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I am the instigator and you are the contender

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Started: 9/12/2015 Category: Funny
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Look above.


My apologies, however you are incorrect my dear fellow. You are "The Instigator" and I am "The Contender" Please note the capitals. Your title should have read "I am The Instigator and you are The Contender".

I believe I have made my point.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by Dark_Humor1234 3 years ago
Im just here for the free food.
Posted by AspiringMultiCashMaker 3 years ago
Lavaguava, I'm aware this is a troll debate. You took it because Pro failed to capitalize "the instigator" and "the contender", which you believe is a mistake. That is why I brought up the point that capitals aren't necessary.

And even if this is a troll debate, does that restrict me from making any corrections, especially when logic must still be used to support a side?

Regardless of the fact that the staff members/a staff member of DDO chose to capitalize "the instigator" and "the contender", do you think that name was given at random?

Now YOU answer ME that. Whether or not Pro capitalized "the instigator" and "the contender", he ends up being correct.
Posted by ax123man 3 years ago
I thought "Ah, joke debate". But I didn't really laugh until I read Wylted's RFD.
Posted by Lavaguava 3 years ago
@AspiringMultiCashMaker Firstly, does this debate seem serious to you?

Secondly, why exactly does DDO name The Contender and The Instigator with capitals if they are not necessary? Answer me that.
Posted by AspiringMultiCashMaker 3 years ago
Lavaguava, capitals aren't necessary.

instigator = "a person who brings about or initiates something."[1]

contender = "the contestant you hope to defeat"[2]

In this case, Pro, being the instigator, put up the challenge. On the other hand, Con, being the contender, is who Pro is competing against. They are not just randomly given titles.

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Vote Placed by Wylted 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct to con, because pro failed to make an argument, and this is rude. However spelling goes to pro, because con incorrectly capitalized "instigator" and "contender". I'm tempted to give con argument points, because his argument atleast had premises, but I'll refrain. This debate should end in a tie.