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I was an idiot 3 years ago

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Started: 4/23/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I've been looking back at my older debates and posts and I'm appalled. I assume it's similar to getting timeline on Facebook and looking at all the terrible things I once posted. I wouldn't know, I've put off getting timeline for as long as I possibly can.
Just look at my debates from back then. I wrote things like Judo-Christian war, I couldn't even spell Judeo right.
I started debates without defining terms, I started a debate on the attack on Hamas in Gaza without knowing anything about the topic (I still don't), I openly insulted Christians in an unproductive way that reflected poorly on my character.
Overall I was an idiot, maybe I still am.
Now the question is, who would care enough to challenge me?


I will accept, purely because I am new and need to build up my status, the other topics don't interest me or I cannot post in them.

I will be Con the fact you used to be an idiot 3 years ago. Although my evidence and facts will be lacking I will try and take this reasonably seriously ;-)
Debate Round No. 1


"Although my evidence and facts will be lacking I will try and take this reasonably seriously"
There is no evidence to show that I was not an idiot 3 years ago, thank you for pointing that out :)

Vote pro.

And con, good luck.


I would like to argue that you were not an 'idiot', but you have learnt and grown with this site and your arguments have become more stylized and thoughtful

Definition of idiot;
Informal . an utterly foolish or senseless person.

From this definition of the term idiot, I do not believe you to be foolish or senseless for being misinformed or not defining terms, by that logic, I am also a idiot, as I have only just joined this site and am still getting to terms with the customs, to say you were an idiot is to say I am also an idiot?

Simple typing errors such as Judeo/Judo are completely understandable for homophonic words, as they are both infrequently used words unlike 'their/there/they're' it is a completely understandable mistake and not 'idiotic', 'senseless' or 'foolish'

I would further like to point out that you did not begin this debate by defining terms, does that mean you are still an 'idiot' or is this circumstance understandable?

Openly insulting Christians in an unproductive way does reflect poorly, but that does not mean you are an 'idiot'. The fact you have learnt and grown from your mistakes by betting yourself also makes you far from an 'idiot'.

Debate Round No. 2


I started this debate with every intent of finishing. I really did. Unfortunately, I now cannot. Because I am still and idiot, just look at my debates from 3 years ago!

Thanks, vote pro!


IntelligentFemaleAtheist forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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