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I found out I am gay

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Started: 8/7/2018 Category: Economics
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I found out I am gay

I was walking down the street
And saw a little boy who was maybe age 5
I wanted to fu*ck him
Is it gay if he is only 5
I am a guy
It is still gay
I am a guy attracted to boys
I like little boys
I like to molest them, I am gay
But I also like to molest little girls
So I am bisexual
Finding out what I am is difficult for me
I am so many things
I am gay
I am pedophile
I am bisexual
I am heterosexual
I won't think about it
It is irrelevant
As long as I molest children
I will be fulfilled
I really like to molest children
It makes me happy
I won't let anything stop me
From molesting beautiful children
I will be remembered as a child molester


Ok. I would like to say, That you aren't gay. You just admitted to molesting little children. So, You aren't gay, Though you are a pedophile. And you did admit to that too. But you shouldnt do that cause you can go to jail for it. Its a crime. You can be gay, If you like men. Or Bisexual if you like men and women. But you aren't just gay if you like little boys or girls. So yea sorry mate but yea.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by ThatoneYazzybandkid 3 years ago
yes and you should be in jail for that. Sorry not sorry but im not tolerating a rapist my best friend got raped by my dad so i dont tolerate rapist and molesters.
Posted by TRUMPMAGADONALDS 3 years ago
Oh, That's okay. I don't need that community anyway. And not being in that community won't stop me from molesting children. I mean, Sure, Things seem harder when you don't have any support, But I manage.
Perhaps the main difference between me and LGBT community is that they argue for consensual sex, Where I prefer molestation and rape.
Posted by ThatoneYazzybandkid 3 years ago
I know what being gay is. Yes you can be gay, But you aren't "part of the lgbt comunity" for being attracted to little children. Its not right.
Posted by TRUMPMAGADONALDS 3 years ago
Definition of gay:
Attraction to the same sex
Not attraction to men like Con claimed.
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