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If God created everything then he created sin

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Started: 6/11/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Sin began with Eve taking an apple at a snakes encouragement and giving it to Adam. From that rather bland event, mankind had sin thrust upon him. Sin which made us despicable sinners from which all sorts of punishments were inflicted upon us. But couldn't it have been stopped, nipped in the bud? Adam and Eve were just newly created and God plonked near a tree full of forbidden Fruit? Surely bring all-knowing God would have known that talking snake was there. Regardless though once the fruit was picked and tasted by the two very first humans couldn't God have just had a stern word to the couple, pointing out never to listen to a talking snake again? Surely giving his newly made humans a second chance would have been a better option?
But let's look at the archangel lucifer who got jealous of gods love for his humans and rebelled. Once again perhaps a stern word to Lucifer, pulling him into line isn't too much for an omnipotent God? But no God takes the more potentially harmful option of casting Lucifer to earth to walk among man. Well, that was smart.....not. Since then Lucifer and his demons have caused havoc amongst us. (That also brings me to timelines for sin...did it begin with Adam and Eve or when Lucifer was cast from heaven?)

Gods answer to his children who are sinful was complete annihilation. No warning, no pointing out what they should stop doing.....Just straight up death. Taking out innocent children and animals along the way. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, flooded the earth and killed sinful people constantly.....always regretting it afterwards and promising never to do it again....only to do it again. So obviously killing all sinners wasn't working as sin just appeared again. Why couldn't this omnipotent, mighty creator of all wipe out sin? God had tried often enough.....flooding the whole earth and taking out every living creature except for noah and his family and two of every animal and bird was very extreme but when the waters subsided humankind could start again....A clean slate so to speak. But shock horror sin raised it's head again once the population picked up which wasn't long.
The last thing God did about sin before he disappeared forever was gave his only son up. Even though Jesus pleaded with his father at one stage not to have him go through being nailed to a cross and die a long agonizing death, God went ahead with his new idea on how to overcome sin. So Jesus died long and agonizingly and sin didn't go away but if u believe in Jesus even if u sin ur okay.
What is so impossible to understand is instead of all the killing and destroying of humans because they sinned why couldn't God just stop sin? He's omnipotent after all. Instead of having to kill kill kill through the centuries flooding the earth, having his sons screams as he died ringing in his ears why didn't God just stop sin in its tracks in the beginning? Once and for all, get rid of it before God had to kill kill kill destroy. If God created everything then he created sin. If God is all-knowing, then he knew what would happen with Eve, a talking snake and a forbidden Fruit. Why didn't he stop it? There's absolutely no reason why he couldn't of done something about stopping sin straight away. He obviously wanted to stop sin as he continually killed humans who were sinning culminating in killing everything on the planet except for the few on the ark. Seems God isnt omnipotent nor all knowing. Seems he is powerless against sin. If there's another explanation then I haven't heard it yet.
Btw, God let his favorites sin without retribution. Lot who God saved from sodom had drunken sex in a cave two nights running with his two daughters who then both got pregnant to their dad and God said and did nothing. Or when a crowd of men surrounded Jobs house to carnally know the two angels inside, Job brought out his daughter and said to the crowd of men "Take my daughter, she has never known a man. Take her but leave the angels alone." So the men took the daughter to gang rape. God said and did nothing. Moses decided the penalty for an old man picking up a few sticks for kindling on the Sabbath was to stone him to death, God said something then.....god agreed with Moses. There's sin u accept and say and do nothing about then there's sin u flood a whole planet and let ur son die in horrible pain for. The sin u accept is incest, drunkenness, birthing ur fathers child, gang rape, encouraging the gang to rape ur virgin daughter, and murdering an old man for collecting a couple of sticks.
It's not hard to realise how the Bibles stories were illogically produced fables to conjure fear in the minds of the uneducated, simple minded masses two centuries ago. All put together by priests, rabbis and churchmen to encourage the expansion of the new faith called Christianity. The priests were just like their God ....violent, murderous, and enemies to sin.
Strange how civilizations had been coping for tens of thousands of years without Christianity. They could write, had numbers, built pyramids, palaces, houses, roads, had governments, laws, courts. They worshipped their own gods and accepted others. They travelled, traded and survived. Then Christianity came along with their uptight Outlook of sin and caused more bloodshed, deaths, pain, intolerance and control than any other belief or faith before. Christianity kept the world in a constant Dark age for centuries with no advances in medicine, machines, knowledge or laws.
What did Christianity and their omnipotent God who couldn't even stop sin who created sin in the first place ever truly do for the human race? Before Christianity there were good people, there was laughter, there was love, kindness, people married, gave birth, helped others. It didn't take the Christian god to 'invent' these things. But it did take Christianity to give the human race heretics and to kill people who were heretics horribly, it gave people witch hunts, wars in the name of God, terror and torture in God's name.
Christianity was the concept of sin and within itself evil prevailed.


I accept your challenge.
So the question I am going to answer addresses something you never did in your original statement. The free will of humans.
God created the Angels. Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer, and all the others. Aside from the corruption of Lucifer, the angels held a robotic and unquestioning loyalty to God. If God decreed it, the angels worshiped him as they carried out the order. Drones, without a will of their own.
God created man because he wanted a creation that would love him freely, not like the drones (angels) he had created. He said to Adam and Eve that they may eat of any tree in the garden, even the tree of life, but if they ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, then they will die. So God essentially says that if they choose him, they live, if they choose the tree, they die.
Now that sounds very horrible, yes. The fact of that matter is that apart from God, according to his texts, there can be no life, all will eventually die, or be separated in torment.
Now the concept of sin or wrong doing was in God's mind, Sin was not made until Eve freely chose to take the fruit and eat. So that kind of spells out sin as a disobedience to the command of God.
Now a problem I noticed in your post was when you mentioned the giving up of the virgin daughter. That was Lot when the angels were in his house. Job was the man who was tormented by Satan.
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Posted by zhaod1 3 years ago
Satan was an angel of God that became corrupt, and so he created sin.
Posted by InaneScreeching 3 years ago
I mean sin is part of EVERYTHING. While the bible says we have the will to choose whether or not to do it, I think he would've created sin too according to that logic.

- Athiest
Posted by Negotiate 3 years ago
Because of free will. Literally as simple as that. God never created evil- He created vessels that are capable of creating it themselves. He accepts this and has given each one of us this divine gift of free will, even knowing and seeing it's potential for evil.
Posted by 3 years ago
I mean you only mention Christianity while the Adam and Eve Story was mostly a JEWISH Story....
Posted by 3 years ago
I want to accept this Debate but I find so many..... Flaws in the Argument that I don't want to.... you know...
Posted by ArguingPerson123 3 years ago
Yeah, and if Adam and Eve didn't know the difference between right and wrong because they hadn't eaten the fruit from the Tree of Good and Evil, it wouldn't have been their fault for listening to the snake. They didn't know it was wrong to betray God because they had no sense of morality until after eating the fruit.
Posted by Sonofcharl 3 years ago
Well said.
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