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I became better at molesting children

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Started: 7/30/2018 Category: Economics
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I became better at molesting children

I was walking around the town
Children playing around empty buildings
Then I saw a little girl, Maybe age 6
She walked alone inside an empty building
I went after her, We met at the stairs
I pulled out my penis and showed it to her
She just looked it and then she walked away
I was angry at myself, I could have done something more
I could have stopped her, I could have kissed her
I could have touched her by the a*ss
Showing my penis to her wasn't enough
From this experience I have learned
I became better at molesting children
I don't show my penis to them anymore
I just approach and touch them
I kiss them, I grope them
When I touch children now
They become paralyzed
They just surrender themselves
To my love, To my kisses
I became better at molesting children
And I am glad that I did
I really like molesting children
It is something that I want to do
It is something that I have done
It is something that I will do


I don't think molesting children is a good idea. This is because it infringes on the law enforcing rights of the children.
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Posted by asta 3 years ago
Vote Con.
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