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If God is not bound by political ideology, why should His children be?

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Started: 6/6/2018 Category: People
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Okay so I am a centrist and a Christian. I have progressive, moderate, and conservative beliefs. I am conservative on abortion, and progressive on healthcare for example. I think Jews and Christians are being called by YHWH God to come out of her, oh His people. We should consider individual issues, and not buy into a left or right collective. JMO.


Before I begin, I would like to be clear that I am, in fact, a Muslim, but I am quite liberal in my beliefs, which may seem odd to many who are unfamiliar with the true Islamic belief system.
God/Allah is not bound by any political ideology, and man does not have to be, but man is also incapable of understanding things on a larger scale than themselves, which is why there is a left and a right collective. The collectives have two very different interpretations of Allah's words and their reality or lack thereof, which plays into their political views. While it may not seem like a religious issue, the word of Allah is deeply political, because it shapes the worldview of everyone who reads/believes/doesn't believe in it. Those who are liberal tend to believe that the word of Allah/Yahweh/God stresses love an acceptance above all else, and a lack of judgement to your fellow man, more than it stresses the necessity to follow the laws of the Bible/Torah/Quran. Those who are more conservative tend to believe that the word of Allah/Yahweh/God stresses the following of the law written down in the Bible/Torah/Quran exactly, which is why they choose to have a much narrower interpretation.
That being said, there is always a possibility to have some mixed views, but those views will all predominantly fall into one camp or the other, while the ones that don't are typically anomalies and often are heavily outnumbered by the beliefs that fall into the other camp.
While God/Allah/Yahweh may not be politically aligned, the interpretation of His word is, which is what we as humans have. We will never be capable of understanding the exact meaning of the word of Allah/God/Yahweh, and therefore must rely on our interpretations, which is what makes Him seem political.
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Hello. I will be respectful of your faith tradition. I am a Christian centrist. I choose not to be bound by the left or the right collectives, because I personally believe God of the universe values individual free thought and will over buying into a collective. I have liberal, moderate, and conservative beliefs. I believe helping the poor is liberal, while pursuing justice is conservative. Conservative is not synonymous with bigotry, and liberal is not synonymous with communism. I am a social democrat which means I value some social programs within a capitilist free market. It is much healthier to consider individual issues and reject the political binary.
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