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I blame the Parole Board and Corrections for all the crime

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Started: 7/27/2018 Category: Society
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I blame the Parole Board and Corrections/Prison Boards for all crime that happens. The recidivism rate of convicted prisoners is 87%. Why are we letting these people out of jail, So we can incarcerate them again 6 months later at th expense of more trials? The Police do their job apprehending these felons, The Judge and Jury put them away, And than the Parole Board grants them bail and the prison releases them. These people don't change, How many criminals have long rap sheets that stem from going in and out of jail.

How many convicted criminals get out commit murder again, Robberies, Other crimes. I blame all crimes on the Parole board, These bleeding hearts on the Parole board think that criminals are rehabilitated and release them, Only to have them back in jail soon after. The Parole Board is as useless as weather man, They assume all people are good. Well 87% recidivism rate says otherwise. It's like the weather man who says there is a 90 percent chance of rain and than it doesn't rain at all.

Parole boards, All the crimes are on you!

Here is just one of millions of examples of the Parole Board being useless and dropping the ball

https://www. Boston25news. Com/news/rhode-island-man-convicted-of-killing-boston-officer-released-from-prison-again/732144100

Actually here is 10 more examples why the Parole Board is at fault for all the crimes that happen!

https://www. Monstersandcritics. Com/list/living/10-twisted-murderers-who-were-freed-then-killed-again/


The first issue with your argument is a semantic one. You claim that ALL crime is due to parole and corrections boards. In order to get to a parole board or correctional facility a person has to commit a crime first. If parole boards and correctional facilities are 100% responsible for all crime than how do they cause the initial crimes for which people are placed in prison in the first place. There are a number of factors which can lead to criminal behavior such as anti-social personality traits, Criminal peers, Dysfunctional families, And substance abuse(https://www. Policeone. Com/corrections/articles/8552534-6-traits-that-lead-to-criminal-behavior/). While you might argue that criminals should just be locked up for life to avoid reoffending, Not only do we not have enough space in are prisons, But it is unfair and cruel to lock up a non violent offender who got caught with an 1/8 oz of weed with a serial killer for the rest of his life. It would make more sense to simply not allow violent offenders the opportunity to get parole: a policy which many states have. It is better to release people who are drug addicts for example, On parole because then you can rewuire them to submit to drug testing helping them stay clean. In summary, While there are certainly flaws in the current parole and corrections systems, To say that they are responsible for all crime is to say there would be a 0% crime rate without parole or prisons, Which is highly unlikely because there are many other contributing factors to criminal behavior.
Debate Round No. 1


Here is how I'm going to prove to your rebuttal how the Parole board and corrections is at fault. Although you are right about crimes happening for the first time by individuals who have never been in the corrections or Parole system, I'm going to blame the criminal behavior of corrections institutions for that. The way I can explain best is, The parents of the sibling who commits a crime is a chain reaction. So the father from the trailer park is arrested for meth distribution, He goes away to jail, The dirty whore wife comes for a conjugal visit, Gets pregnant, The kid grows up, Meanwhile the father is released for the 50'th time on bail comes home beats the wife and the kid sees it, Than he grows up on welfare, Starts selling meth LIKE HIS DAD and ends up in jail himself. It's a chin reaction and the correctional services do not work as they just breed more criminals, As they network inside before coming out.

The new criminals are a result of the parole board and corrections releasing their parents, The criminality is passed down through the generations. Just look at the Las Vegas shooter, His father was on the FBI's most wanted list, Than he goes and covers the concert goers in led.

Like you mention, Dysfunctional families (trailer trash with criminal records) abuse once again criminal fathers beating wife's and children growing up to see it. Basically the trash of society that should be locked up for life, Are released by the parole board to go and affect future generations of children who will become criminals because that is all they know. Thank you parole board for thinking these people will change. They WON'T CHANGE, They will raise the next generation of criminals.

You said we have not enough prisons to keep these people in. Well people need jobs, I say cut welfare and get people to start building more prisons, You will have a job and make money, So tax payers don't have to pay for you. Than we can have separate prisons for non violent criminals and the real bad ones.

Contrary to your beliefs people DO NOT CHANGE, A criminal will always be a criminal, Then he will breed and have criminal children, That is the way it is. There are good people in the world and there are criminals, Lets keep the criminals behind bars and lets get rid of the bleeding heart parole board who are the most disillusioned group of people who think a criminal can actually have a second start. Yeah right try 50 new starts, Like the wife beater who says he will never do it again. Yeah right like I believe that. That's why the recidivism rate is at 89%. Stats don't lie

Parole boards just add to the problem of crime because they release people who on the outside don't know how to function and will commit crimes again and end up back in jail. If we didn't have parole boards, We wouldn't have crime

Your rebuttal sir


While you may be able to blame some crime on people whose relatives are criminals and link that to parole and corrections, You said all crime. Jaywalking is a crime that many people, Including myself, With no familial or otherwise relationship to criminals commit on daily basis. As for more serious crimes, No one in Jeffrey Dahmers immediate family was criminal and he was one of America's worst serial killers of all time. Also while serial killers may be unable to change, Drug addicts, And shoplifters most likely can. It is true that changes should be made, But in the opposite direction of your suggestions. Norway has a recidivism rate of 20% and they focus on rehabilitation https://www. Google. Com/amp/s/amp. Businessinsider. Com/why-norways-prison-system-is-so-successful-2014-12
Debate Round No. 2


Alright you bring up some excellent points so I have to rephrase my statement of blaming the Parole board for all crimes, You have changed my mind in this debate.

Jaywalking and shoplifting and drug use are not serious criminal offences. Jaywalking is just a misdemeanour charge rarely enforced by a fine.

I blame the Parole board for all serious criminal offences such as rape, Murder, Armed robbery, Gang violence. All the hardcore criminals can not be rehabilitated.

Jeffrey Dahmer had an blood relative, Grandparent who was a bank robber, Those criminal genes were passed down to Dahmer. His grandfather did spend time in jail and was released by the Parole board in Missouri.


There may very well be no hope for serial killers, And many states already give murderers life without parole or even death. Even if we did know the extent to which genetics play a role in serious crimes (we currently do not), There is a clear ethical issue. If we accept that serious criminal behaviour is hereditary, This could lead to the government preventing the family or descendants of serial killers from reproducing, Which would be unconstitutional and immoral. As far as how the parole board comes into this, While I agree that these serious criminals should not receive parole, I still do not think the parole board is at fault for the crimes these people commit. Many serial killers and armed robbers have kids long before they are caught, And it would be immoral to track people with certain genes, So this type of crime is inevitable with or without a parole board. Considering the fact that genes can be recessive and not all people with serial killer genes will be serial killers, Eugenics would be the only solution, Although that would in my opinion be almost as immoral as serial killing. Good debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by anti_ethnocentric 3 years ago
For All the Crimes? That's to wide a range of generalization don't you think?
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