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I'm Pro Gun: Change my Mind

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Started: 8/20/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe in protection against a tyrannical government with a gun as well as home and concealed carry defense. Try and attempt to change mind if you have convincing arguments. IF YOU ARE GOING TO FORFEIT/NOT FINISH EVERY ROUND, DO NOT ACCEPT THIS DEBATE CHALLENGE. No trolls, And RMtheSupreme is not permitted to vote on this debate.


I accept your challenge.
Debate Round No. 1


I stated my position. Please present your arguments.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 2


Suicide is a horrible thing, But in my opinion people's decision to kill themselves is all on them, And it shouldn't take away the basic right to protect myself and a tyrannical government. There has been a 74% fall in GUN homicides. I don't care. I care about all homicides. The Australia murder rate was already on a downward trend before the ban, Indicating that correlation does not mean causation in this instance. (http://www. Crimestats. Aic. Gov. Au/NHMP/1_trends/)

Why are guns not necessary for home-defense? If an intruder comes in, Perhaps with a gun, Even one without a gun, What should I do? Oops, I guess i'm gonna die now because guns are banned and i'm defenseless.

Should concealed-carry in public be legal? What will I have to defend myself, And especially woman?

Tyrannical governments are always issues. Why I hope their won't be one, And their won't be one right now, It is very possible down the road. Look at Germany, North Korea, Russia, And many other examples.

Germany banned guns 20-25 years before the holocaust. People didn't think there was gonna be a tyrannical government with Hitler, Because he was charming, A great public speaker, And convincing that he would be the right man for the job. Yet look at what happened to Germany. If all those Jews had guns, They would have had a much better chance to survive and fight back.
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Debate Round No. 3


"Doesn"t the idea that someone can end a life at the pull of a trigger worry you, Even in the slightest? "
Absolutely. This doesn't take away the basic human preservation right. I will get in pro's of having guns later in this round.

"They have also tried to say that they don't care about gun homicides, That they care about all homicides. The Affirmative has taken this stance because the statistics disagree with their case. You can"t change the topic"s specifications just because I am trying to change "your mind". It is laughable to think that we are considering homicides as a whole, Not just gun homicides, The crux of what this whole debate is about. This statistic takes into account vehicular homicides, And all different types of manslaughter and murder that are completely irrelevant to gun laws. "
I don't believe I'm taking in account manslaughter. I am talking about deliberate murder. (https://www. Statista. Com/statistics/195325/murder-victims-in-the-us-by-weapon-used/)
You should consider all murder, Because if guns are banned, People can use knifes, Etc.

"Even if gun related homicides were already on the decline, The new reforms would have accelerated the rates of decline. "
There is no definitive evidence for this, So assuming it accelerated it is not statistical. Correlation does not mean causation.

"The idea that Jews with guns could have made any meaningful resistance is the cruelest, Most cynical, Most ignorant alternative fact there is. It is an insult to the memory of the 6 million. "
People in America that conceal carry are very trained about guns, Even so that they commit crimes 14% less than police officers. They practice quite frequently. If Jews were trained like that, They certainly could have put up a fight, Even if not all of them got saved, Many could have been. I don't know that they had training like that in the 40's because the technology wasn't as good, But all I'm saying is Americans now have access to that type of training. How am I insulting the 6 mill
ion people that died? I'm merely saying if the German government did not ban guns before, They could have had a chance at surviving. I care about those people deeply. I don't know why you would say I insulted 6 million jews. Look at the Revolutionary War. Untrained Americans went up against a tyrannical government with a very well trained army, The Redcoats. Who won that? Americans. And now that Americans are better trained than ever before, They would stand a chance against a tyrannical government.

To your last paragraph, There are several flaws in the argument. This article explains how it is flawed and how the NCVS survey is not reliable. On average, Around 12, 000 gun-related homicides occur every year, Depending on the source. As stated by a Kleck-Gertz study, 15. 7% of people who were involved in a DGU (Defensive Gun Use) said they almost certainly saved theirs or someone else"s life. In addition to that, Another 14. 6% said they probably saved a life. Since I want to be conservative with my numbers, Let"s say that everyone who said they probably saved a life are wrong. According to an unpublished CDC study, There are 2. 5 million DGUs per year. Since they surveyed 222 participants, The margin of error with a 95% confidence level calculated to be plus or minus 4. 8%. This signifies that at bare minimum 270, 000 lives are saved by guns, Up to over 500, 000 just counting the "almost certainly people. " If all the "probably" people are right, Then that number goes beyond 800, 000. Moreover, For every firearm homicide, At least 20-70 lives are saved by guns. If all gun deaths are counted, Then 8-23 lives are saved per death.
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Jenkonator 3 years ago
I honestly don't know. .
Posted by Our_Boat_is_Right 3 years ago
I can see your arguments. Did they like ban you?
Posted by Jenkonator 3 years ago
For one reason or another my previous arguments have been removed from the site. . . "\_(|84;)_/"

. . . And I can no longer post and argument.

So, I guess this is it. Thanks Our_Boat_is_Right for a great debate.
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