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I would like to argue with a creationist about the Earth only being 6000 years old.

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Started: 4/22/2014 Category: Religion
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Round 1 is acceptance. this is not a troll debate nor should it become one.


What is wrong with 6000 years old?
Debate Round No. 1


It is impossible for the Earth to be 6000 years old. I understand impossible is quite a big word to use when debating a subject but to point out some information which supports me. We have trees currently in existence that are older than 6000 years old, the Old Tjikko for example. We have rock formation and layers which date millions of years and also fossils far far far older than 6000 years old. if you would like examples of these here are a few websites.



What do you think will happen if we have dew days or years? There is no impossible . You only think there is no impossible.
And nothing last forever..

I have a story to tell you.

You know existtance?
When i wasn't born yet like i wasnt in my mother's womb yet. I saw or felt what it feels like in the non existence world . You cant realy see anything or feel anything . And it's very very lonely i know why i still remembrr it by now i want to know is how i remember it until now. The point is everything has an end not everything in this world is eternal.
Debate Round No. 2


You are not even arguing about the world any more.

I shall continue to provide proof Earth is older than 6000 years old.


Dinosaur fossils, bacteria fossils and animal/ ancient animals predate 6000 years old such as

"In its 4.6 billion years circling the sun, the Earth has harbored an increasing diversity of life forms:

for the last 3.6 billion years, simple cells (prokaryotes);
for the last 3.4 billion years, cyanobacteria performing photosynthesis;
for the last 2 billion years, complex cells (eukaryotes);
for the last 1 billion years, multicellular life;
for the last 600 million years, simple animals;
for the last 550 million years, bilaterians, animals with a front and a back;
for the last 500 million years, fish and proto-amphibians;
for the last 475 million years, land plants;
for the last 400 million years, insects and seeds;
for the last 360 million years, amphibians;
for the last 300 million years, reptiles;
for the last 200 million years, mammals;
for the last 150 million years, birds;
for the last 130 million years, flowers;
for the last 60 million years, the primates,
for the last 20 million years, the family Hominidae (great apes);
for the last 2.5 million years, the genus Homo (human predecessors);
for the last 200,000 years, anatomically modern humans.
Periodic extinctions have temporarily reduced diversity, eliminating:

2.4 billion years ago, many obligate anaerobes, in the oxygen catastrophe;
252 million years ago, the trilobites, in the Permian"Triassic extinction event;
66 million years ago, the pterosaurs and nonavian dinosaurs, in the Cretaceous"Paleogene extinction event.("

If you would like me to provide evidence of these I can in my next argument.


Franzlee forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Although my opposer forfeited I will conclude with my closing argument.

Scientists use a few methods to determine the age of the Earth here is an in depth look into what they use.

"Generally speaking, scientists have developed four different methods of determining the age of the earth. By using these methods, or a combination of them, the age of geological formations created by past events and even the fossilized bones of prehistoric animals can be determined.(

The three primary methods are:

Radiation Measurement
Stratigraphic Superposition
The Fossil Record

From these methods of dating, scientists have determined that the earth as we know it seems to be about 4.6 billion years old. It is theorized that the earth got its start as a result of what is called the "Big Bang nearly 6 billion years ago. The Big Bang theory holds that all the planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies, etc., are the result of a huge explosion that sent material speeding through space. As time passed, the gravitational force of larger chucks of material attracted the smaller chunks and formed the galaxies and solar systems we see today."


Franzlee forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by The_Scapegoat_bleats 7 years ago
I am no creationist, but I can promise to be a formidable devil's advocate on this case. Just in case no one else takes this, PM me.
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