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Hypothetical procreation with aliens

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Started: 3/18/2019 Category: Science
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To begin: In a hypothetical situation, Humans have made contact with aliens. We have gained the ability to travel between our two home worlds with ease, And Immigration treaties have been created.
Recently, Scientists mixed alien sperm and human eggs, As well as human sperm and alien eggs, And the result has turned out to be healthy babies as consistently as 100% human babies. The aliens are humanoid, And the sexual organs they have are compatible with human's. Also, There are aliens on earth and humans on the alien home world.
So, We can procreate with aliens, But should we?
(If more specifics are necessary to make a decision, Let me know)
I say we should, Because even though the aliens are not humans, If they can give consent and humans can be attracted to them, They should be considered possible partners.

The diversity presented by procreating with this alien species presents great possibilities. Either it creates a different, Hybrid species, Or just makes a baby of one of the two species. The ability to procreate freely would also be similar two two clans having their kids marry to soidify a peace agreement. Neither of the species could start a planet Vs. Planet war because many of their own species would be too closely involved. Relations with aliens would offer humans protection. Since most spawn will be healthy, It also presents genetic diversity where it improves both the humans and the aliens by mixing traits.

Since communication is possible and the spacefaring aliens are intelligent, They can decide whether they want to have relations or not, So consent is possible.

Therefore, I say humans should be allowed to procreate with this species of intelligent, Compatible aliens.
(Also, For those jumping to conclusions, I am not zoo-sexual and I am not referring to any fellow human beings as aliens. By aliens I literally mean aliens. )


You topic is out of this world! Was that too pungent? Well that's what happen when you put a double on tundra. Anyway.

While I don't reject the scenario per se, I do have a few problems with the framing.

So if I'm to accept this proposition, I'm going to have to operate under the assumption that evolution is still true and applies to aliens. My first thought was that the aliens wouldn't be able to breed with us because of speciation, But you made breeding possible in your scenario. This necessarily leads to the conclusions that the aliens would have to be humans, At least in the sense that they would have to share most of our DNA in order to be able to breed. If they weren't humans, We would either be unable to breed with them, Or the babies would basically be inbred but worse. Kind of like making mule but possibly worse.

If the aliens our within the speciation limit, My argument would be that they are, Indeed, Human and procreation would not be an issue and they would even look human to us and be "attractive" by human standards, At least somewhat.

If they're not, I would say that the breeding would be immoral unless we could necessarily prevent child birth, Since the children produced would probably live a life of suffering.

Your floor.
Debate Round No. 1


For one, It is double entendre, Not double on tundra. (r/boneappletea)
Next, The speciation limit fits with the hypothetical ability to create healthy test tube babies.
The question in morality comes from a the possible genetic variations in the offspring, Either there would be the hybrids, Or one of either.

Procreation between species could also protect both planets from planetary war. If there are species and mixed children on both planets, Neither species would be too eager to destroy the other planet entirely, Because they would hurt some of their own. Therefore breeding would be beneficial.

A primary focus I had making this debate would be the treatment of the kids in schools. If the aliens are roughly humanoid, (Twi'lek, Klingon, Na'Vi) Then there wouldn't really be any issue beyond what has been previously experienced in times like the de-segregation of the public schools. However, If the aliens were less humanoid, It may become closer to immoral, Even if healthy breeding was possible. (Prometheans, Xenomorphs, Wookies) In this case, Breeding is possible, But it could create a child that is greatly abused in school.

Breeding is shown very little in most games and movies. The only interracial couples in star wars were Leia and Jabba (more of a slave than consensual) and a relationship between a clone and a Twi'lek. The clone and the twi'lek had two kids, Which were clearly mixed race. The fact that you do not see this half-breed as a common species signifies that there may be some sort of rule against that. But there doesn't have to be. Those children are healthy and growing. That couple is a leading signifier as to why breeding with aliens should be encouraged.
A picture of the couple can be found by going to: scifistack exchange. Com/questions /104126/what-happened-to-new-clones-after-the-rise-of-the-empire
Follow the link by removing the space between Scifistack and exchange, And removing the space between questions and /.
Go to the fourth picture down, And you will se a family portrait of the four.


Unless there's something I'm missing, I would have no problem with your line of reasoning. If aliens can breed to make biologically and mentally stable (In the chemical sense, Not moral) offspring and consent is involved, Then it would be okay in my book. I'm going to cringe writing this, But my mother made an argument against interracial breeding before saying that the child would have a bad life due to racism. I think this helps to show why this scenario is okay. If we agree that racism, Or in this case, Specism is a bad thing and add it to our previous points. It becomes clear that the child will have a good life assuming that we fight prejudice.

I think all of the bases are covered. I'm convinced. Lets make some alien Babies!
Debate Round No. 2


I believe I have won as I have fully convinced con to "Make some alien babies! "
It was hard to write that with a straight face lol.
Thanks for the debate WrickItRalph.


Indeed. Good debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Debaticus 3 years ago
How about his to clarify:
SPACE alien, Meaning starships and high tech and something scientifically provable that mankind didn't invent themselves.
Posted by melcharaz 3 years ago
adjective: alien

belonging to a foreign country or nation.
synonyms:foreign, Overseas, Nonnative, External, Distant, Remote
"the study of alien cultures promotes self-awareness"
unfamiliar and disturbing or distasteful.
"bossing anyone around was alien to him"
relating to or denoting beings supposedly from other worlds;
synonyms:extraterrestrial, Otherworldly, Unearthly;
(of a plant or animal species) introduced from another country and later naturalized.

noun: alien; plural noun: aliens

a foreigner, Especially one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where they are living.
"an illegal alien"
synonyms:foreigner, Foreign national, Nonnative, Immigrant, Emigrant, "migr", Incomer, Newcomer, Visitor, Outsider, Stranger
"he was deported as an illegal alien"

noun: Heaven; plural noun: heavens; plural noun: the heavens

a place regarded in various religions as the abode of God (or the gods) and the angels, And of the good after death, Often traditionally depicted as being above the sky.
synonyms:paradise, Nirvana, The kingdom of heaven, The promised land, The heavenly kingdom, The City of God, The celestial city, The abode of God, The abode of the saints, The abode of the angels, Zion, Abraham's bosom, The empyrean; More
the beyond, The hereafter, The next world, The next life, The afterworld, The afterlife;
happy hunting ground;
the New Jerusalem;
the sky, Especially perceived as a vault in which the sun, Moon, Stars, And planets are situated

The bible refers to space when it talks about the heavens, Ill quote from the bible. Psalms 8:3 3 When I consider thy heavens, The work of thy fingers, The moon and the stars, Which thou hast ordained;
Posted by Debaticus 3 years ago
Effing hell. If you had SPELLED IT RIGHT it would have been hilarious!
It was still funny anyways tho
Posted by WrickItRalph 3 years ago
Angels aren't aliens. Heaven isn't space. I can't believe isn't butter.
Posted by melcharaz 3 years ago
if aliens means life outside earth. Then the bible actually gives account of such a thing! Angels had children through women and made them giants or nephalim as they can be called.
Posted by WrickItRalph 3 years ago
somebody is hovering then, Because there's no way we both viewed this 70 times together.
Posted by Debaticus 3 years ago
It's literally just us two in the comments lol
Posted by WrickItRalph 3 years ago
nvm, I see it
Posted by WrickItRalph 3 years ago
Where's the link?
Posted by Debaticus 3 years ago
It worked. I strongly suggest you follow the link
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