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IS Hilary Swank hot? Seriously, though- let's debate this.

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Started: 3/1/2018 Category: Funny
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"You know what, why don't you close your eyes? Imagine that Hilary Swank comes into this office for real and she walks over to you and says Kevin Malone..."

In Prince Family Paper of the Office, an interesting debate arose in the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin: Is Hilary Swank hot? When I first heard this I wasn't sure what people truly thought- whether people believed she was hot or not.

We will be debating based on the definition of "hot" by Merriam-Webster: "sexually excited or receptive." While this debate is meant to be joking, I also intend on it being a serious debate. In this debate we will be allowed to post links to pictures, articles, and other resources in a simple three rounds of debating, and at five thousand words per turn.

As for my side, I will take pro. My claim is that yes, Hilary Swank is hot and science can prove it.

I look forward to debating! As always if you have any questions please feel free to message me and I will get back to you. Thanks everyone and have a good week!


Oh wow, I clicked to debate. Well, in that case, that's what I mean to do. I will be taking the side of Con, Hilary Swank is not hot. That's my opinion and I doubt science can prove me wrong.

Right now I'm sure Hilary Swank is sitting in her computer chair squirting whip cream into her mouth while farting and trying to be as sexy as possible but she's just not hot (I mean you no disrespect Hilary). Sure, I'd give her a high-five and consider her decent but my heart wouldn't be pumping out of my chest, my tongue wouldn't drop out of my mouth to the ground, and my head wouldn't burst at the sight of her, or any other cartoony arooga feelings I forgot to mention for that matter.

I will not digress to hard. Here is my proof:

That's all I've got for my initial argument, Hilary Swank is not hot.

Let the debate begin!
Debate Round No. 1


Way to take it like a champ, man. Let's debate!

While I can't deny the fact that I am not jumping up and down for a chance to "boink" her, Hilary Swank is still hot.

First of all, the image you shown is named "Hilary Swank No Makeup." If you want to prove someone doesn't look hot without makeup, allow me to show you Kate Upton- the well-known and popular cover girl who is often defined as hot for her curvy figure- without makeup. (1)

But about the science- Justin Caba of Medical Daily writes in "What Men Want: 5 Types of Woman Men Want Based On Science" that one "type of woman want based on size is: Women With The Right Waist-To-Hip Ratio." He continues to write that "Optimal waist-to-hip ratio, calculated by measuring the waist circumference just above the upper hipbone and dividing it by hip circumference at its widest part, is considered 0.7 for women." (2) Why is this related? Hilary Swank's measurements are 34-24-34 ( breasts- waist- hips). So, her waist to hip ratio would come to about .705, which is approximately .7. (3)

In the Prince Family Paper, Oscar brings up the symmetry of Swank's face with a power point- showing how favorable among straight guys symmetry really is- which happens to come with some truth. (6) Lauren Leising of Paste Magazine writes in her article "the Science of Attraction" that, "one of the oldest-known scientific explanations for why we find some people more attractive than others is whether or not their physical appearance is symmetrical. Symmetry has long been associated with perfection in art and nature and studies have shown that we prefer more symmetrical faces over those that are asymmetrical. When we are physically attracted to someone, our brains are really just judging whether or not they are well-proportioned, thereby deciding if their genetics are tough enough to have made it through development and are good to pass along to their future children." (7)

Here's a image of Swank that I personally found to be very hot. (8)

These science-based findings may be referenced to on several lesser-known news sites with sometimes amateur reporters and journalists, but have reliable and valid results, no doubt.

Looking forward to your turn! Good luck, man.


You're right, you're right. It is unfair of me to find a poorly timed photograph of lumberjack Hilary looking like Lord Elrond's twin sister from Lord of the Rings.
Honestly, Hilary has plenty of better photos out there. Even in those photos, is she really scientifically hot?

On her body: I decided to find what I personally considered a hot body. I found an article from David Wolfe; a beauty and health expert.
That's a 99-63-91 on the hotness scale and it's body type adored by men all over. Hilary has a nice body but it's a nice average body. How DARE science tell me what type of body is perfect... Anyways, throughout all of time, ideal body image standards have changed and I'm sure that throughout all of time there was that big booty'd woman who got all the attention from the men around her while all those standard bodied ladies gleamed back in jealousy. Unless, you know, it was the time of the big booties then vice versa I suppose.
Oh, hey Hillary's body. So, I notice that she could actually use some more weight on that body, then maybe she could beef up those legs and boobs a bit, and then she could maybe tan that body, and then maybe she has that scientifically perfect body type... eat a cheeseburger Hilary!

Okay, okay. Yes, Oscar did project Hilary's face on screen, but did you take a close look at it? She isn't really all that symmetrical after all, check it out for yourself:
Her eyes aren't looking in the same direction, her nose/smile are off center, and her chin is a little too long. She doesn't actually fit into the scientifically idea of symmetrical face. It's proven within the grid. I'm a designer, I live by the grid, I die by the grid.

Anyhow, Hilary is hugely successful actress, that's cool. But how does Hilary stack against her actress peers?
Check those ladies out. Symmetrical faces, great bodies and what not, extremely feminine features, and timelessly beautiful. Scientifically hot. Hilary, unfortunately, she does not make the hot lists. I believe this to be so because hot she is not. Instead of a hot list, I see Hilary being ranked on a tom-girl who can fancy up whenever she feels like it. Probably pretty high.

Currently, I do not believe Hilary to fit into your current findings of scientifically hot. So that will be all from me. I wish you the best of luck on your closing argument.
Debate Round No. 2


Dane! Your slamming Swank left and right!

First off, these are statistics formed after multiple studies and data recording of people's preferences- so no, science isn't telling you- it's your friends telling you that data. Besides- those measurements that you referred to? They're of Kelly frickin' Brook! People adore her because shes got a ginormous rack, doesn't look hideous without makeup, etc. She is ONE example of a woman with those measurements. I challenge you to find at least three more ' alluring' figures that are well past the 34-24-34 standard like her and 'adored' by all as well.

Secondly, true perfect symmetry doesn't exist. Yes, Swank's right eye is lowered, but the same is with mine- mine looks like an old hag's own squinting eye. Heck, even Megan Fox has went under the knife with injections and botox for her face. The fact of the matter is that some people find her to be significantly symmetrical, NOT perfectly symmetrical. If our faces we're perfectly symmetrical- well, here's a article with a few images of "perfect symmetry." (1)

Thirdly, some of those ladies have measurements that have been greatly thanks to surgery. Those ladies are Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie. I would call listing these ladies as a cheap shot- simply because Swank has been known for her more natural beauty- not necessarily artificial plastic beauty.

As for my conclusion, I will say that while Swank is not the sexiest, most beautiful, hottest woman in Hollywood, there's no doubt she's hot ( to an extent.) I will and have agreed with some of my contender's points along the lines of her hotness, but overall, I stand strong to my claim that she is hot. Thanks to my contender- who put up a fair fight- and thanks to everyone who's read and considered voting for either me or my contender! Good luck to my contender in his conclusion.
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Debate Round No. 3
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