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Illegals Should Build the Border Fence

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Started: 2/29/2012 Category: Politics
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Set up
Round 1 = acceptance

Forfeit and you lose conduct.
No "shouting" or bad language
Only accept this debate if you are actually against it.
Please note that it is a 24 hour argue time.

I look forward to hearing my opponents points.


I accept your challenge and I'm looking forward to debating.
Debate Round No. 1


The current rate of unemployment of Americans is approximately at 14 million Americans. That number is based of the US Department of Labor. Wouldn't it be better to give those Americans a job to help support their family. If an illegal alien is to come into the United States of America, they are suppose to departed. We shouldn't be giving the prizes if they get on to the US soil.
Congratulations you illegal made it to the United States of America now here is a hammer and get to work on building this fence. There are Americans that are struggling to make ends meet, and would do any thing to have an extra to make money.
Yes the economy is bad in both Mexico and America, but there is a legal way into coming into this country.


I do understand that there is a huge amount of unemployment in the United States, but they are other things to do (like getting monthly mail that pays you every month for two years until you get a job), but since this is not what we're debating, I would like to switch over to what this debate is really about.

The chance of getting a job in the US:

If we were able to build some sort of wall or have a giant border fence, you will be saying that you don't want anyone from Mexico ( and possibly Canada) in our country. Which seems very oppressive and you may possibly offend the other country. Even though there are some easier ways to immigrate, people are desperate.

Putting a border fence will cause lost of trust. If we start building a fence, then Mexico/Canada would defiantly think that we don't trust them so they will not trust us. This will not help especially if you're going to go into war in the future- you want allies.

Next, you have to be aware of where the money is coming from because I'm sure that just don't want a fence that you can just knock down. You will have to attach cameras, motion sensors, barbed, and bared wire. Even if both economies are bad, how are we ever going to afford those cameras? It has to go across the country.

I had given some very basic arguments for you to think about.

Debate Round No. 2


EBaldofsky forfeited this round.


Eh. I'm just going to put up new arguments since you forfeited.

A border fence will ruin the communities of the people who live by the border.

    • Douglas, Arizona Mayor Ray Borane "says a fence will divide a community that has strong family ties across the border."

When a wall is built, people who will cross the border will take deadly routes.

    • The fence will be built on the least dangerous crossings but the routes that are the most dangerous will be open. Given the strong desire to cross, many will attempt to make these crossing fatally. Hundreds die each year already. Hundreds more could be expected.

The border will bother animals and decrease the numbers of animals.

    • Thanks to the border the fence, now the animals may not be able to get water to drink from where they usually do.

So will border fences stop illegal immigration?

The answer is NO.

Here's why:

    • Illegal immigrants may climb over the fence.

    • Illegal immigrants may use a boat and the ocean to arrive.

    • Illegal immigrants may dig tunnels.

    • Illegal immigrants can use fake passports and visas if needed.

    • Fences had failed: Illegal immigrations were built in Spain and China and they never really stopped people from immigrating illegally.

Debate Round No. 3


EBaldofsky forfeited this round.


Ok. It seems like you're not very interested in debating this, or you're either gone... so yea...
Debate Round No. 4


EBaldofsky forfeited this round.


anniew168 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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