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If somebody abuses you should you thank them and if someone abuses you should you thank them?

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Started: 5/26/2018 Category: Religion
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If somebody abuses you should you thank them and if someone abuses you should you thank them?

Somebody and someone is or are them. Um! them is plural and it takes more than a s to do so. Funny how I at first wrote an s as the spell check guides the lie. Maybe I will make the s a capital it makes no difference I do wonder why? As it still insists I use an instead of a. Well, I suppose that it must be as. So it is S and A. Now there is but T and R. So I think that when there is trouble run.

Scale Trouble Abuse Run. Screw the s as it is case sensitive. Is it uppercase sensitive as well yes it is.

it is as it is

In the mining industry here in Australia there are many returned serviceman as bosses and as hard as nails they truly are. Most are retiring but there are a few still working to live instead of living to work. But I suppose if your running from PTSD then run Forest run.

This is an event that needs to be written down and shared as you never let the truth stand in the way a good storytelling a yarn. I only meet a few people worth knowing in 15 years of it. But hey work hard drink hard and play hard. That the way of men of man not the man of men.

These hard-a#sed bosses would tell you at the job interview first up. Hey, I have seen you toilet roll how much of it is true? Now if you just had no idea what the hell was just said then. Ok, matey, I see your new to the industry so you have two chooses you work for me or you work with me.

It was always fun to see these new workers learn how to have a go. So we named them "day goes" now this all started back in 60's with the snowy mountain rivers hydropower plant scheme to also bring water to another just as the water pipe scheme to Kalgoorlie and surrounding areas.

So does the day go faster with a little laughter at everyone's expense? We all soon learn it's my turn to be the day goes now to many sensitive individuals and too many d#ckheads put an end to that so now it's all wrap them up in cotton wool to protect them from themselves. Much like the 10 commandments have been put across as to be put in stone. Jesus walks and draws within the sands of time. So when someone slams a door or gets in your face for good reason thank them and walk away with gratitude.

Because at lest they didn't have to forehead slap you or go to war with you and as it goes both ways. Slap my one side of the face and turn to the other side for the slap that you should have given yourself, to begin with and vice versa. But watch out for the rebound of the slap up the back of the head.

Peace be with you as all praise belongs to nature.


I hear ya... The biggest pain in my heart was the loss of my brother. He didn"t just take his own life he took the life of this entire world with him. This world has never been the same. I wrapped that dead world up into a ball: it was a world of pain, frustration and anger. Every time those feelings tried to surface I pushed them away. I was afraid that if I looked at those feelings again I would fall to my knees, become paralyzed with sadness and not have the strength to do what needed to be done"cut down my brother (Benjamin Butler) and try to bring him back to life.

I faced my fears I cut down my brother and tried to bring him back to life. Nothing hurt more than the loss of a nearby loved one. I hated that helpless feeling. When I looked at my pain, frustration and anger I felt mad at myself for feeling them. When I put my ear to the ground I heard the worldly impacts and the roaring sound of humanities" tears pounding against the Earth; filling up all streams, rivers, and the seven seas. Perhaps, a rainbow would appear and every promise would be kept? Losing loved ones didn"t get any easier and the loss of every other loved one was inevitable. I was tempted to push everyone aside"wish everyone well and be alone.

New children have come into this world and this has helped with our healing to a degree. Children continue to brighten up this world and we don"t feel as helpless. I often think of my brother and everyone else. I know a child"s happiness and laughter doesn"t completely heal anyone. I also know that every child"s happiness and laughter will be fully restored in the end.

Although I am thankful, my openness is not meant to draw out sympathy. My sympathy goes out to all others as well; life and death are universal. We are individually motivated to seek out understanding spiritually: emotionally, mentally and physically. We may find individual peace, Collective Peace and UNIVERSAL PEACE.

Who am I?

I am, I am who I am. My name has no weight; the substance of who I am is what has weight. Many know my name but few know who I am. Do I stand alone? My temple (my individual interpretation of Existence and Nonexistence) was built upon solid rock: three keystones.

The first keystone: GOD.

