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If nervegear existed would people use it to evil end like in SAO (Sword Art Online)

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Started: 3/24/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is for acceptance only & as this is Kastorians first debate please don't vote harshly towards him when this is over thankyou!


I accept this challenge, and I also wish the best of luck to Kreig01. I hope to have fun with this experience. Thank you for the challenge.
Debate Round No. 1


I wish good luck to Kastorian in this debate and all debates to come.

For those that do not know what nervegear is search up Sword Art Online Anime.
Now on to the debate.

I believe that if someone created Nervegear (the same one from SAO) people would do the same thing in SAO to the one in real life because there is always going to be evil people in the world and it would be inevitable that this would happen.

I believe that if this was used correctly it would be brilliant but someone out their will use this for evil ends.
In the books and the anime Aincrad was the name of a giant floating castle in a game and if you died in the game you die in real life.


As my opponent has stated, if someone were to use Nervegear correctly it would be brilliant as the technology allows humans to interface with a virtual reality.

I agree with that statement, as it goes to show that if boundaries were placed in the correct areas it would be possible to stop things like this occurring.

People wouldn't use Nervegear to achieve evil ends, as there are more easily accessible ways to harm people, such as by simply kidnapping the target from the beginning rather then waiting on the off chance that the target buys the Nervegear device.

Truly, all users of the Nervegear would use it in such a way that wouldn't be evil.
Debate Round No. 2


Even if boundaries were put in place someone is always going to find a loophole or just break the rule entirely and do it just by saying it is a bad thing to do is not going to stop someone from doing it.

Why would you kidnap the target when someone could see it when you can kill some by simply hacking into their nervegear device or if you know the person you can just remove the device form the person while they are using it and they are dead just like that.

The nervegear device no matter how much good it would bring to the world of gaming it would ultimately be used in ways that people probably wouldn't have though of like making a game like the one in SAO where the user cannot log out. This would be used to keep them their until you get what you want and if they don't tell you well they can stay trapped in the game forever.

Having someone stuck in a game like that knowing that with one step out of a safe zone or city you could die and not see you family or friends again would be traumatising to youth and adults.


Boundaries that are placed would be done in such a way that loops holes don't exist, we'd remove the feature that death of the living person happens on the death of the virtual character, therefore preventing the possibility of someone even dying.

People are going to notice how you kidnap someone, why not just save time and take the person directly.
If you left someone trapped inside the game world with the chance of them dying, wouldn't that be a tad dangerous.

Nervegear would only ever bring good to the world, as no one would be able to change the system programming if the right measures were put into place. Say weekly patches, frequency of use databases, and other kinds of defences would be used to prevent someone being trapped in the world.

If someone were evil they wouldn't waste time sticking someone in a virtual reality, they would have to place the person under severe surveillance and that would mean getting others to go along with the plan, meaning that it would be that much less subtle then just simply kidnapping the person directly.
Debate Round No. 3


Even if you remove the kill feature it would only be for that specific game so if someone developed another game and gave it out it could still happen.

Unless you mean removing the feature from actual Nervegear device but even if you do that there will be rival companies developing the same Nervegear device but just one of those companies have to be corrupt and this whole situation will happen.

Even if you have patches the person who own the device would have to accept those patches and being trapped in the world is based of each game because the nervegear connects to the game and the database made for that game, the only way to stop this from happening would be to have one company develop the device and make sure that no other company could develop the Nervegear and have a generic database that every nervegear is connected to and that would have to be constantly upgraded and maintained which is why they had different databases for each game so they would not have to constantly upgrade and have it maintained 24 hours a day.

I would like to thank Kastorian for a wonderful debate and may the best debater win!


I'm going to specify that the kill feature would be removed from the Nervegear itself rather then from separate games.

We aren't talking about other devices that are like the Nervegear, we are just talking about Nervegear itself.

Patches would involve having to kick players from the games they are playing, giving them the ability to log out and therefore they wouldn't be able to be trapped inside a game that is using the Nervegear because the Nervegear is powered down. Since there are already generic databases for other games and consoles, it would not be to difficult to have one that has every Nervegear registered. If the patch happened once a week say on a Wednesday, then all users of the Nervegear would be kicked from it, which even if they were trapped they'd be freed by the patch.

I'd like to thank Kreig01 for debating with me and wish him the best of luck in future debates.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Krieg01 7 years ago
Kastorian has it right here the company didn't reveal that the Nervegear had a kill feature until a good few hundred people were in Aincrad.
Posted by Kastorian 7 years ago
Even though it would never have really been released, we were debating under the impression it was even though it was so dangerous it was allowed to be released to the public. Then again, nerve gear wasn't actually revealed to have that feature programmed into it until the beginning of the show.
Posted by lightingbolt50 7 years ago
Remember, if something that dangerous was inside the nerve gear then it would've never been released to the public. You think they just approve things with a killing feature to the unsuspecting general public?
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