our changes of the environment

Please if you are to join state that you accept the challenge and post your opening argument

1. No personal attacks or ad homs (attacking the person rather than the argument)

That's it

I look forward to your reply


Hello. Thank you for asking an interesting question. My argument, obviously, ends in the following conclusion:

A: Natural selection is not actively facilitating intraspecies changes in homo sapien sapiens.

I will defend this point with reference to the following argument in sequence, from top to bottom:

1: evolution requires intense non-random selection pressure across random but important traits (i.e. intelligence, agility, strength, etc)
2: there is a significant dispersal of these attributes (along racial and social lines, etc), but it is not clear that such traits are being selected competitively against others.
3: Thus, A
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Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 2 years ago
Evolution is false!

1. Name the sentient animal created by evolutionists during experimentation:

Answer #1 here:__________________________________.

2: Must have EVOLVED from microbe to a sentient living air breathing, crawling, walking, flying ,egg producing, reproductive animal :

Answer #2 here:__________________________________.

.... because Sentient creatures ARE the recognized Life on earth. Otherwise it's a bacteria, and while they may be a form of life, not a single example of one ever becoming a creature sentient OR otherwise exists in the History of Science.

Medical Definition of Microbe
Microbe: A minute organism typically visible under a microscope. Microbes include bacteria, fungi, and protozoan parasites.

Not excuses please.

3. Name the scientist and the experiment that SUCCESSFULLY produced that specific sentient Life form.

Answer #3 here:__________________________________.

4. Name a single animal that changed from one species to a completely different species in history that IS 100% proveable!

Answer #4 here:__________________________________.

Like dog to fish, bird to lizard, elephant to flea, ape to Man, pig to dog, must be 100% factual OR it CANNOT BE CALLED TRUE as defined by dictionary.
Posted by MatrixDNA 2 years ago
Evolution is a natural real process but the Darwinian ( and even Neo Darwinism and the Modern Synthesis) interpretations are wrong or in fault. Earth has not created the process of Evolution, it is a universal process and Darwinian interpretation is only about biological evolution which is only about the last 3 billion years. So, for really understanding Evolution we need include Cosmological Evolution ( about the first 10 billion years) and its mechanisms, like thermodynamic entropy, etc.. In the hierarchy of natural systems, since this solar and galactic systems are above biological systems, these ones are bring affected by those, and darwinian interpretation are not seeing them.

The human physical machine is not the most evolved natural system. Chimps were, but the most evolved till now are our ancestrals galactic systems. It was/is a perfect working mechanic machine. As our ancestral, its "DNA" is encrypted into our DNA ( the wrong called junk-DNA). And biological system is evolving/growing in the womb of this galaxy, in shape of the whole Earth biosphere, the final baby must be a reproductive system's shape of this creator.

So, the natural tendency is to transform the whole biosphere into a perfect machine, described by Newtonian mechanisms. All species, included humans, are going to be pieces of this machine. Stupid pieces, like in the brave New World under the Big Brother.

But,... beyond this creator galaxy, there is the creator Universe. Hierarchically, the Universe affects the galaxy and of course, this biosphere. This universal influence has made changes in this reproductive process, big mutations, due new states of matter - the liquid state creating organic chemistry and a kind of light/plasma creating consciousness - two things that galaxies don't have.

We were created by this immediate astronomic system for being eternally machines' pieces, but, we can accept this destiny or we can evolve using consciousness. (See Matrix/DNA Evolution Theo
Posted by BernardIsosceles 2 years ago
Well... one of the Theory of Evolution's facets is natural selection, and that would be slowed down because of medical advancements, so I'd say that we are, but at a slower rate than before.
Posted by David_Debates 2 years ago
You state that there is a massive amount of evidence backing evolution. Do you want to have a debate on that?
Posted by sboss18 2 years ago
This is a truism.
Posted by Kai-rese 2 years ago
Humans aren't evolving anymore because the environment isn't a factor anymore. Our technology allows us to modify environments to suit our needs. Nowadays any race can survive in any type of region by going into their house which is climate controlled or putting on warm clothes in the cold. This puts no one at an advantage when it comes to who lives and who dies to reproduce.
Posted by Capitalistslave 2 years ago
Wait, if you believe in evolution, and you are making that a requisite to debating you, how could you argue humans are NOT evolving. You'd have to have a misunderstanding of evolution to believe humans are not evolving still. Why would evolution just suddenly stop because we reached the stage of being human?
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