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I think therefore I am

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Started: 10/25/2017 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I have an argument I have not seen someone use on this topic and would like to see how it holds up in debate.

I am against the statement "I think therefore I am"
I would only like to set up some definitions in the first round:
I: any form of existence that creates and perceives thoughts.
(So even if I'm not a meat-bag I seem to be, "I" am whatever is dreaming of that meat-bag, because that is where the thoughts are coming from.)
thought: I'm willing to take thought as a premise, something that simply is, I know thought is happening

Since you are pro, I will defer the opening statement to you.

(Yes I realize the absurdity of going on an online debate site when I'm not even sure I exist, but f** it, nothing matters.)


Firstly, thank you for the interesting debate topic. It will be fun to be the guinea pig in your thought experiment :)

Hmm. So, if I understand your terms correctly, both you and the thought are both existing, correct? If I am correct in this observation then there really is only one logical answer to this debate due to the lexical setup of your terms:

I think - this is the premise set up by the phrase. In it, we denote that there is an "I" and a "think." Now, according to your terms, "I" is something that is in existence. Further, according to your terms, a thought is something that is existing. This means that you need both OR either to postulate existence. Therefore, "I am" is the logical conclusion regardless of whether you think or not.

Therefore, since, no matter how you slice it, you "are," then you think, therefore you are. You, therefore you are. Therefore, this entire statement cannot be disproven because, either way, you are.
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