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Iker Casillas should start for Real Madrid instead of Diego Lopez

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Started: 1/10/2014 Category: Sports
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Lopez can't even compare to Casillas. Diego Lopez isn't even in the current squad for Spain! Casillas' achievements at Real are unmatched. Casillas was the best goalkeeper for five years in a row! (1) He only didn't win this year because he never got to play! Casillas didn't play for a while, but once he came back against Juventus, he had an AMAZING game! How can you call his performance "out-of-form"? I know any challenger's argument will only be that Diego Lopez is in "better" form, but is he really? No



It's hard to prove why is Lopez (actually) better than Casillas. I mean, I'll use statistics from and Bleacher Report (released 30th April 2013 and 9th August 2013).

On WhoScored compared Casillas' stats in 19 matches and Lopez' stats in 12 matches. Former of Sevilla has got more saves per game (3,17 x 1,74) so about twice more saves per game. He has got also better save success rate (74,5%) against Casillas' 63,5%. Both did just 1 mistake which meant goal so Casillas needed more matches to make a mistake. Lopez also caught more crosses (24) than Iker (15) but it's expected because Casillas has got problems due to height. And if we talk about offensive part of their gameplay, Lopez send more accurate long balls per game (5,75) what's quite different against Casillas' 3,05 accurate long balls.

Also, Real Madrid has got better Win / Loss Ratio with Lopez (they won 75% of matches when he played against Casillas' 63%) and lost just 6% with tall keeper in starting eleven (with Iker it's 16%).

You should think Iker is better, but these stats say something different.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes, the stats say Lopez is better, but Casillas has grown as a player since those were taken. And honestly is you source reliable?

This season as an example, when we played Osasuna in La Liga, we tied them 2-2 (that was when Diego Lopez played), but when we played them again with Casillas starting, we had a shutout 2-0. Coincidence? I think not!

Also, our defense is faulty this year, but what is the only player change in our defence? Goalkeeper! The stats currently say Lopez is better, but I think even having Casillas makes our defense as a whole stronger. Casillas' leadership is much greater than Lopez's and I think he can really command the defenders and midfield.

What is more important, stats or actual scores and points? I think game scores. Once Mourinho put Lopez in for Casillas we dropped to third place in La Liga.

If those stats really mattered, then why did Casillas get awarded goalkeeper of the year 5 year in a row?!

You don't really have an opinion, do you? You are probably just statings "facts" simply to join in on a debate. Right?

The fans also act better and support the team better when Casillas plays. They LOVE him!

I think the managers have a grudge against him because of the way Mourinho treated him.

Stats are BOGUS!


My opinion is that everybody wants to play Iker just because he's legend, although he isn't actually the best RM's keeper. You write your opinion, but just opinion. How did you get this opinion? What's the base of your opinion?

You are just his fan and no matter what Lopez does, Iker will be still your number one.

I think Lopez is better, because he can also prove it. Iker doesn't.
Debate Round No. 2
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