Who is, GOD? When we were children we instinctively knew that we were part of one family, a Larger Family and the Family of GOD. GOD is: infinite, Absolute Infinite and Absolutely Infinite. GOD is: everything, Absolute Everything and Absolutely Everything. There is no Greater FAMILY; there is no Greater LOVE; there is no Greater GOD. The ALPHA and the OMEGA: "GOD" is One Word.

Truthfulness: one, One and ONE. GOD"S Truthful Name: "I AM, I AM who I AM." In this hand, the Sun of GOD"S Truthful Name: "I Am, I Am who I Am." In this other hand, the spirit of truth: "I am, I am who I am." We reunite ourselves: "I am, I Am, and I AM"spirit, Sun and GOD"one, One and ONE." We read this, say this and do this so that we may know that GOD"S TRUE NAME and the Sun of GOD"S True Name are not separate from our true name: "I am, I am who I am; I Am, I Am who I Am; I AM, I AM who I AM."

The second keystone: Faith.

"Humanity is the expression of one human being's potential one category: Human (Adam/Atom)." In-between the beginning and the end, there was nothing that humanity did to one another that humanity did not also do to oneself. Outside of perception, there was no separation. To forgive one human being was to forgive humanity"to condemn one human being was to condemn them all"know thyself, others and all else."

What is, the "Will of GOD?" When we were children we sinned against our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers (The Family of GOD). We were told, "go and say that you are sorry." We would make amends, there was healing and we returned to temperance: individual peace, Collective Peace and Universal Peace.

As we grew older we began to put away childish things (forgiveness, confession and temperance). We began hiding in the darkness of self-pity, denial and blame (no forgiveness, no confession and no temperance). We believed our sins separate from the worst gut wrenching horrors and our eyes were sealed shut.

Sin is one; there is no separation between the smallest and Largest. Our sins "wirelessly" ripple through the environment amplifying as they travel. Our sins contribute to the world"s suffering and the burdens that others carry. The light of this truth halted us. We had no idea that our sins were connected to such heartbreaking atrocities. We were blameworthy! To condemn one was to condemn all"us included. If we were to forgive one, we must forgive all. If we were to confess to one, we must confess to all. If we were to return to temperance we must return to all temperance. We had no excuse for our sins. We had no room to blame others. We humbled ourselves. We fell to our knees, hung our heads, and our tears were blinding. The light of this truth took away our sight"it also gave it back. We were reminded that forgiveness heals wounds, confession removes thorns, and temperance sustains good health. Our eyes reopened and we rose from the dead. We were given anew purpose: Confessional Baptism and Return to Temperance. Sin is linked as one but so too is all healing and rejoicing.

Within the Family of GOD three families exist. The first family writes their book (the book of their lives) with eyes empty of love; we find confirmation for what we seek. The second family writes their book with eyes filled with 1-99% love; we also find confirmation for what we seek. The third family writes their book with eyes filled with 100% love, and we return to individual peace, Collective Peace and Universal Peace. The first family, given time, will learn 1-99% love. The second family, given time, will learn 100% love. "Every family is learning forgiveness for all, confession to all and returning to all temperance: unconditional love, Unconditional Love and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE."

How can we truly know anyone, and how can anyone truly know us, unless unconditional love is given? If Unconditional Love is not the way we treat Family, then who is our FAMILY? Else, there are only neighbors and enemies, and a "Living Family" does not exist. Unconditional love, Unconditional Love and UNCONDTIONAL LOVE exist, Exist and EXIST. So too the categories: "family, Family and FAMILY."

This turned out to be the hardest thing for people on Earth to understand...How many times should we forgive one another? Forgiveness heals us! How many times should we confess to one another? Confession heals us! How many times should we return to temperance? Temperance heals us! This world has no power over us! How many times should the Sun rise, set and rise again before we understand? The answer: how many colors exit? How many frequencies exist? How many temperatures exist? How many elements exist? The Beginning and the End: there is only "one time, One Time and ONE TIME!"

We can pray with both hands: with our right hand, we can forgive one another and with our left hand we can confess to one another. Together, our prayers can be answered: we can return to Temperance. A working prayer is the only daily prayer that Works:

1st A child of GOD can forgive all, confess to all and return to all temperance within his or her family home.

