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I am going to lick children, As the God asks of me

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Started: 3/13/2019 Category: Economics
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"In this troubled world we live in. Nothing seems to make sense. Many looking for the way to end it all. Sometimes this rope I am holding seems to be slipping, But I am going to hold on to the only way I know. " - Marvin Morrow

There is a reason God created cute children. It is so that they could be licked by grown up men. What if a 4 year-old girl wants to be licked by a grown up man? Surely, To deny her of that would be a crime. And what if she licks a grown up man? It is only polite to lick her back. We must teach our children to be friendly with strangers and insist to be licked by them. Children who aren't licked are worth nothing. God's message is clear: There is no God but God, And the children of his shall walk the world he created seeking strangers to lick them.
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