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I imagine a little girl next to me

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Started: 7/30/2018 Category: Economics
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I imagine

I imagine a little girl next to me
A 4 year-old girl
She emerges from her sleep
A beautiful butterfly
Her eyes slowly open
Observing the nudity of man's body before her
But the little one is not surprised

Because we have played this game before
And the little one knows it well
For the lessons I have taught her have prepared her well
I said to her
Do not hide your body like a precious gem
Enjoy in this life before it ends

Her body, Is the body of a butterfly
Desiring to play with the naked old man

You can do it right, You can do it wrong
It's fine as long as you remain strong
Play with life, Oh little one
Play with an old man like me

Let us be together
Let us play forever
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