2nd A child of GOD can leave his or her family home and visit his or her neighbors home (confessing to all and practicing all temperance-one family home.)

3rd A child of GOD can leave his or her family home and visit his or her enemies home (confessing to all and practicing all temperance-one family home).

We can love our family, neighbor and enemy for GOD is ONE WRITTEN WORD, ONE SPOKEN WORD and ONE LIVING WORD. When the Sun rises and sets is it not obvious? Everywhere the WORD and WILL of GOD goes we can also go"a wave of light can transform this World into HEAVEN within a day. We can leave the judging to GOD whom has good judgment while we focus on confessing our sins and practicing temperance. Thus, HEAVEN can re-enter us, others and return to Earth. As it was in THE BEGINNING, THE DURING AND THE END: HEAVEN, Heaven and heaven is, was and will be a full-time job!

What is hell? no forgiveness, no confession, and no temperance.

What is earth? forgiving all, confessing to all and returning to all temperance.

What is heaven? forgiven all, confessed to all, and the practice of all temperance.

In everything we think, say or do: hellish, earthly or heavenly? We can pray alone but how can we pray alone for much longer?

In my left hand, original sin rippled out creating hell on earth: no forgiveness, no confession, and no temperance. In my right hand, forgiving all, confessing to all and returning to all temperance rippled back: FORGIVEN ALL, CONFESSED TO ALL AND RETURNED TO ALL TEMPERANCE (ONE ALMIGHTY CLAP, ONE PRAYER ANSWERED, ONE FAMILY AND ONE HEAVEN). How else did the PEACE of GOD re-enter us, Others and return to Earth? It is peaceful in heaven, Heaven and HEAVEN"the three are ONE.

Faith is a mathematical equation expressed with words. Every faith, Faith and FAITH has already been deciphered, is being deciphered and will be deciphered again.

The third keystone: Universal Truth.

What is, the "Universal Truth?" When we were children, we learned about north, south, east, and west. As time passed, our knowledge increased. We were building upon this truth. Our foundation was laid, and we started grabbing bricks. One and zero, white and black, quiet and loud, light and dark, hot and cold, bitter and sweet, silence and sound, heavy and light. What was bound in the day we loosened at night. Doctor attracts patient. Negative seeks positive. Answers heal all questions" wounds. Together they live, apart they die. The Universal Truth moves elsewhere.

The Universal Truth is binary zeros and ones. The Universal Truth is scientific. It demonstrates both attractive and repulsive forces. The Universal Truth is philosophical as is yin and yang
Debate Round No. 1


Trinity Sunday the 27 may 2018 is a pay worth remembering. It does not matter about which temples, churches, synagogues and mosque you choose to entree as they all spread the same message do upon another as you would have them do upon yourself.

But of course, dumb asses take this literally and fall back upon an eye for an eye mentality. That has left the world blind. So back to what today means. Now before I answer this I need to. As I refuse to have want as my master, I consider these guilds that someone somewhere has written down long ago as all information is second hand.

The tongue is as a double-edged sword it cuts both ways. Practising; Empathy, Humility, Sympathy and Cooperation throughout life, creates an understanding of the surroundings that we are subjected to, doing this teaches us to talk to each other, so we can speak with each other and not at each other.

Wisdom is to have the ability to have a structured conversation with the village idiot and accepting that tomorrow it's my turn to be the village idiot. Explaining complexities in the simplest manner is just like nuts and bolts. The hardest part is knowing how to put it all back together.

Onward Christian soldier with no other weapon apart from laughter. Trilogy of the Trinity is but a coin with a woman on one side and a man on the other side as round as it would like to be as it will still equal 360 degrees. What matters most about this coin is the thickness. It seems when we are but children the coin doesn't seem to mean very much as it goes in near every stot easily and seems to be somewhat transparent. Now as we move into adolescence and adulthood that coin seems to thicken and the once upon a times transparency seems to fade. So the real answer to today is how very little do we truly know as we seem to be very thick coined as notes and bills make the coins seem worthless.


