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ISIS is an accurate representation of Islam

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Started: 4/18/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Islam, like any religion, has a variety of interpretations. The Quran speaks constantly of fighting in the name of Allah, making extreme sacrifices, and using violence to spread ideas. According to the Quran, followers must have an unrelenting loyalty to their religion, even if it costs lives. That is the strictest interpretation of Islam.

The strictest interpretation of any religion is going to result poorly. In the strictest interpretation of Christianity, for example, even the mildest sins are met with barbaric punishment. An example of a true Christian would be one who believes that gays and adulterers go to hell, etcetera - in other words, one who strictly and literally interprets the Bible. This could even result in terrorism.

Therefore, a true Muslim is one who believes men and women are not equal, non-believers deserve death, and all thieves should have their hands cut off. True Muslims believe the strictest interpretations of the Quran and Sharia law, where violence and bigotry are advocated. Therefore, ISIS is indeed made up of true Muslims; they are an accurate representation of Islam as a concept and ideology.

This is not to say that moderate Muslims are not true Muslims; they simply do not follow their sacred text as strictly, which is for the better.


People condemn ISIS for killing Muslims, which is not allowed in Islam. Thus, killing causes people to become astray. Look at Jake Bilardi. The child got into ISIS, which I HATE A LOT.
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ISIS does indeed kill Muslims, but mostly because of the traditional Sunni vs Shia conflict. ISIS is Sunni and have been known to hunt down Shia. (1) They view Shia as non-believers and will also kill Sunni who they believe don't follow the word of Mohammed correctly. In this way, they are still obeying the word of the Quran.

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Posted by SirHarrison0 3 years ago
anybody that says islam is peaceful needs to prove it
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