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Illegalize abortion

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Started: 7/18/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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No child deserves to die, can feel or can"t feel, brought through force and pain or not, all deserve to live.


A fetus is not a child.
If abortion is made illegal . It will create many more problems.
Currently people go for abortion mostly in following causes.
1) unplanned pregnancy
2) when fetus is suffering some severe diseases
Unplanned pregnancy occurs mostly when people indulge in sexual intercourse unknowingly or just driven out of instincts and secondly after rape.
In both the cases people are not ready to take up responsibility of a baby. Afterall giving birth to a baby is not the end of responsibility of parents. A child needs a lot other support before he / she is ready to live life on its own .
If abortion is made illegal it will just increase the number of unwanted baby. If a child is not wanted by its parents then what kind of life will he/she live. He/ she will be seen just as a burden throughout his life.

In case of abortion due to sever medical condition is also reasonable. When a child is born there is a start of new emotional bond between child and family. Think about the family who knows that there newborn baby will not survive for more then few month's. How tramutized it would be for family to see their child die in front of them
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Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
The issue is no woman are addressing the admission of guilt made by abortion directly, they are giving an alibi for making the admission of guilt, and this does not eliminate the fact United State is then set around the crime of guilt Constitutionally. The crime is a possible murder not the admission of authority insisting the burden of death be one person"s choice

What happens if we replace the word abortion with either the words Terminate, kill, and officially end a process to preserve human life as this event is officially documented as started, or Female Specific Amputation?
Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
No missmedic addressing abortion as the admission of guilt and making it illegal takes away from everyone"s United States constitutional right." So what do you want to do? Reduce abortion or put woman and doctors in jail?" By United States Constitutional principle we want to address the admission of guilt made by the unconstitutional wording abortion, eliminate the self-incrimination set by the admission of guilt transferred to the voter, and either pardon some woman and doctors of a crime or put them in Prison not jail as separation in regards to the crimes committed.

Starting with a question is abortion a self "incrimination to a crime? If not why does it have an alibi? As abortion is the lie told for choice of termination maybe female specific amputation might be the witness account which directs the debate in a non-criminal like constitutional united state.

As it can be said that an abortion is only legally relevant to pregnancy when the woman admits she is ending the death created by menstruation, ovulation, and male ejaculation. As this is the only united state I can describe that actually occurs between men and woman and does not require a public accusation of crime. The death is a natural process.
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
Making abortion Illegal takes away women's rights, body autonomy, patient confidentiality and medical accessibility.
Making abortion Illegal takes away regulatory control and puts control in the hands of criminals.
Making abortion Illegal does not reduce abortion.
So do you want to do, reduce abortions or put women and doctors in jail?
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