This turned out to be the hardest thing for people on Earth to understand...How many times should we forgive one another? Forgiveness heals us! How many times should we confess to one another? Confession heals us! How many times should we return to temperance? Temperance heals us! This world has no power over us! How many times should the Sun rise, set and rise again before we understand? The answer: how many colors exit? How many frequencies exist? How many temperatures exist? How many elements exist? The Beginning and the End: there is only "one time, One Time and ONE TIME!"
Debate Round No. 2


To have one's eyes opened at an early age is a curse and a blessing to be in constant sorrow is to feel the greatest highs. But the falls go down so deep that you need to know how to dig your step in the wall of the hole back up in spiralling steps as to fall again this is called digging for gold real gold without the l.

Not many ever come back from this meltdown of one's own mind as to jell with your heart and to realise that silence is golden and if you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all. If something come from nothing isn't anything possible. In the beginning, there was only darkness, until he came out from behind our own eclipsed minds and showed us the way home.

My dear friend from the other side of the world as I can tell by the way you spell color as here we spell it colour. I do wonder why the nations become divided and segragated. But hey this seems to be an expression of lessons learnt that is freely given to any that could be bothered to watch. It is not that I couldn't listen and talk with you all as we watch the sun come up over each of the seven seas and go down in each one of them at random. Harmonics of creation is Natures bell that rings a tune of constant joy.

If we cared about the ants underfoot as much as Nature does then we would not be here either. We can't really say that I don't care because we do care even if we can't see every ant that we all have walked upon of that grill of your car that is full of butterflies and other bugs that smash upon the windscreen just to find out that the water has run out on the window wipers as to smear it across our own vision.

The more I see the less I look and understand our own existence creator just a little more to feel the unconditional love for us all. So don't worry soldier you don't stand alone on this battlefield of dread for the hardest judge and executioner you will ever meet is yourself upon yourself. We really do have unrealistic expectations to live up to and even considering to live up to someone else's is impossible.

Peace be with you and too our unforgotten fallen sisters and brothers and them poor little ants. For the real heroes are the fallen.


Your writing is beautiful, thank you.

Every fruit that hung from the tree of complete separation was poison. The feeling, the belief, and then being physically separated from "Absolutely Everything" (no love), such as what is shown to enemies, over time created every individual action of emotion, action of thought, and action of the body that was primitive.
When everyone within "Absolutely Everything" was first exploring the possibility of no love, the fruit from the tree of complete separation was being eaten, and the process of trial and error for emotions began. Everyone within "Absolutely Everything" was perceived to be a rival, and so there were no neighbors, no families, only enemies. There was no give to me what is good or else an eye-for-an-eye-and-tooth-for-a-tooth yet, it was kill or be killed. Everyone lived by that sword, always were surrounded by enemies, and always died by that sword.
When everyone ate from the tree of complete separation (no love), they became mortally wounded. The children were given no clothes, (complete-separation teachings-mentally no love). So no leaves fell from the tree to cover and protect the seeds. After no love was absorbed physically and mentally, the seeds were given no water (emotionally no love), and so the seeds died and the soil produced no more crops.
It was like everyone had just run off a cliff, hit the bottom, and rose in another dimension. There was complete failure, but the failure would lead to success. A marker was placed in everyone"s DNA, the door closed, and the next door was opened.
In the beginning of "awareness", there was complete separation: no family, no neighbors, only enemies. In the middle stage of awareness, there was some degree of partial separation. Some enemies would turn into neighbors, and some neighbors would be accepted as family. Likewise, some family would turn into neighbors and some neighbors would be completely rejected and become enemies. In the end, there would be no separation. All enemies would turn into neighbors, and all neighbors would be welcomed as Family." Till then the seeds needed time to grow.
The Tree of Partial Separation

