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I promise I will molest more babies

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Started: 7/30/2018 Category: Economics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I promise I will molest more babies

I have the teachings brought to me
By some of the greatest rapists
I swear, I swear, I solemnly pledge
I will molest more babies
All children deserve equally
To be raped, To be molested
Through the trials
Through the errors
my faith has been tested
I will molest more babies
I will molest more toddlers
When I find a child wandering alone
I will molest him, I will molest her
My molestation spree will be successful
Because it is a deed done from the heart
When I molest, I do it with love
To me, This can never be wrong
No matter what the others say
And even if it is wrong
That will not stop me
I swear, I swear, I solemnly pledge
I will molest more babies
I will struggle to realise my dreams
Even if the whole world is against me
That only makes me want it even more
I will get what I want, I solemnly swear


You say you will molest more babies.
What the actual hell. This has to be a troll.

If not,
I have one thing to say in this argument.
You are a disgusting human being.
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