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If you"ve never heard of a god, How would you KNOW it"s a god? How did come to that conclusion?

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Started: 7/29/2020 Category: Religion
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There is no definition for a god because no human has ever been in the company of a god and been able to prove it. You cannot test nor can you demonstrate a god. It is impossible because you cannot define a god because none has been defined by anyone in the history of the human race because no god has ever been seen, Defined, Told to anyone through talking about/ oratory, Written about from a god's point of view as far as to how it can be tested, Demonstrated and thus defined.

Prove that a god exists.

Dsjpk5 is disqualified from the voting procedures as he tries to pretend he's god and thus change the voting structure of who wins and loses here on DDO.


'GODISNOWHERE, . If you look at the word I have written here you may feel it's 'God is No Where' but for some people it would be 'God is now here'. So, It all depends upon the perception people make. I agree I have never seen God but is it really necessary for God to be seen? God is a positive feeling and feeling cannot be seen. Now just think people across the world following God which they have never seen him/her. All the people have belief and trust, That's the reason we have Holy books based on God's principle : Bible, Gita, Quran and other holy books. And these books are written many centuries ago. All these are talkin about that divine power which we call Jesus, Krishna, Allah or many more names but all talking the same language. These literatures are too old and belongs to different parts of the world but still how they are interlinked? How is it possible that in different parts of the world people has the same common belief? Ancient people must have seen the God that's why we have all those holy books with us.
Debate Round No. 1


Well first of all - which god? And then why only one god? Why not thousands, Millions, Billions, Trillions, Quadrillions of gods or the very best bet is why not any gods since you have no evidence to back up any claim from any religion that any god exists? In other words, Why not have evidence first to back up your claims and thus believe rather than having absolutely no evidence whatsoever in which case you do and thus believe?
Then you get into text/ the written word. You do realize that ab-so-lu-te-ly no idiot god from any religion would be stupid enough to actually use text/ the written word, Not for any reason, Not ever, As it is the worst form of communication, Advertisement, Correspondence possible to a god - correct? With all the fatal fallacies of text/ the written word? Surely a genuine god if true can think of better ways than using text/ the written word as there are at least 50 reasons why this is so. If you cannot think of at least 3 of them, Then sorry, This debate is in no possible way for you and you do not know anything at all about your respective religion whatever that may be, No offense.
"or many more names but all talking the same language"
Actually they don't. It's not even a close call. Why do you think Islam, Jews, Christians (and there is no such thing as a christianity) have been at war ever since their inceptions?
"You"ve got 3 religions of peace all worshiping the same god of love and forgiveness, And yet they"ve been at war, Continuously, Ever since their inceptions. " Aron Ra
He's right.
They don't believe in the same common belief. It's not even a close call if they are at war with each other.
Ah yes, Suppose that this "god" you believe in is true, It most certainly loves its genocides and the murdering of babies and children. So this is what you believe in? Would you like the verses?

"Ancient people must have seen the God"
Again, Which god and why only one god?
Here's something you don't get. . . Religion is invented to explain the unexplained. And then from that comes power, Always, No exceptions, None. Regardless no god within any religion has ever been proven. And then from that power structure though not with all but nearly 100% of all religions it trickles down to fear especially the abrahamic religions oh that is so true, And then from that power and fear structure though not with all but nearly 100% of all religions especially the abrahamic religions it trickles down to control.

Here's exactly what you are doing. . .
"Assume that we have no answer. Then the answer is "I don"t know". The answer isn"t "I can"t think of anything better, Therefore a god did it. ""Matt Dillahunty
He's right. Those who are religious have very little concept whatsoever as to how to say "I don't know" for something that they don't know and instead insert the "god did it" clause.

"that's why we have all those holy books with us. "
To 100% prove you incorrect, Go around to 20 different churches, Temples, Mosques within a 20 mile radius. 1 billion to 1 there will be no consensus on everything you've stated here thus far on this debate. Would you care to make a wager on that?
Please always tc and have fun!
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Debate Round No. 3
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