After everyone had eaten every emotional fruit from the tree of complete separation, there was every degree of partial separation (conditional love) to explore as a possibility. The body still craved substance, the mind still craved knowledge, and the individual still craved emotions. So everyone within "Absolutely Everything" unfolded in every possible direction and dimension, and explored the possibility of conditional love by eating the fruit from the tree of partial separation.
The feeling of being partially separated from "Absolutely Everything" is not true outside of an individual"s early perception. At one point the belief in partial separation was perceived to be the truth, and so that perception became reality for everyone within "Absolutely Everything." Every emotional fruit that hung from the tree of partial separation (conditional love) was unhealthy. The feeling of partial separation, over time, created every individual emotion that was immature (a combination of enlightened and primitive emotions).
When partial separation was perceived to be the truth, the children were fed from the same tree that their parents were eating from, and so there was conditional love given physically, mentally, and emotionally. Love was shown to what was acceptable and no love was shown to what was unacceptable. But when no love was prescribed to part of an individual, as the cure, it actually damaged the whole individual. The moment conditional love was given was the moment all children became partially separated from their parents, but they no longer felt completely separated. The children were then given clothes (the conditional teachings-mental conditional love). The tree was no longer poison, but it was unhealthy. Only a few leaves fell onto the ground, which only provided partial protection for the seeds. After physical and mental conditional love were absorbed, the seeds were given unhealthy water (emotional conditional love). The seeds and the parents had been wounded; they were only partially healed, and so there was scarring mentally, emotionally, and physically. The very moment conditional love was first given was the very moment the first neighbor was created mentally and emotionally. When the children were partially kicked out of their home, they went and searched for their own garden, and both the parents and the children physically became the first neighbors.
Because no love had evolved into conditional love, what had previously been perceived as the truth (kill or be killed) evolved into give me what is good or else an eye-for-an-eye-and-tooth-for-a-tooth mentality. No love was certain death; conditional love increased the length of survival.
When conditional love was given, that meant there was the possibility that partial separation (conditional love-neighbor) could turn into complete separation (no love-enemy) for every parent and child, then, now, and in the future. The door to no love was still open, and it would lead to the fall of the whole body when it was walked through.
There is, was, and will be a time for evolving, and there is, was, and will be a time for devolving. If no love is called zero (not absolute zero), conditional love starts at one, then falls back down to zero, then counts up to two, then falls back down to zero, and counts up to three. So on and off, then down and up, everyone within "Absolutely Everything" rose, fell, and then rose again.
At that point in the evolution of emotions, there was only conditional love for neighbors and no love for enemies. Unconditional Love had yet to be explored by individuals. Everyone tried to defeat what they hated in themselves and their children with their weapons of conditional love and no love. First there were small wars of separation from the enemy, and afterwards neighbors would return home, and there was partial peace. But out of the category neighbor came more enemies, and as the population grew, there were larger and larger wars of separation. Individuals were unfolding in every possible direction, exploring every degree of conditional love. Eventually there was no more room to separate from their enemy within or geographically outside of themselves.
The largest war of separation would take place at that time. Because separation from "Absolutely Everything" was not the truth outside of everyone"s perception, all would lose the war to defeat their enemy with their weapons of partial separation and their weapons of complete separation. The flaw in conditional love (give me what is good or else an eye-for-an-eye-and-tooth-for-a-tooth mentality) would be exposed. When only enemies surrounded people, no love would be given, conditional love would disappear, and no love would be given in return. Those who believed in conditional love would become the enemy they were trying to kill. During the largest war of separation, it would be every man, woman, and child for themselves. There would again be no family, no neighbors, only enemies.
Everyone who ate from the tree of partial separation (conditional love) would again fall and perceive complete separation to be the truth. Everyone would become mortally wounded: emotionally, mentally, and physically. Empires would rise and fall during the largest wars of separation. Eventually all of civilization would be extinguished and have to start over. United everyone stood, and divided they all fell down the chain of partial separation until the bottom was reached. Everyone stayed down until the "only option left" was to get back up and try again.
There are individuals who have been born, individuals who are being born, and individuals who have yet to be born then, now, and in the future. When no love (what is given to enemies) is expressed emotionally, mentally, or physically, it trickles down, and an environment of complete separation (no love) is created. The environment that individuals create for others will be the humbling environment they create for themselves. What is done unto others is done to oneself; there is no separation. When individuals fall all the way down, they are forced to climb back up the chain of conditional love. Using the method of the elimination of options, individuals rise to give a little more love, empathy, understanding, and mercy to themselves and to others than had previously been given. Arrogance slowly begins to fade into humbleness as everyone within "Absolutely Everything" unfolds in every possible direction and dimension, gaining new experiences.
The Tree of No Separation

