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Illegal immigration

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Started: 7/26/2018 Category: Politics
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I'd just like to preface my argument by saying that I don't participate on any debate teams. I don't know all of the nuanced rules. I simply want to state my opinion and have someone attempt to prove me wrong. I am for prosecuting Illegal aliens. I believe that we are a nation that abides by our own laws. I think that this extends to illegal aliens. I define Illegal aliens as 1. Someone who crosses the border illegally. 2. Someone who intentionally misleads people in order to enter this country 3. Someone who avoids updates and inspections with authority. Illegal immigrants have a right to a speedy trial in the United states. If immigrants are seeking asylum they need to see a judge to determine the validity of their claims. If Illegal immigrants are minors under 7 years old their parents should be held liable. If they are 8 to 18 they should go to a juvenile court after the parents are tried. If the state doesn't accept the case a federal delinquency proceeding should take place. If the minor immigrants are without parents they should be tried in a juvenile court. If asylum is not granted and the youth has no legal guardians the state should hold custody until their native country can take custody of the minor.


Firstly, I would just like to ask if the topic is on aliens of immigrants.

Also, Is there any reasons to your side of the argument instead of just opinions?

I do agree with the Con's side of the illegal aliens (which I interpreted as immigrants). I understand the avoiding updates and inspection bits, But other illegal immigrants may actually be willing to take those inspections. If it is just because some people do not allow inspections but others do and the result is that no one gets through, Then that just shows how selfish and racist people are as they are not willing to take people from other countries.

Now onto my arguments:
Would you like it if you had to pay some money to some people who promised you that they would take you to this place/country, But you were caught and taken? Apart from the terrorists ( inspection bit will help ) the other people just can't afford to come over. They still just have some money. I would probably say that it's the country's fault, As the plane/boat tickets are way too expensive. If you just don't allow the immigrants to go over, You are crushing some people's dreams. What if they have relatives/friends?
Debate Round No. 1


To clarify the topic is Illegal immigration as defined by section 1325 title 8 of the United states code "improper entry of an alien. " I quoted it but in somewhat laymans terms above where I numbered. I'm willing to open the topic to both alien and immigrants in the United States illegally.
I don't think that my points are opinionated. My thoughts on the matter mirror either the laws pertaining to Illegal immigration or the closest counterparts I could find in laws pertaining to minors who are U. S citizens.
In reference to people going through inspections those people are legally in the united states or are turned around before they enter. The only way the individuals you're referring to can be here illegally is if they overstay their allotted time. Furthermore I don't see in what way the US is being selfish. People who choose to live in our society and granted our benefits are subject to our rules. I don't see how any of these rules are unfair.
Finally I really wouldn't like to pay to be taken somewhere illegally. Especially when crossing into the United States border legally is free. Not to mention if an alien is paying 9, 000$ to a coyote to help them cross I think they have enough money to help them start the naturalization process. I'd also like to point out that it isn't the United states responsibility to provide planes boats or buses to people who don't live here. Mainly cause the United States isn't even required to give that to its own citizens. If someone dreams of coming to the US its not illegal. What is Illegal are the things I mentioned.


What about the fact that some people just do not have the time? Some families just need to get over the border because of violence. Take San Salvador for example. A woman was forced to flee into the US because someone would kill her if she wouldn't date her. Would there be enough time to apply for a Visa before she gets hurt? (It takes 60 days to 6 months https://visaguide. World/us-visa/processing-times/ ) Sometimes people actually don't need to pay other people, Since they might already own a car or something similar.

Other times it might just be that people are desperate to find a job. They would need to earn money for their families but there just isn't enough jobs in their country. Maybe another problem is that gangs of people use force to take money, And the family needs more in order to survive.

In the article (link below), The writer explains that most people are just fleeing for their lives.

https://www. Washingtonpost. Com/news/worldviews/wp/2018/06/20/why-do-some-families-risk-crossing-the-u-s-border-because-if-they-dont-theyll-be-killed/? Utm_term=. 5a8ffb654c80
Debate Round No. 2


So In the event of a situation similar to that of San Salvador the alien could seek asylum. She could enter the US (legally or illegally) first and seek asylum from there as long as she could prove that she had a fear of prosecution in her home nationality that was well founded. That is why speedy trails are important and aliens must be prosecuted. In this way asylum seekers will be able to present their cases to a judge who can substantiate the validity of their claims.
on your second point I would say that it isn't the United States responsibility to make sure foreign nationals have jobs. Mainly because having a job isn't a right in the US. If an alien doesn't have enough money to live in Mexico then they certainly don't have enough money to live in the US.
lastly I did read the article but I want to debate your points. I will say that you have to apply for asylum within the first year of entering the US. The reason Hicer Hernando was deported is simply that he didn't apply for asylum (assuming his story was the truth. ) As far as the immigration changes of 1996 I don't think the US should have to house tens of thousands of foreign gang members from the start. I will say that what is happening in those countries is sad. The US and the UN do have observers in Mexico trying to control the stem of guns and drugs. Are you saying we should do more? Cause I know people in the military will agree to doing more.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by screenjack 3 years ago
Kind of makes me feel like I won. Like I shut him up does that constitute a win?
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