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Illigeal immigrants should be deported

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Started: 1/30/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Listen, we set up our border for a reason, we may have welcomed them before, but now, illegal immigrants are stealing the non-illigeals jobs, isn't that kind of unfair? I mean after all, they were the ones who got impatient and ran in illegally, the family separation is their own fault.

First round is introduction, also, no links in the first round, the rest of the debate you can use them.


I accept the debate and wish my opponent good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


I wish you luck as well, and look forward to this debate

Ever since 2016, illeageals have caused a wage dip in the country, this causes us to get deeper in debt, and homelessness to go up, causing innocent families to be broke, here's some evidence to back this up:

you cannot ignore the fact that it makes innocent civilians poorer, and plus, the illeageals should not be pitied, they broke the law! if they wanted to be in America, but instead of waiting, they ran across the border,

it also isn't helping that they are making children here, it is furthering the overpopulation, and causing more taxes, but are the effective work wise? no, since they are not civilians, half of them are getting OUR MONEY, by slaving in some fields!

finally, they are wasting our resources, the food that they are eating could easily be fed to the poor, but they decided to enter here illeagealy and use our resources, if they waited their turn, the food would be given AND the poor could be fed.

people say "no human is illeageal" but I disagree, a human is illeageal when they broke an enforced law, and their is no buts about it.



For this debate I shall be dividing up the illegal immigration arguments up into 3 seperate areas, mos tof my opponent's arguments fall under C1, but the rest are refuted in these. Sorry if it makes any rebuttals a bit hard to navigate, but, let us begin.

Economic Factors

In this section I will address the economic factors of deportation and how it would destroy the US economy.

According to the American Immigration Consil, when it comes to taxes, illegal immigrants pay their fair share. In fact, they have paid a total of $11 billion in taxes. [2] Recent immigration reports have shown that just from last year, the illegal immigration has increased taxation in that year alon by over $2 billion. [3] We can see that the illegal immigration pay taxes and though $11 billion does not seem like much, it is still a huge profit for the federal government who's budget is in a world of hurt with the US debt clock over $19 trillion. The US can use all of the tax money they can.

A study by CATO institution found that my opponent's deportation plan would shrink economic growth in the US by $250 billion a year. [4] This is a sure way for the US to sink back into the recession. This would also hurt people at the bottom as for those without high school diplomas and low skilled laborers would have to fill the jobs formerly held by illegals and would drive the wages, as well as the dollar down. Now what does inflation and devaluing the dollar mean for the economy you may ask. Well, people would have to spend more money, becuase of the inflation and with the devaluing of the dollar we can see that if I spent a dollar on the US maket in the 1960s it would be a whole lot more then if I spent a dollar on the US market today. Economist Gagnon has shown that devaluing of the US dollar caused by the inflation can lead to a massive increase in import prices and since we get many of our things from abroad it will be even harder to get that new XBox video game you were wanting. He also shown that it harms nation's holding our debt, because the value is worthless and makes other nation's not want to purchase from us. The US in turn raises the interest rates, but we cannot afford to raise them any higher. [5]Why's this you may ask? If we observe the graph bellow the US interest rate on debt alone dwarfs most of the US federal budget. The US federal debt is getting so enourmously large that the US is getting to a breaking point in economic trade to were we have to pay off a massive amount of debt or commit financial suicide and raise the interest rates. If we observe the chart bellow we can see the different rates that a our interest rates will cost the US in the future. We have no choice, but cannot decend this slippery slope and further devaluing of the US dollar will harm the American economy by forcing us to lose jobs and rely more on imports causing the the nation to slide into the interest disadvantage furthering harming our nation's economy causing a world wide economic collapse greater than that of the Great Depression and rising the minimum wage will cause us to go flying off the fiscal cliff. [6]


The next key thing we have to look at here is the illegal immigrants jobs as well how they affect the everyday American. Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve showed that illegal immigrants, mainly from Latin America, had accounted for a sixth of the US economic growth from 2000-2007. [7] While in the US, illegal immigrants have been supporting their families back home while in the past year, illegal immgirants had sent home $63 billion. [8] This shows that they are not as "heartless" or "lazzy" as my opponent claims they are as it is impoosible to send that much home if you're living on welfare. The CBO reports that if we are to allow illegal immigrants work in the US, they will raise wages in the long hall, but deportation will lead to a decrease of our wages by 0.6%, which despite not sounding like much, is still a significant loss. [9]


With this being my final point I will review the final costs of deportation. If we were to deport ALL illegal immigrants in the US our nation's GDP would drop by $1.6 TRILLION! [10] This is a huge effect on the economy that would sink the US into another Great Depression not to mention all fo the other impacts that I have brought up this round. There is no logical reason why the US should deport all illegal immigrants, but should instead grant amnesty to those here.

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7. Alan Greenspan, PhD, former Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, stated in his Apr. 30, 2009 testimony before the US Senate Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees, and Border Security
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Debate Round No. 2


I surrender, I changed my mind on the illegal immigrants thing, they help more than hurt, you win by default, and I'm sorry that you typed all of that for nothing.


I thank my opponent and accept his concession.
Debate Round No. 3
10 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Debating_Horse 2 years ago
Illegals are a burden of society and cause nothing but problems, those Muslim refugees are a bit worse than them.
Posted by Actions_Speak 3 years ago
The only argument I don't agree with is debt, the U.S. has no intention of ever paying back it's debt and no one can make us considering our nuclear options. I'm surprised other countries still trade with us.
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
mind', dont blame them for working, blame the exploitative business people who hire them to save money.

The only bad thing about immigrants is that they damage the environment with litter. Otherwise they deserve a chance to prove themselves. Not like they can openly walk around telling people that they're illegally here, jus let do their thing, and u do your thing.

If i were an immigrant, would i risk my life to escape poverty n famine? Obviously!
Posted by lannan13 3 years ago
Just post that in the 3rd round.
Posted by Minddagger 3 years ago
I no longer think illeageals should eb deported, what should I do? should I surrender, or research and kep debating?
Posted by godlesspastor 3 years ago
If you don't want "illegal immigrants", start by fixing your immigration system. The legal one. People have to wait for 20+ years to migrate legally. It's pathetic. You think this country is so great that people would want to wait 20+ years in order to come here? Get off your high horse. There's plenty of better countries with better social safety nets that welcome immigrants. The signs of a failing empire are beginning to show. There's a net negative flow of immigrants from the southern border now.

If you're so scared about "losing jobs", start by going for the big fish, not the small fish. This is a class issue, not a social issue. The rich and powerful are using racial and immigrant tensions in this country to keep you focused on the little guy so they can take all your money and run out the back door. Only a simple mind would fall for such tricks.

Quote from George Carlin.

"The upper class: keeps all of the money, pays none of the taxes. The middle class: pays all of the taxes, does all of the work. The poor are there...just to scare the sht out of the middle class."
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
just let them have a chance, immigrants risk their life to escape impoverishments. Give em a chance, it's not like they're walking in to a job centre n holding it hostage. They aren't stopping us from getting employed. Legal immigration is too complex n expensive for most ppl, 6 months is simply not enough.

Arguing the job theft case is ignorant because we are the ones attacking other countries stealing their oil n resources. Hypocritical at best.
Posted by Minddagger 3 years ago
oh, sorry bout that
Posted by SperoXVII 3 years ago
but by the way its spelled illegal not "illigeal"
Posted by SperoXVII 3 years ago
Excellent argument Minddagger.
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