After everyone had eaten every emotional fruit from the tree of partial separation, there was then the feeling of being completely connected to "Absolutely Everything" to explore as a possibility. Always being connected to "Absolutely Everything" was completely true outside of an individual"s perception, but it was not known for sure because the mind still craved knowledge, the body still craved substance, and the individual still craved emotions. So, individuals unfolded in every possible direction and dimension and began to eat its fruit.
Individuals tasted the fruit by giving Unconditional Love to only some. There were those who saw themselves as blessed (family regardless of what they did, and they believed they were forgiven and healed). Others were seen as unblessed (potential family or potential enemy, only partially forgiven and left scarred). Others were seen as damned and completely rejected as forever enemies (never forgiven and always left mortally wounded). The family, neighbor, and enemy within those who perceived themselves to be favored tasted Unconditional Love, but the neighbor and enemy outside of them would be given conditional love and no love to eat. Everyone was completely connected to "Absolutely Everything," and so what was given to the whole body...
Debate Round No. 3


I like your analogy there seems to be the soil the tendriled roots the tree trunk the branches the leaves the flowers seeds the fruits that fall the uprising and the risen of good and bad and let us not become evil as the parasitic wasp that Charles Darwin lost faith over to decide atheism that was invented by men's opinion within a possibility of the where about's within the bees of mental anguish.

Nature the infinite unilateral tree that continues to grow throughout an expanding universe uninhibited by what has been created within a beautiful structure of vibrant flowers and fruits not knowing if the flowers or fruits are poisonous or not as yet, stretching outwards as having created structured stable roots of principles upon the shifting sands of time for this is the ululation of creation and the peace that many offers to all for the praise that the roots of fundamental principals thrive upon to create structure.

But mear chance is a but that a mear chance. this is the will of men not of our own existence creator. Do you see how I wrote our own existence creator instead of our existence creator?

We as three yes us all is the man within Jesus Christ of Nazareth our own existence creator as many have cast him aside and our existence creator is the first and the last as the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first and we are as the three of the trilogy for the holy spirit is as we are in our existence creators image.

Those poor little insects that scurry underfoot and in the air is the cause and effect of unconditional loves affect upon Free will; I don't know you. I only know of you. Fourth I ever knew myself at all. Say what you mean and mean what you say is not mean if it's meant from the heart. Sometimes we need to be cruel to be kind and don't forget the golden rule.

From little things, big things grow while the music plays Rome burns and the Titanic's musical talent lays silent with the fishies. But the cold is shared just like the heat so when we of us that fall we share the burden of responsibility whenever you see another carrying a heavy load stop to lend a hand and the morning dew that covers you washes away the sins of the Father that was past onto you.

Peace with an open gentle hand we, us, be, as three. Amen
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago
The sins of the father are the original sins that we all know as all the aspects within barriers of the universal grammar of the sins of the father that is passed onto us all. For we are born within the original sins of the seven senses touch, movement, smell, taste, sight, hearing and balance. And what are the seven deadly sins that flow next to the river of denial within the seven virtues that we all forget upon an account within the forgotten bees of mental anguish?
The love and affection of Mother Mary the humility of Joseph within the King of Kings Jesus Christs unwavering grace upon the seven seas and the light that shines so bright. The 10 crowns that tumble within the sands of time to wear them away into stardust this is the nature of our existence creator Nature.

Upon this road of lest forget, we meet another with no regret, too ask our eyes that sting us so, the how's or why's of constant sorrow. We stumble across a justly act to see us through a humble fact that lies within mercy's grace, that is the way of mummies safe. Let us stray beyond this funny space. With love, faith and grace.

Peace be with you. All praise and glory belong to Nature our existence creator. Amen.
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