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If it's so obvious it must be true, Why doesn't this god show up and be true?

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Started: 8/5/2020 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 month ago Status: Debating Period
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That"s the excuse when you"re lying and manipulative and don't know how to recover from your own arrogance and mistakes. So it's pretend time for you and you make excuses for that lie to make others believe in that lie and continue to believe in it and why you got things wrong.

So once again, Its time to prove that a god exists.
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Posted by mall 1 month ago
Good point about faith. There's an individual that understands what faith is. That's what it's actually about, Not evidence.
Posted by mall 1 month ago
Just wait until you close your eyes for the very last time or take your last breath. All your challenges will be taken on then.
Posted by falsef4cz 1 month ago
If you ask someone to have complete true faith in you, You don't show them that you can be faithful. That means they trust you, Not faithful to you. Like a chair, You don't need to sit in it to know it will hold. You simply have faith in it that it will support your weight. However, Once the chair breaks, You lose faith in the chair and must now test every chair to trust it.
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