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If Kim Jong Un attacks should we retaliate

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Started: 4/27/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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If Kim Jong Un is a very powerful man, a dictator. His people no nothing of the outside world. Kim Jong Un loves his weapons specifically the nuclear ones. If he were to launch one at America we should not retaliate it would lead to world war 3


The US military exists to protect the American people. To not retaliate in the fear of a war is completely stupid and impossible. Sometimes war is inevitable, using this logic America should have just sat back did nothing after Pear Harbor. Even then it would not lead to WWIII for many reasons. There is no incentive for Russia or China to get involved. If, N. Korea strikes first and the USA is completely justified in international law. The Soviet Union never fought a war against the USA because of the possibility of MAD. If this conflict does not directly involve Russia or China then they won't join in. No one wants WWIII. The Chinese and Russian economy is practically dependent on the USA and our allies. Why would they risk the chance of completely destroying their economies and risk the chance of a MAD?
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I do agree that we should defend ourselves at all costs but whether is cause world war 3 or not retaliating would creat a war and trump and his temperament isn't going To take it easy, and there is no way Kim Jong Un is going to international court he has his own little world over there. You do have a point that although China is N. Koreas biggest ally but would most likely side with the US or avoid it entirely. Kim Jong Un has power in his country in such a way that he doesn't really understand boundaries or consequences. If we were to attack, that would not only put the American people in danger of a nuclear attack it would shock the world and North Korea would be a bigger threat to all. If N. Korea attacks we should take the missile (assuming that is what they might use) out of the air and verbally defuse the situation, and even then I don't think Kim Jong Un would listen or care very much what we have to say, and we don't know if they are looking for a fight or if they are telling us to go away.

This is a truly important subject thank you for joining. Good luck in the next round


Since you acknowledge my point about China's and Russia's lack of involvement then you have rendere your whole argument.
The definition of world war:
a war involving many large nations in all different parts of the world.

Using this definition then the war between the USA and North Korea can't be considered a World War. In the Iran and Iraq war saw the USA fighting Iran and Iraq. We did not see nuclear weapons flying anywhere or any of the conflict really spilling out anywhere. Russia did not get involved and China did not get involved. We would merely see a repeat of the wars in the Middle East. When Israel was attacked by the Arab nations, they retaliated and destroyed their enemies. We did not see WWIII break out. North Korea simply doesn't have allies that are willing to fight a nuclear war with the USA so it cant go global.
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Posted by Sonofcharl 3 years ago
If the U.S.A. stopped poking it's nose into other peoples business. There wouldn't be a problem in the first place.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 3 years ago
If he does attack us, we should at least defend ourselves. Hopefully North Korea becomes a nation worth being in. Lots of North Koreans are questioning if he's a good ruler.
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